thee vs the

thee the


  • 1) The name of the letter ⟨(⟩, which stands for the th sound IPA: /ð/ in Pitman shorthand.
  • 2) intransitive, archaic, literary To thrive; prosper.
  • 3) Tothrive;prosper.
  • 4) obsolete To thrive; to prosper.
  • 5) archaic, literary Objective case of thou.
  • 6) Thou.
  • 7) Used in the nominative as well as the objective case, especially by members of the Society of Friends.
  • 8) The objective case of thou. See thou.


  • 1) A Middle English form of thigh.
  • 2) this sense) With a comparative, and often with for it, indicates a result more like said comparative. This can be negated with none.
  • 3) With a comparative or more and a verb phrase, establishes a parallel with one or more other such comparatives.
  • 4) To that extent; by that much. Used before a comparative.
  • 5) Beyond any other.
  • 6) By that; by how much; by so much; on that account; -- used before comparatives.
  • 7) Seethee.
  • 8) obsolete See thee.
  • 9) Used before an absolute adjective.
  • 10) Used before a proper name, as of a monument or ship.
  • 11) Used before the plural form of a numeral denoting a specific decade of a century or of a lifespan.
  • 12) Used before a noun with the force of per.
  • 13) Used before a noun specifying a field of endeavor.
  • 14) Used to indicate uniqueness.
  • 15) Used as the equivalent of a possessive adjective before names of some parts of the body.
  • 16) Used before an adjective extending it to signify a class and giving it the function of a noun.
  • 17) Used before a present participle, signifying the action in the abstract.
  • 18) Used before nouns that designate natural phenomena or points of the compass.
  • 19) Used before singular or plural nouns and noun phrases that denote particular, specified persons or things.
  • 20) Used before a singular noun indicating that the noun is generic.
  • 21) Used before a noun, and generally stressed, to emphasize one of a group or type as the most outstanding or prominent.


  • 1) Dare he who made the lamb make thee?
  • 2) We love thee for adding a little grey eye shadow to make things look more swish and modern.
  • 3) How does a nation love thee?
  • 4) Meryl, oh how we love thee.
  • 5) How do we love thee?
  • 6) Fare thee well for now.
  • 7) But how much I love thee my actions will show.
  • 8) And I will make of thee a nation.
  • 9) Melody makers If music be the food of love, get thee to an airport.
  • 10) "_Thou knowest that I love thee -- Thou knowest all things, Thou knowest that I that I love thee_."
  • 11) _Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee_?
  • 12) _Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee_.
  • 13) Many comfortable texts of scripture occurred to our minds on this occasion, filling us with an extraordinary degree of faith and confidence in Him, particularly such as, "_He will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when He shall hear it, He will answer thee_," Isa.
  • 14) Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee_.
  • 15) He shall sustain thee_; shall bear both, if thou trust Him with both, both thee and thy burden: _He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved_.
  • 16) _I the Lord will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee_.
  • 17) We _praise_ thee, O God, we acknowledge _thee_ to be the
  • 18) _When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee_.
  • 19) At last being in his cell, at those words of the psalmist; _I will give thee understanding, and will instruct thee_, he was suddenly visited by God with an extraordinary light and spirit of compunction, which from that time never left him.
  • 20) ‘Show us, we beseech thee, the way of the cross that we must follow, the way of Jesus.’
  • 21) ‘Still he desires to praise thee, this man who is only a small part of thy creation.’
  • 22) ‘It is time to bid thee farewell, and let someone half thy hoary age step up and take thy place.’
  • 23) ‘I have decided to send thee to my smaller castle to the north of the kingdom.’
  • 24) ‘Your love is gone, as is your pride, and soon you shall realize that hope too has fled thee.’


