gluing vs glueing

gluing glueing


  • 1) Present participle of glue.


  • 1) Skewer the coat hanger through hat, gluing in place underneath.
  • 2) Individual extensions can be attached by weaving, heat fusing, gluing or with waxes.
  • 3) A month later the gluing started again.
  • 4) They're gluing clumps of hair to my shoulders.
  • 5) Of course, social media aren't the only culprits gluing us to our phones.
  • 6) It may be utilised for tanning hides, maybe for gluing things.
  • 7) I had made it myself by cutting up several small furry hats, then gluing them together.
  • 8) It only takes one weak link for everything to fall apart, so you need to keep gluing them together.
  • 9) The coming of spring to the lane was achieved by gluing a million cherry blossoms to tree limbs.
  • 10) Many competitors make their own hobbyhorses, gluing-on eyes and attaching manes of thread that flutter as the rider gallops along.

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