memoranda vs memorandum

memoranda memorandum


  • 1) Plural form of memorandum.


  • 1) a short note serving as a reminder
  • 2) a written business communication
  • 3) a brief diplomatic communication
  • 4) a page in an annual publication honoring the memory of a person who died during the past year.
  • 5) A decision of an appellate court, particularly one that is not accompanied by any detailed explanation of the basis for the decision.
  • 6) A written record or communication, as in a business office. synonym: letter.
  • 7) A business statement made by a consignor about a shipment of goods that may be returned.
  • 8) A short document outlining the terms of an agreement, especially as a draft leading to a formal, detailed contract.
  • 9) A writing submitted to a court by a party arguing an aspect of a case; a brief.
  • 10) A brief, unsigned diplomatic communication.
  • 11) A short note written as a reminder.
  • 12) (Law) A brief or informal note in writing of some transaction, or an outline of an intended instrument; an instrument drawn up in a brief and compendious form.
  • 13) a check given as an acknowledgment of indebtedness, but with the understanding that it will not be presented at bank unless the maker fails to take it up on the day the debt becomes due. It usually has Mem. written on its face.
  • 14) A record of something which it is desired to remember; a note to help the memory.
  • 15) a written proposal or reminder
  • 16) In diplomacy, a summary of the state of a question, or a justification of a decision agreed on. Also (as French) mèmoire.
  • 17) Specifically In law, a writing in which the terms of a transaction or some part of them are embodied.
  • 18) A note to help the memory; a record of something for future reference or consideration.
  • 19) Something to be remembered: used, originally as mere Latin, and usually abbreviated mem., to introduce a note of a thing to be done.


  • 1) `All sorts of things to be done - correspondence, memoranda, documents, what not.
  • 2) The NYT reports on some of the memoranda from the Clinton White House written be Elena Kagan that were released this pastweek.
  • 3) Even if the original Final Report were entered into evidence, and even if the memoranda from the FBI, the FCC, and the ONI were also admitted, Fahy would have been clever enough to dis-credit that evidence as irrelevant, not probative, taken out of context, not sufficiently expert, or simply a minority report.
  • 4) "These documents represent what Killian not only was putting in memoranda, but was telling other people," the CBS News official said.
  • 5) I described the principal appearances of the malarial haematozoon in memoranda sent to the Academy of Medicine, the Academy of
  • 6) The Conference, having considered the memoranda from the Prince of Wales, asked for definite proposals to be put before it.
  • 7) Arthur Kirkland: Here’s a tip to save the residents of Idaho some legal fees: Check on whether Mississippi’s attorney general still has the briefs and research memoranda from the James Meredith case.
  • 8) Yes, McCarthy’s “analysis” of the Bybee/Yoo memoranda is flimsy and ideologically motivated, just like his criticisms of the AQ7.
  • 9) Here’s a tip to save the residents of Idaho some legal fees: Check on whether Mississippi’s attorney general still has the briefs and research memoranda from the James Meredith case.
  • 10) In addition, Church asked for a series of classified White House documents and memoranda from the National Security Council.


  • 1) And that should continue through to 2021, when the memorandum of understanding expires.
  • 2) Our memorandum of understanding was with the previous management team.
  • 3) An information memorandum was sent out to interested bidders last week.
  • 4) It is not expected to make its choice public until it has signed a memorandum of understanding.
  • 5) Industry sources said an information memorandum containing financial data on the business had been sent to potential bidders.
  • 6) The leaders agreed to exchange defence technology and signed a memorandum on the exchange of civilian nuclear technology.
  • 7) We have reached a memorandum of understanding with Interpol.
  • 8) They might have to sign a weaker memorandum of understanding on air refuelling tankers, instead.
  • 9) If approved, a sales memorandum is expected to be drawn up before the end of the year.
  • 10) It is understood that the administrator is preparing an information memorandum to send to interested bidders and will formally auction the business within weeks.
  • 11) The three sides will work on forming a memorandum of understanding that will legally oblige the three parties to honour their parts of the deal.
  • 12) Bosses have signed an agreement called a memorandum of understanding with a business partner in the Far East.
  • 13) If the bidder fails to sign the memorandum, the auctioneer may sign it on the buyer's behalf.
  • 14) The announcement yesterday was a memorandum of understanding, but the two companies hope to complete a deal by September.
  • 15) Despite the signing this week of a memorandum of understanding with Kampala, it is doubtful whether they are any better informed.
  • 16) ‘A march held last week handed over a memorandum to business and government, demanding a halt to job losses.’
  • 17) ‘The chairman of the multilateral talks, Pierre Girard, a Swiss diplomat, circulated a memorandum Tuesday to member states to reconvene the meeting, according to the sources.’
  • 18) ‘His involvement in high politics started in 1584, when he wrote his first political memorandum, A Letter of Advice to Queen Elizabeth.’
  • 19) ‘Government has approved a Cabinet memorandum to turn the National Council for Construction into a statutory body.’
  • 20) ‘After it was over, the focus-group research company ground out a report, which was then incorporated into memoranda at the client company and the advertising agency.’
  • 21) ‘Government agencies will sign a memorandum of understanding to commit to the plan, and a committee will make regular reports to the community.’
  • 22) ‘The department and the municipality have signed a memorandum of understanding identifying an urgent need for relocation, provision and supply of decent houses to flood victims.’
  • 23) ‘He and Paek on Saturday also signed a memorandum of understanding that will establish a regular consultation mechanism between their countries' foreign ministries.’
  • 24) ‘The group is believed to have signed a memorandum of understanding with an aircraft company for the provision of aircraft.’
  • 25) ‘Several of Johannesburg's agencies have signed a memorandum of understanding to support a City strategy aimed at creating an investor-friendly environment.’
  • 26) ‘This memorandum specified a lease term of one year with no provision for any option to renew.’
  • 27) ‘Certainly the borrower will be liable for them since the information memorandum is its document, designed to be distributed to potential members of the syndicate.’
  • 28) ‘No written contract had been executed between the two merging companies, only a four- or five-page memorandum recorded the basic terms, and that went unsigned.’
  • 29) ‘Did you need to lodge a certificate of title with a memorandum of lease to effect its registration?’
  • 30) ‘Because the memorandum and articles of the company are public documents, filed with the registrar of companies, the courts treated the public as knowing their contents, even if they had not read them.’

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