  • 1) Or rather the comparative lack of it.
  • 2) Continue baking and rolling the brandy snaps until all the mixture is used.
  • 3) So the collection is above your average high street price but not anywhere near international designer prices.
  • 4) the brands could use alternatives, but plastic is cheap.
  • 5) Simply add two numbers that are next to each other, and write the numbers above them.
  • 6) the intention is that at least 50 per cent of the newly discovered natural gas will be exported.
  • 7) That is how one maintains and enhances a competitive edge, the comparative advantages and the productive capacity of an economy.
  • 8) This is a unique opportunity, and why a successful trade deal should be at the front of the diplomatic queue for both governments.
  • 9) these relative opportunity costs are the basis of the definition of comparative advantage.
  • 10) It did not provide comparative figures for the same quarter of last year.
  • 11) Did you use the fee for something special?
  • 12) On the other hand, death is at the front of his mind.
  • 13) For the right, the army existed above all to defend their social and economic interests.
  • 14) Although a few people have moved back, it is too close to the front for safety.
  • 15) As you can see, anxiety reactions in the above context are essential to our survival.
  • 16) the comparative disadvantage of these countries in production of labour-intensive manufactures was pronounced and pervasive.
  • 17) But they will have to ask their teachers for the school's comparative figures.
  • 18) A framed photograph stood at the front of the church.
  • 19) A couple of the terms used in the above letter may be confusing.
  • 20) For many young people in inner cities, there is no alternative to the comparative safety of gang life.
  • 21) there is only one way to go about doing that, and that is to practise in front of the mirror by yourself.
  • 22) the amino acids are called "the building blocks of life' because the body uses them to rebuild and repair its tissues and organs.
  • 23) the French use the tag "pays' in the same way.
  • 24) Her tall figure was framed in the rectangle of the front door, the two side windows with their stained glass contributing to a triptych effect.
  • 25) If you're picky about where you sit, pay your way to the front of the queue.
  • 26) the others in the group should help the interviewee prepare herself for any difficult questions (see the above exercise).
  • 27) the sources mentioned above are just as good if you want to spend 500 - some young artists are more expensive than others.
  • 28) Also included in this information will be the filename of the files waiting to print, the login account name of the user who SPOOLed the file, the time that the file was SPOOLed, the size of the file in PRIMOS records, and the printer name where the file is to print.
  • 29) If, therefore, I wish to say “the small fires in the house”—and I can do this in one word—I must form the word “fire-in-the-house, ” to which elements corresponding to “small, ” our plural, and “the” are appended.
  • 30) He liked the stately monuments much more than he liked Gibbon or Ruskin; he loved their dignity; their unity; their scale; their lines; their lights and shadows; their decorative sculpture; but he was even less conscious than they of the force that created it all, —the Virgin, the Woman, —by whose genius “the stately monuments of superstition” were built, through which she was expressed.
  • 31) For some eighteen years he was occupied in exploring and in opening telegraphlines through the eastern or northmiddle part of the great forest state, the wilderness state of the “matto grosso” —the “great wilderness, ” or, as Australians would call it, “the bush.
  • 32) then there is _the_ event, _the great climax event_, the actual coming of the Lord Jesus, out of the heavens, down to the earth.
  • 33) the melancholy of the whole story, —the “pity of it, ”—the “one long sigh” which Schlegel heard in it, is conveyed with an almost magic suddenness in this single touch; and yet one touch more, and that of priceless importance, —the suggestion of the whole world of misery and disorder that may lie hidden as an awful possibility in the tempers and vanities of even two “poor old” heads of houses.
  • 34) At least, methinks, from the Covenant which GOD made with _Abraham_, and his Seed, _the Blessings of which_ are _come upon the_ believing _Gentiles_ [r], there is Reason to hope well concerning the Infant Offspring of GOD'S People, early devoted, and often recommended to him, that their _Souls_ will be _bound in the
  • 35) there is a mean curiosity, as of a child opening a forbidden door, or a servant prying into her master’s business; —and a noble curiosity, questioning, in the front of danger, the source of the great river beyond the sand, —the place of the great continents beyond the sea; —a nobler curiosity still, which questions of the source of the River of Life, and of the space of the Continent of Heaven, —things which “the angels desire to look into.
  • 36) According to Kenya’s Interim Independent Electoral Commission,  a majority of Kenyans approved the new law in  the 4th August referendum, with the 'Yes' team garnering 6,092,593 votes, which is 66.9 percent, while the  'No' team was only able to manage about 2,795,059 votes or (30.1 percent) of the total vote cast.
