nowadays vs now a days

nowadays now a days


  • 1) the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech
  • 2) During the present time; now.
  • 3) In these days; at the present time.
  • 4) in these times


  • 1) So much news is spin nowadays that most people accept it as an inevitable evil.
  • 2) nowadays people move around and this will increase in future.
  • 3) nowadays more people are familiar with the bird.
  • 4) You don't get it so much nowadays.
  • 5) After all, a younger fan nowadays would demand a gurning selfie.
  • 6) He said:'There are a lot of big people out there nowadays.
  • 7) Too often nowadays women have equality in law but not in practice.
  • 8) People nowadays seem to have become so selfish.
  • 9) Young men nowadays prefer computers and video games to football in the streets.
  • 10) Those that live near gardens are often seen nowadays on bird feeders.
  • 11) Old people also live much longer nowadays.
  • 12) The driver stays in her bag more often nowadays.
  • 13) nowadays there are people making thousands of millions of euros from cooks.
  • 14) nowadays a young actor would expect to make that trip.
  • 15) nowadays you see too many young men get off the road into silliness.
  • 16) nowadays there is much more emphasis on interviewing.
  • 17) nowadays it is often easier to repair gaps oneself.
  • 18) nowadays people are far more open about it.
  • 19) nowadays you see the individual superstar surrounded by four security guards.
  • 20) How often nowadays do you get public bodies venturing into the field of morality?
  • 21) nowadays he thinks it's really his story.
  • 22) But I think nowadays you have to share the load between four.
  • 23) Even to evoke the term nowadays sounds, to many, a little dated, like referring to your wife as your "lady" or to a band as a "group."
  • 24) JAVIER ROMERO, RADIO SHOW HOST: If you want to go global, as they use the term nowadays, you better know English.
  • 25) "Yes, but not exactly as we commonly regard the term nowadays," smiled
  • 26) The term nowadays is accepted among some groups of young Italian-Americans as merely being a style of living and dress.
  • 27) But a growing number of operators is playing with different interpretations of a thesis that's been around as long as the internet - that the label nowadays is an anachronism, and that bands can finance and release music for themselves … Case in point: ...
  • 28) ‘There are a lot of solutions available to these problems nowadays that might not have been available in the past.’
  • 29) ‘It is not surprising then that nowadays all sorts of dubious rights claims have been advanced.’
  • 30) ‘They rightly pointed out that nowadays you can prevent or detect these problems early.’
  • 31) ‘The City of Galway is the only town you can still see and hear street entertainers nowadays.’
  • 32) ‘I know from my own experience that sex and drugs are just part of growing up for many young people nowadays.’
  • 33) ‘I used to be a whizz at water-skiing, but I've given that up because nowadays the sea is so polluted.’
  • 34) ‘When I discard clothing nowadays it's because it is worn out, yet I am loathe to throw anything away.’
  • 35) ‘How many cities and regions in New Zealand will say nowadays they have nothing to do with tourism?’
  • 36) ‘As with so many things nowadays, all that they are after is your money.’
  • 37) ‘Book jackets nowadays are an art form, and browsing through a bookstore is a feast for the eyes.’
  • 38) ‘Many companies nowadays give their executives bonuses in the form of share options.’
  • 39) ‘Everybody's making comebacks nowadays, but Soft Cell have more to offer than nostalgia.’
  • 40) ‘We have on average fewer children nowadays too, so they get a bigger slice of the cake - literally.’
  • 41) ‘You've got to have motivation, but the reality is that parents make things far too easy for kids nowadays.’
  • 42) ‘The only thing that's changed is the media coverage and the public perception of players nowadays.’
  • 43) ‘There are a lot of people who are not trade union members, a lot of casual workers nowadays.’
  • 44) ‘Groups of youngsters nowadays are viewed with suspicion, and with good reason.’
  • 45) ‘Everywhere a site comes up, the council seems to want to put up a block of flats nowadays.’
  • 46) ‘In any case it's so much easier for customers to change accounts nowadays.’

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