hoping vs hopping

hoping hopping


  • 1) uncountable, UK hop picking, the practice of picking hops; for Londoners a holiday period working in the hop gardens of Kent.
  • 2) countable, physics A shift from one energy-state to another by an electron in an atom.
  • 3) The act of one who, or that which, hops; a jumping, frisking, or dancing.
  • 4) (Zoöl.) a thrush of Jamaica (Merula leucogenys), resembling the English blackbird in its familiar manners, agreeable song, and dark plumage.
  • 5) A gathering of hops.
  • 6) A game of prison-bars, in which the players hop throughout the game.
  • 7) A dance; a hop; a country fair or wake at which dancing is a principal amusement.
  • 8) The act of one who hops or dances. Specifically
  • 9) The act or occupation of picking hops from the vines; hop-picking.
  • 10) Present participle of hop.


  • 1) For 30 years, gallery hopping has been one of our favorite romantic pastimes.
  • 2) ‘Things seems to be hopping everywhere but Cannes, however, where this year's Film Festival was reportedly as fun as Russell Crowe in clown make-up.’
  • 3) ‘The Bay Area is a hopping landscape of free culture.’
  • 4) ‘As with all Spanish cities, Santander has a hopping nightlife scene.’
  • 5) ‘Despite the remodeling going on in the bar, La Griglia was hopping at midday on Monday.’
  • 6) ‘I informed Hayden that, even if South Bend was a hopping college town, it was July and a very large portion of the college population would not even be around.’
  • 7) ‘Anne Sutherland of The Montreal Gazette says Kangaroo Jack is ‘a hopping good time for the whole family!’’
  • 8) ‘By far the funkiest group of all at the march were the anti-globalization protestors and anarchists, who were accompanied by a hopping good percussion band.’
  • 9) ‘Judging by the hopping weeknight traffic, he's right.’
  • 10) ‘This story, set in 1961, features several scenes that take place in a large hopping beauty of an alley.’
  • 11) ‘Throughout the night the dance floor was hopping with never a dull moment.’
  • 12) ‘However, IN & M UK chief executive Ivan Fallon said the telephone was hopping all day with expressions of interest in the titles.’
  • 13) ‘Your social life will probably be hopping this year, and you're not one to sit around and wait for an invite.’
  • 14) ‘It was only ten in the morning but already the place was hopping with activity.’
  • 15) ‘Other late offers include seven nights in a complex near to Ibiza's hopping San Antonio for €389 per person in early September.’

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