liquor vs liqueur

liquor liqueur


  • 1) Strong alcoholic drink derived from fermentation and distillation.
  • 2) obsolete A liquid.
  • 3) A liquid obtained by cooking meat or vegetables (or both).
  • 4) obsolete A drinkable liquid.
  • 5) An alcoholic beverage made by distillation rather than by fermentation.
  • 6) A solution, emulsion, or suspension for industrial use.
  • 7) An aqueous solution of a nonvolatile substance.
  • 8) A rich broth resulting from the prolonged cooking of meat or vegetables, especially greens.
  • 9) (Old Chem.) a solution of an alkaline hypochlorite, as sodium hypochlorite, used in bleaching and as a disinfectant.
  • 10) a tube for taking samples of liquor from a cask through the bung hole.
  • 11) Any liquid substance, as water, milk, blood, sap, juice, or the like.
  • 12) (Pharm.) A solution of a medicinal substance in water; -- distinguished from tincture and aqua.
  • 13) Specifically, alcoholic or spirituous fluid, either distilled or fermented, as brandy, wine, whisky, beer, etc.
  • 14) (Old Chem.) soluble glass; -- so called because formerly made from powdered flints. See Soluble glass, under Glass.
  • 15) (Physiol.) the blood plasma.
  • 16) to be intoxicated.
  • 17) a liquid substance that is a solution (or emulsion or suspension) used or obtained in an industrial process
  • 18) Hence— Any prepared solution, as a sugar solution for claying the loaves, or a solution of a dye or mordant.
  • 19) A strong solution of a particular substance, used in the industrial arts. The liquor of any substance is that substance held in solution, and the word used absolutely has meanings differing according to the indnstry in which it is used.
  • 20) A strong or active liquid of any sort.
  • 21) An elixir.
  • 22) Measured (in selling) with their natural juice, as oysters: opposed to solid.
  • 23) A dilution, as in liquor ammoniæ. [In technical Latin phrases proced li′ kwôr, as in liquor amnii, liquor potosseæ, etc.]
  • 24) A liquid or fluid substance, as water, milk, blood, sap, etc.
  • 25) transitive To cause someone to drink liquor, usually to excess.
  • 26) intransitive To drink liquor, usually to excess.
  • 27) obsolete, transitive To grease.
  • 28) Tomoisten;drench.
  • 29) To steep (malt, for example).
  • 30) Slang To make drunk with alcoholic liquor. Often used with up:
  • 31) rare To supply with liquor.
  • 32) obsolete To grease.


  • 1) A flavored alcoholic beverage that is usually very sweet and contains a high percentage of alcohol. Cordials are a type of liqueur manufactured using the infusion process as opposed to the essence and distillation processes.
  • 2) Any of various strongly flavored alcoholic beverages typically served in small quantities after dinner.
  • 3) An aromatic alcoholic cordial.
  • 4) strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal
  • 5) Same as liqueur-glass.
  • 6) A mixture prepared for the purpose of dosing champagne, the effervescence and sweetness of the wine depending much upou, its composition. It consists either of wine or of fine brandy, or of a mixture of the two, with pure rockcandy dissolved in it.
  • 7) An alcoholic drink, usually sweet and of high flavor and perfume; a cordial.
  • 8) Especially— A strong and sweet wine like those grown in some southern places, such as Lunel, Alicant, and Cyprus, which are also called liqueur wines.
  • 9) A spirituous compound based upon brandy or pure alcohol, and wholly artificial in its composition. These liqueurs are in a certain sense the successors of those of the middle ages, which were supposed to be universal remedies. Their modern use is almost exclusively the gratification of the palate. See curaçao, Benedictine, chartreuse, maraschino, eau-de-vie de Dantzig (under eau-de-vie), anisette, and cordial.


