monotonic vs monotonous

monotonic monotonous


  • 1) Uttered in a monotone; monotonous.
  • 2) mathematics said of a function that either never decreases or never increases as its independent variable increases.
  • 3) of or using the Greek system of diacritics which discards the breathings and employs a single accent to indicate stress.
  • 4) Of, pertaining to, or uttered in, a monotone; monotonous.
  • 5) (Math.) Always increasing or always decreasing, as the value of the independent variable increases; -- of a function.
  • 6) of a sequence or function; consistently increasing and never decreasing or consistently decreasing and never increasing in value
  • 7) Monotonous.


  • 1) having an unvarying tone or pitch
  • 2) tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety
  • 3) Sounded or spoken in an unvarying tone.
  • 4) Tediously repetitious or lacking in variety. synonym: boring.
  • 5) Uttered in one unvarying tone; continued with dull uniformity; characterized by monotony; without change or variety; wearisome.
  • 6) tediously repetitious or lacking in variety
  • 7) sounded or spoken in a tone unvarying in pitch


  • 1) ‘The S-N curve for a pure metal will be a monotonic function with N increasing as stress decreases.’
  • 2) ‘The number above each segment gives the rank of the absolute value of the monotonic increase or decrease.’
  • 3) ‘The logarithm is only one of many nonlinear but monotonic functions that can be applied to measurements prior to analysis.’
  • 4) ‘What leads us astray is the assumption that interval calculations can be based on end points alone, which is true only for monotonic functions.’
  • 5) ‘In contrast to an undiluted probe surface, the hybridization signals exhibited a tendency of monotonic decrease with increasing ionic strength.’


  • 1) It is boring and monotonous.
  • 2) Yet press stories about data breaches keep appearing with monotonous regularity because too many businesses both large and small still take a half-hearted approach to data protection.
  • 3) The monotonous work involves stitching clothes alongside hundreds of other women.
  • 4) Passes went astray with a monotonous regularity while players often ran down blind alleys.
  • 5) But the monologue form in itself becomes monotonous.
  • 6) And the monotonous speaker soon becomes a bore.
  • 7) You could try blaming your teachers' inability to impart knowledge on their boring and monotonous voices.
  • 8) That would only produce a dull, monotonous sound.
  • 9) We hear many tales of goalscorers being in a rich vein where they hit the back of the net with almost monotonous regularity.
  • 10) Single people can cook in bulk then heat up portions from the fridge, but that gets monotonous.
  • 11) Sorry if it gets monotonous.
  • 12) It was very monotonous work.
  • 13) Life was dull, monotonous, and sodden with cynicism.
  • 14) It's a dull, monotonous life.
  • 15) The major disadvantage of programmed instruction for most pupils lies in the absence of interpersonal relationships, so that many pupils find this technique monotonous and boring.
  • 16) He was surprised how badly dressed the British were, and he was surprised at how boring and monotonous the food was.
  • 17) ‘Interning is tiresome, in a dull and wholly monotonous sort of way, especially on Mondays.’
  • 18) ‘Say goodbye to eating dull, monotonous and insipid food day after day.’
  • 19) ‘It's like having an incredibly monotonous and dull job where you sit around doing virtually nothing in complete silence.’
  • 20) ‘Imagine how dull and monotonous the interiors of a house would look but for these fresh burst of hues.’
  • 21) ‘The rainy season is over, with its dull, monotonous grey skies and unpleasant humid rain.’
  • 22) ‘When practice sessions become monotonous, players lose interest and focus.’
  • 23) ‘The dominant grey of the shacks gives the area a dull, monotonous appearance, aggravated by the absence of trees.’
  • 24) ‘With monotonous regularity the action is carried out in the name, though not explicit in the article, of tolerance.’
  • 25) ‘While this doesn't happen all the time, it does happen with monotonous regularity.’
  • 26) ‘I'm sure someone will present me with some kind of horridly boring monotonous work any minute now.’
  • 27) ‘It must get quite mechanical, if not monotonous - do you find yourself just going through the motions?’
  • 28) ‘The very nature of popular film is to provide an escape from daily reality and monotonous routines.’
  • 29) ‘Taking some time out from a boring monotonous chore is truly worth all the hard work.’
  • 30) ‘It could have been interesting, too, but it was just monotonous and redundant.’
  • 31) ‘It was the same monotonous gray as the lighting in this dreary place, and was definitely cement.’
  • 32) ‘He said research showed that up to 20 per cent of accidents on monotonous roads such as motorways were related to tiredness.’
  • 33) ‘Many a manager agrees that voices lose novelty and impact, their ideas age, their approach can become monotonous.’
  • 34) ‘The trek was a bit monotonous at times - I wanted to go faster - but it was relaxing, enjoyable and worth the sore backside.’
  • 35) ‘I love the games but training is a bit monotonous really.’
  • 36) ‘But when does joyous, mantric reiteration tip over into something more sinister, or worse, monotonous?’
  • 37) ‘The monotonous sound of his voice gave way to music as soon as I pressed the play button again.’
  • 38) ‘This is perfect for business trips or for drowning out the monotonous sound of that copier next to your cube.’
  • 39) ‘She muttered to herself as she bore the monotonous sounds of the line ringing.’
  • 40) ‘Sadly, the mix isn't a great one given the sheer volume of dull tracks on offer that quickly blend into one monotonous sound.’
  • 41) ‘The same monotonous footsteps pound the floor, and finally stop moving when they approach a doorway.’
  • 42) ‘The teachers voice was monotonous as he replied, looking somewhat angry, or flustered.’
  • 43) ‘Winnie picked up the phone and a monotonous voice came out of the speaker.’
  • 44) ‘Kel absent-mindedly chewed on the end of her pencil as she let her teacher's monotonous voice rolled over her.’
  • 45) ‘She cleared her throat before the monotonous beep and began.’
  • 46) ‘His voice was monotonous, expressionless and cold, like he'd only just mastered the art of speaking and was none too skilled at it.’
  • 47) ‘Instead, she moved further into the room and began to speak in a calming, but monotonous voice.’
  • 48) ‘It was a sound low and monotonous at first; then rising, becoming shaped by rhythm and chorused cadence.’
  • 49) ‘The only sound to be heard was the monotonous hum of the engine as the car continued its trek down the long quiet street.’
  • 50) ‘The noise, monotonous and unrelenting, brought him back to consciousness.’
  • 51) ‘She awoke the next day, as her alarm clock let out a monotonous but loud beep.’
  • 52) ‘He's talking to me with his head turned away and his voice monotonous and unfeeling.’
  • 53) ‘The monotonous hum of words out of the undertaker's mouth was slowly lulling my mind into some kind of stasis.’
  • 54) ‘Before being shown into a shed, I could hear the miserable monotonous droning, or pecking noises of the birds.’
  • 55) ‘A click, a pause and the monotonous hum of the dialtone left me feeling weary and drained.’
  • 56) ‘If that wasn't torturous enough, my alarm clock began to ring in its dull, monotonous tone.’

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