shone vs shined

shone shined


  • 1) Preterit and past participle of shine.
  • 2) Simple past tense and past participle of shine.
  • 3) imp.&p.p.ofshine.


  • 1) She stood next to him, pushed open the door and shone the torch out onto the bridge.
  • 2) High up between encroaching walls of rock a single star shone.
  • 3) Faint light shone from the crack under the doors to the back of the house.
  • 4) The beam shone back into the hill, Rae was not surprised to see.
  • 5) There in the mirror the word shone clear: STARGAZER.
  • 6) Men went to happy hour to find what we call a shone today.
  • 7) It was as if the raisin shone a light -- of hope -- on this patient's overidentification with the label, "depressed."
  • 8) Neither did they notice the hellish, dark purple light that briefly shone from the skin of the Destroyer.
  • 9) Puddles were standing in the road, but the sun shone from a blue sky, and everywhere, on the ground, was a faint hint of budding green.
  • 10) Talents like the Boston Red Sox's Jacoby Ellsbury and New York Yankees 'Joba Chamberlain shone bright late last season, but it's still uncertain how much they'll deliver in 2008.


  • 1) Their messages hopefully shine some light on the shadowy face of death.
  • 2) The doctor shines a torch inside it.
  • 3) His topflight quality shone at the back.
  • 4) The sun and moon shine on the hidden part of your chart.
  • 5) The grey hairs were shining and the lines around the eyes were caught by some cruel lenses.
  • 6) Your confidence is through the roof but what shines brightest is your sunny personality.
  • 7) When the sun shines through the great rose window the radiance seems to burn your eyes.
  • 8) Throughout it all the quality always shines through the weirdness.
  • 9) It also means the stars shine more clearly and brightly.
  • 10) Let him indeed shine a light on the grubby dealings between lobbyists and politicians.
  • 11) So where do they choose to shine their torch?
  • 12) Do this until the shine comes back to the surface.
  • 13) The moon shines on your personality chart and there is something about you that intrigues people.
  • 14) Hair will shine more if cleansed really well.
  • 15) The light will shine brighter and it will make pretty patterns on the tent walls too.
  • 16) Essential viewing come rain or shine.
  • 17) The dance lacked lustre and shine.
  • 18) They'll do their job come rain or shine.
  • 19) Scrub the garden furniture and leave it in position, come rain or come shine.
  • 20) From one bank to the other, come rain or shine.
  • 21) She has said that she chose the arts as a career because she knew she wouldn't shine academically.
  • 22) The promise of the new world these pursuits would bring takes the shine off once prized activities, relationships and pursuits.
  • 23) Having to replace the boiler has taken the shine off buying our first home, but it is a major part of a house.
  • 24) A Swedish sextet led by Peter Forsberg and Mats Sundin shined Sunday by combining for five goals and 10 assists in the
  • 25) Just as last year's title shined a well deserved light on the quality of San Francisco's starting rotation, this year's failure to return to the postseason should do the same to the team's anemic offense.
  • 26) Where the Gran Turismo titles shined most are back and better than ever, this game looks amazing.

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