melodious vs melodic

melodious melodic


  • 1) Having a pleasant melody or sound; tuneful.
  • 2) Of, relating to, or containing a pleasing succession of sounds; tuneful.
  • 3) Agreeable to hear.
  • 4) Containing, or producing, melody; musical; agreeable to the ear by a sweet succession of sounds.


  • 1) of, relating to, or having melody
  • 2) melodious, tuneful
  • 3) Of, relating to, or containing melody.
  • 4) Of the nature of melody; relating to, containing, or made up of, melody; melodious.
  • 5) of or relating to melody


  • 1) She found the melodious tunes unintelligible, just like some of the songs in their cold church.
  • 2) Sometimes the latter, when they were back at the rest camp, would hum slow melodious wordless songs, while Johannes drew.
  • 3) ‘Liszt tells the poet's story with music that is memorably melodious and dramatic; this is one of the highlights among the thirteen.’
  • 4) ‘Josef Suk can always be counted upon to produce good, well crafted and melodious music and these three compositions certainly live up to that description.’
  • 5) ‘In contrast, the dances of Asia stand out for their splendid colour and costumes and melodious instrumental music and drum beats.’
  • 6) ‘About a year later Flagello wrote Sea Cliffs, which is a melodious, sentimental, short work for string orchestra.’
  • 7) ‘I also enjoyed Howard Shelley's playing in the concluding Allegro moderato which is also very melodious.’
  • 8) ‘By comparison, their playing was straight, sometimes lumpy, with no attempts to arch the phrases in a melodious fashion.’
  • 9) ‘It's a good song, catchy and melodious with decent lyrics.’
  • 10) ‘From 1912, this piece, in the key of E minor, is very expressive and melodious with an element of sadness.’
  • 11) ‘Boubil and Schonberg created a score with countless showstoppers linked with recitative that is melodious and easily understood.’
  • 12) ‘Daniel was quite busy playing a melodious viola-violin duet with Delia.’
  • 13) ‘They sang beautifully, several melodious old tunes I'd never heard before.’
  • 14) ‘Somewhere in the distance in the once quiet forest, a bird started to sing a melodious tune.’
  • 15) ‘No sooner had the melodious Chopin finished when a newfangled Gershwin song was beating away.’
  • 16) ‘A golden bird sang a melodious song as it sat, perched in a glittering green tree.’
  • 17) ‘The conductor and the orchestra have played the melodious and popular classics ad infinitum and they want a change.’
  • 18) ‘Running her tiny fingers on the keyboard, Ksemya plays such melodious music that the after-effect lingers on for a while.’
  • 19) ‘The 64 melodious polyphonic ring tones, which are composed on a Yamaha piano, offer a wide variety of choices, from classical to New Age and even funk.’
  • 20) ‘The cassette has one soulful, melodious stretch of instrumental music that is sure to be soothing to anyone listening to it.’
  • 21) ‘This recording is exciting, gorgeous, weaving the rhythm of the drum with melodious strings, wind instruments and female chant.’
  • 22) ‘Some of the most popular and melodious Bulgarian hits invited everyone to dance even though there was little space for hand waving and impressive steps.’
  • 23) ‘Organisers feel it is a great opportunity for the public to hear the pleasant and melodious jazz harmonies in a great natural environment and mountains during August summer nights.’
  • 24) ‘His melodious and lyrical voice cradled the cries of infants and raged passionately against the dying of the light.’
  • 25) ‘He spoke with his ladies in a friendly, melodious voice as he carried out boxes of expensive, impractical footwear for their pleasure and delight.’
  • 26) ‘For 2002, this is going to be the first musical night with high voltage voices of Anuradha Sriram and Malgudi Subha and the melodious voice of Unni Menon.’
  • 27) ‘But Sylvia had the sort of melodious and cultured voice which defied classification; her English and Afrikaans were of a high order.’
  • 28) ‘Though untrained, she had a natural melodious voice.’
  • 29) ‘‘Our guitarist does backflips while he plays,’ says Brown, in a soft, melodious voice.’
  • 30) ‘Thanks for adding your rich voice to this melodious group.’
  • 31) ‘In Asha's case, it was her melodious voice that led her to Carnegie Hall.’
  • 32) ‘But given the right platform, those blessed with a melodious voice can certainly go places.’
  • 33) ‘His high range of melodious voice and the magic in it seemed spellbinding.’
  • 34) ‘Her parents were Carnatic music teachers too, and her home was always full of melodious voices.’
  • 35) ‘An enterprising and chirpy Manju enthralled the crowd with her melodious voice.’
  • 36) ‘She may not have the usual melodious voice, but that is not a negative, she explains.’
  • 37) ‘It is a keen ear which remarks the melodious quality of a voice coming from a crowd.’
  • 38) ‘There's a lot of practice and determination, and loads of effort that go to create the melodious voice on the film music track.’
  • 39) ‘Kitty's melodious voice broke into his thoughts.’
  • 40) ‘Her voice, soft and melodious, carried throughout the small café easily so that there wasn't a single corner that wasn't untouched by her voice.’
  • 41) ‘Lamar's voice had a sweet melodious sound to it.’
  • 42) ‘In her clear, melodious voice, she stated that she was naturally empathic-she could feel the emotions of others- and that she was a telepath.’