  • 37) When he found that it was for people of consequence in a private room that the articles were required, he set to work with a will and produced a polish "that would have struck envy to the soul of _the amiable Mr. Warren_, _for they used Day and Martin's at the_ '_White
  • 38) ‘If he's saying we're running fifth behind the leader, I know we don't have to make drastic changes.’
  • 39) ‘During September and October the days become shorter.’
  • 40) ‘Fifteen long, dull minutes passed before the door opened.’
  • 41) ‘We then had to organise tickets for the passengers to travel on the buses.’
  • 42) ‘After a nice walk, we decided to sit, watch the birds, and rest for a moment.’
  • 43) ‘One could find similar stories from northern Queensland or the Amazon.’
  • 44) ‘Canonized with great ceremony by the Pope in 2002, Padre Pio was a Capuchin monk.’
  • 45) ‘Who hasn't heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?’
  • 46) ‘However, when it comes to the President of India, the situation becomes entirely different.’
  • 47) ‘A person with the mumps often looks like he has chubby cheeks.’
  • 48) ‘the whole idea gives me the creeps.’
  • 49) ‘Everyone has gone though a mild case of the blues once in their lives.’
  • 50) ‘Has a caretaker manager in the Premiership ever won manager of the month?’
  • 51) ‘Bodega were presented with the award by Radio 2's Folk Musician of the Year, Kathryn Tickell.’
  • 52) ‘One night, the hubby and I stopped at the next door bakery and bought some bread.’
  • 53) ‘Are you all right? How are the kids?’
  • 54) ‘Doubtless as a result of all the tension in the Williams household, Tennessee became a compulsive traveler.’
  • 55) ‘One of two episodes to be presented in widescreen, the pilot introduces the Browns and the rest of the Everwood folk.’
  • 56) ‘From the first of July, mothers will be eligible for a $3,000 dollar payment, going up to $5,000 by 2008.’
  • 57) ‘I headed towards the park at the corner of Palace Avenue.’
  • 58) ‘there was a tiny spot of toothpaste on the front of my shirt.’
  • 59) ‘It was the worst day of my career.’
  • 60) ‘I also think it reasonable to infer that he was righting the vehicle in the hope that he could drive it.’
  • 61) ‘In the time of Henry the Eighth, a person who did not read Greek and Latin could read nothing, or next to nothing.’
  • 62) ‘the beginning of the Hellenistic age is defined as the rise to power of Alexander the Great.’
  • 63) ‘He carried Russia a long way from Ivan the Terrible's ‘time of troubles’.’
  • 64) ‘Parents have to be a lot more careful about what their children are allowed to watch on the TV.’
  • 65) ‘Lots of the singles on the CD were never on the radio here.’
  • 66) ‘Becky sings with our church choir and plays the piano.’
  • 67) ‘According to parents, 60 percent of children complain of feeling tired during the day.’
  • 68) ‘To learn the drums, he tried playing along to records, a method he admitted hating.’
  • 69) ‘In the mornings we have lectures and in the afternoons we teach students.’
  • 70) ‘A streamlined fish, the mackerel is designed for fast swimming in large shoals.’
  • 71) ‘At the turn of the 20th century, the tiger roamed free through vast parts of Asia.’
  • 72) ‘This trend especially threatens children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.’
  • 73) ‘Having occupied the country from the early 1900s, the French contributed much in the way of education.’
  • 74) ‘the government doles out about $117 billion to cover the health care costs of the unfit and obese.’
  • 75) ‘He was the good, the bad and the ugly in one person.’
  • 76) ‘I was not surprised to see him standing there alone, but I was hoping for the unexpected.’
  • 77) ‘Sometimes I can say the unsayable.’
  • 78) ‘Ginger and her sister Brigitte are suburban teenagers with a taste for the macabre.’
  • 79) ‘these annual levies are only a few cents in the dollar.’
  • 80) ‘If you fly into wind you will get much less mileage to the litre.’
  • 81) ‘the Ballet School has some pianists on salary; others are paid by the hour.’
  • 82) ‘A significant 42% never get the time to take their full entitlement to annual leave.’
  • 83) ‘We had to put bins where we had the space, and that's caused our system to be scattered.’
  • 84) ‘Her only hope is to travel to Europe and receive experimental treatments - a trip she doesn't have the money for.’
  • 85) ‘the Marina is the place to be Easter Sunday if you enjoy quality jazz music.’
  • 86) ‘Zutty Singleton was the drummer in Chicago.’
  • 87) ‘If you'd like to understand the teenager in your family a little better then Crossroads is the film to watch.’
  • 88) ‘the more I learned, the more I found his theories to be flawed.’
  • 89) ‘the older Tom gets, the less he understands them.’
  • 90) ‘the sooner they declare it illegal, the better for all concerned.’
  • 91) ‘Several of those people left the church, and we are the better for it.’
  • 92) ‘Excellent engineering makes this CD all the more attractive.’
  • 93) ‘If it were possible for them to come up with an agreed contents of the application book then the preparation of it will be so much the quicker.’

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