leaned vs leant

leaned leant


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of lean.


  • 1) An occasional preterit and past participle of lean.
  • 2) chiefly UK Simple past tense and past participle of lean.


  • 1) Slowly lean forward so that your chest approaches the ground.
  • 2) He leans forward to show me the scar on the bridge of his nose.
  • 3) He can also lean forward or move your legs to one side to change the way it feels for him.
  • 4) Add the lean minced beef and fry for 5 mins.
  • 5) She leans forward, clearly slightly worried that things have become a little too dour.
  • 6) Pep is leaning forward, arms wrapped around his knees.
  • 7) If you lean forward it goes faster, if you lean back it slows down.
  • 8) Eyes sparkling, she leans forward in her chair.
  • 9) You have been a rock but maybe it is time to lean on your husband a bit more and let him take the lead.
  • 10) It is still leaning on the building.
  • 11) You lean in the direction you want to go and your weight banks the glider that way.
  • 12) Try a dish of brown rice with lean meat and vegetables in a curry sauce.
  • 13) This style seems to lean less on geography.
  • 14) She went into the garden and walked down to the foot to lean on the wall.
  • 15) We spend thirty minutes leaning on our cars while we wrestle with his concerns.
  • 16) It sleeps leaning for support against a tree.
  • 17) Choose lean meat and remove visible fat.
  • 18) Today their eyes are less glassy and all three look much leaner.
  • 19) This time he is leaning towards his rival.
  • 20) We instinctively lean forward when trying to sell something.
  • 21) The health service will have to become smaller and leaner.
  • 22) This was the sort of lean and mean memo an entrepreneur has to love.
  • 23) Protein powders are considered to be a fast route to a leaner body.
  • 24) She thinks he wants directions and leans to talk to him.
  • 25) Buffalo meat has a tender texture and is leaner than beef.
  • 26) The taste for lean meat has greatly increased the demand for venison.
  • 27) They will seek to make the business leaner and fitter, and to restore the dividend.
  • 28) Buildings lean over as if they are resting their head on a neighbour's shoulder.
  • 29) This is simply a push-up leaning against a door frame.
  • 30) She coasted to a stop, set her bicycle against the gate, and without a word leaned into him and slipped her arms beneath the folds of his jacket.
  • 31) That he expressed the general feeling in our train was evidenced by the many women who leaned from the wagons, thrusting out gaunt forearms and shaking bony, labor-malformed fists at the last of Mormondom.
  • 32) Paladin leaned close and ran a hand gently over her hair.
  • 33) Cardin leaned his head on Yves Saint-Laurent's shoulder and he was won over -- and me, too.
  • 34) He probably was the player least expected to take a shot that could force overtime, but Martin leaned in and drilled it.


  • 1) He leant his face against his hand.
  • 2) He leant forward and dropped his voice.
  • 3) He leant closer as though to confide.
  • 4) He leant against the crash barrier and flung his gloves into the distance.
  • 5) He leant in at the window.
  • 6) Then, over tea, he leant forward suddenly.

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