  • 1) Those heartfelt melodic lines and brilliant instrumental textures were born to be played with character and finesse.
  • 2) What he lacks in sheer melodic invention he makes up for in harmonic subtlety and complexity.
  • 3) It is a beautiful and melodic symphony.
  • 4) All of them have found their own ways of balancing melodic invention with the dark arts of improvisation.
  • 5) That the world has come round is due to the melodic pop that now lurks amid their rock riffs.
  • 6) Mood, colour and feeling are established with a huge variety of rhythmic and melodic language.
  • 7) The highest hurdle for many is the way the same harmonic devices and melodic tics occur across an otherwise notably wide artistic spectrum.
  • 8) Besides, her melodic gift has not deserted her.
  • 9) When he did a melodic song live, he would tense up.
  • 10) The song took darting melodic twists, at once familiar and exciting.
  • 11) These were sweet, melodic songs tinged with a wistful melancholy that your nan could whistle while doing the ironing.
  • 12) On some tracks it all comes together in thrilling, melodic, beautiful style.
  • 13) Find The Time is a direct acoustic love song with sweetly melodic hooks.
  • 14) With this year's fashion for melodic pop rock, this band might get their chance to fly after all.
  • 15) It is just that the values of society tend to reflect low-risk "middle of the road "values such as melodic love songs or romantic piano music.
  • 16) The Canadian rockers have ditched the punk element of their music, leaving melodic hard rock with an energetic pop appeal.
  • 17) A Californian quintet making waves with beautiful, melodic indie pop.
  • 18) -- Next to the recognition and comparison of the different melodic sections of a composition (in a word, the _melodic delineation_ of the whole), the most significant task in music analysis is the locating and classifying of the cadences.
  • 19) One tone, one chord, a single movement, three, four notes in melodic succession, are in their musical apperception the substratum of such unutterable and intense musical emotion that it becomes practically impossible in these sound-areas to make music freely and completely in the manner of Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, or Palestrina.
  • 20) The album is often described as melodic and soulful, drawing on complex guitar riffs, solid drum beats, upright bass playing, gritty B-3 organ, and vintage electric pianos.
  • 21) While I would never call his music "melodic" --he's not a tunesmith-- as he grew older it acquired a patina of lyricism that I really enjoy.
  • 22) I can play a tune if I recall a melodic and harmonic impression of it – people request songs all the time that I forgot I knew, but there they are in my memory.
  • 23) More generally, Regis' preference for chanson-like melodies in his Latin-texted works recalling the melodic styles of Du Fay and especially Binchois sets him apart from his contemporaries and may be related to his extended personal contact with these composers.
  • 24) ED GORDON, host: The unmistakable voice that once described as a melodic whisper has drifted into silence.
  • 25) Prof. GARDNER: Stravinsky is the person early in this century who essentially undid music which we would call melodic or harmonic.
  • 26) ‘In every class, teachers sing melodic patterns and chords that children imitate.’
  • 27) ‘The simple melodic pattern of psalmody is often embellished, varied, or extended to generate more elaborate forms.’
  • 28) ‘The second movement is a scherzo constructed primarily of five short melodic phrases.’
  • 29) ‘The second movement is rather quiet, with long melodic lines and some striking melody.’
  • 30) ‘He has a fine gift for melody, and it would be fair to say that melodic considerations drive the piece.’
  • 31) ‘The primo and secondo parts are usually equal in difficulty and share melodic interest.’
  • 32) ‘The nature of the piece includes very melodic writing with a singing quality to the lines.’
  • 33) ‘It is filled with melodic ideas sufficient for five operas, and many of them vanish as soon as they appear.’
  • 34) ‘The tunes are a better blend of melodic grace supported by delicious twists of harmonic subtlety.’
  • 35) ‘The timpanist is the featured member of the trio, carrying the majority of melodic weight.’
  • 36) ‘They had a wonderful sound, even in a few simple melodic notes from one of the Nocturnes.’
  • 37) ‘All melodic and harmonic intervals up to the fifth are employed in these pieces.’
  • 38) ‘Acoustic guitars are strummed hard and fast on some songs, and are played with melodic flair on others.’
  • 39) ‘If anything, there is an even greater range of mood and melodic expression than in the Ravel.’
  • 40) ‘The melodic material on which all five movements are based appears in the first.’
  • 41) ‘The stunning and grandiose set compliments the beauty of Puccini's emotionally melodic score.’
  • 42) ‘Its flowing melodic lines for trombone soloist build up strong emotional intensity.’
  • 43) ‘Underpinning every song are melodic rhythms typical of Malian music.’
  • 44) ‘It is an extremely rhythmic and melodic collection of songs that expresses pop in the most subtle of ways.’
  • 45) ‘Andie is known to be one of the more melodic bassists in town.’
  • 46) ‘At its root, Kingsbury Manx offers pleasant, melodic pop that is polished through and through.’
  • 47) ‘Her voice sounded too hollow to be the melodic voice of those pleasant beings.’
  • 48) ‘For those who like it mellow or melodic, Evelyn is their man.’
  • 49) ‘Former hardcore fans have expressed disappointment about his more mellow, melodic direction.’
  • 50) ‘The early morning serenity surrounding us is pleasantly disturbed by a steady and melodic hum.’
  • 51) ‘The melodic and lyrical content that Smith effortlessly provides will draw the listener in and won't let go.’
  • 52) ‘They're still melodic and poppy and all that, but maybe there's more rock thrown in there.’
  • 53) ‘She joined his laughing, a sweet, melodic trance that made several men glance over at her.’
  • 54) ‘I woke up the next day to the faint smell of lilacs and the sweet melodic sound of Alna humming a song in the shower.’
  • 55) ‘His voice was sweet and melodic, yet horrible in a way that you wanted to cover your ears so you couldn't hear it.’
  • 56) ‘His voice, which on Mike King Tonight is reduced to a melodic echo of King's phrases, is a smooth Southern bass.’
  • 57) ‘Their style is melodic driving rock, with textured guitars and strong vocal harmony lines.’

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