cactuses vs cacti

cactuses cacti


  • 1) Plural form of cactus.
  • 2) Plural of cactus.


  • 1) Instead of dense woodlands there was dry thorny scrub, cacti and open bare dusty areas.
  • 2) Dotted with lush lawns planted with palms, fig trees and cacti it was immaculately maintained.
  • 3) They have a thick, leathery peel dotted with areolas (colored rings, generally at the base of spines in cacti) loaded with irritating glochids.
  • 4) It browses on ground cacti, is reported to not drink, and is superior in cursorial ability compared to other living species.
  • 5) The cacti were a glory of white, yellow, purple, pink, and scarlet blossoms.
  • 6) The pear cacti, which is nursed in greenhouses in the States, grows wild on the plains to a height
  • 7) To the uninitiated, for whom the idea of cacti and succulents is a ball cactus and a common hens-and-chicks succulent, delving headlong into these fascinating worlds is a bit akin to disappearing down the rabbit hole in "Alice in Wonderland."
  • 8) Most notably there is the cochineal, a small insect that lives on cacti, which is widely used as a source of red food dye.
  • 9) "Some of the aloe plants look very similar to our cacti, which is something, given the distance."
  • 10) Although called cacti, they are truly different in all aspects from the common desert variety.

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