  • 1) Turn up the heat and reduce the poaching liquor by one third.
  • 2) You may find it easier to let the ham cool a little in the cooking liquor first.
  • 3) Reduce the poaching liquor by half by boiling rapidly.
  • 4) Take the pan off the heat and gradually stir in the reserved cooking liquor.
  • 5) Those wanting to buy alcohol must shop at a liquor store licensed for the sale of drink.
  • 6) Gently remove the fish from the poaching liquor.
  • 7) Season and set aside in their cooking liquor.
  • 8) But these premium wines rarely appear in liquor stores.
  • 9) Pour the cooking liquor and shallots into a small saucepan and add the crème fraîche.
  • 10) Lift the pieces of haddock out of the cooking liquor and place them on top.
  • 11) You can also blend the vegetables and remaining stock from the poaching liquor to make a delicious soup.
  • 12) He drives to the liquor store.
  • 13) It offered pie, mash and liquor.
  • 14) Use the liquor to poach the fish for 1 minute only.
  • 15) Except the tequila on sale at the local liquor store wasn't up to scratch.
  • 16) Return the poaching liquor to the heat and boil until it has reduced by two-thirds and formed a thick glaze.
  • 17) The week before, however, in a speech to the AFL-CIO convention in Hartford, Lieberman used the phrase liquor store.
  • 18) When the liquor is about 70°, it is generally tunned off into a large vat or cask for it to ferment.
  • 19) On the windows there were gratings like those in liquor stores.
  • 20) Drinking straight liquor is ... well ... for people like you!
  • 21) December 27th, 2009 12: 56 pm ET there is an inherent danger to the presence of alcohol onboard an airplane, being in liquor bottles or after shave, as they can be used as an accelerant. wIth a piece of cloth or string and a match or a cig lighter ... why do we still allow that onboard?
  • 22) Also, I find it interesting that preference for liquor is pretty consistent across all categories.
  • 23) “Also, I find it interesting that preference for liquor is pretty consistent across all categories.”
  • 24) If you study the numbers closely, you see that liquor is probably wildly popular with women in their 20s, and unpopular with men the same age. lh says:
  • 25) ‘But men are more likely to order alcohol in casual dining restaurants; both men and women drink liquor and wine.’
  • 26) ‘People don't realize that if they order a tall drink they're getting the same amount of liquor as a short drink.’
  • 27) ‘At the bar, look for upscale liquor and signature drinks along with a variety of tapas.’
  • 28) ‘Help your partner stay away from beer, wine, wine coolers, liquor and mixed drinks.’
  • 29) ‘Next, make sure all liquor, beer and wine is stored in a secured area.’
  • 30) ‘Distilled liquor (including whisky) is unknown in Europe before the 13 th century AD.’
  • 31) ‘Poteen he explained is a very potent liquor distilled from potatoes.’
  • 32) ‘A drink was defined as ‘a glass of wine, bottle of beer, shot glass of liquor, or mixed drink.’’
  • 33) ‘To him spirituous liquor is a superfluous and dangerous luxury.’
  • 34) ‘Consider drinking beer instead of hard liquor or wine.’
  • 35) ‘"I don't know why I'm still here, " I muttered, drinking another malt liquor.’
  • 36) ‘Drinking hard liquor and beer both independently contributed to the logistic regression model.’
  • 37) ‘They should stop smoking tobacco and avoid drinking hard liquor.’
  • 38) ‘The urge was there all right, to buy the cheapest illegal liquor and get drunk in the afternoon.’
  • 39) ‘With their skills at home brewing, they turned its fruit into a particularly intoxicating liquor.’
  • 40) ‘She thought she could smell liquor on his breath, and crossed her arms.’
  • 41) ‘I could smell the liquor on his breath, and I recoiled, disgusted.’
  • 42) ‘Of course, it didn't help the performances that apparently bootleg liquor flowed freely during the location shooting.’
  • 43) ‘In Connecticut, a 1949 ordinance forbids the storing of town records in any place where liquor is sold.’
  • 44) ‘He poured some liquor into the glass and I drank everything down.’
  • 45) ‘They are more similar to dried beans than either crowder or black-eyed peas, and make a clear liquor when cooked.’
  • 46) ‘Imagine you are making jam and have gotten to the point where you pour the steaming liquor of fruit, sugar, and pectin into the jars.’
  • 47) ‘Strain over a wide jug and retain the liquor, discarding the peppercorns.’
  • 48) ‘After the required period of time, press-strain the herbs through a fine cloth and store the liquor for use.’


  • 1) Add the juice of the second orange to the bowl along with the orange liqueur, olive oil and 4 tbsp sugar and leave to one side.
  • 2) Imagine drinking a glass of orange liqueur first thing in the morning.
  • 3) Put the raisins into a bowl and cover with the orange liqueur.
  • 4) Add the lemon juice and orange liqueur and mix together.
  • 5) When did you last drink a liqueur?
  • 6) Gradually blend the lukewarm coffee syrup and liqueur into the egg mixture and whisk until it begins to thicken like custard.
  • 7) Measure 5 tbsp elderflower liqueur into a small saucepan and bring to the boil.
  • 8) THE perfect partner to a sweet pumpkin pie could be a dessert wine or light liqueur.
  • 9) Drizzle with the orange liqueur.
  • 10) A rose or elderflower liqueur is very gentle and doesn't cover the gin or vodka.
  • 11) Prices range from 3.35 for a chicken tikka masala to 5.99 for confit of duck in an orange liqueur sauce.
  • 12) The flavor of the Kahlua liqueur is a natural with that of chocolate.
  • 13) I read that as "somebody poured cream liqueur from a flask."
  • 14) At the moment I love Prosecco with a bit of pear or St-Germain liqueur, just enough to give this bubbly a kick and a permanent spot in your closet.
  • 15) About the only thing I saw that might have raised an eyebrow was "Somebody poured cream liqueur from a flask."
  • 16) The best damiana liqueur is made on ranches in southern Baja, but commercial brands are becoming increasingly popular and available in large liquor stores and on the Internet.
  • 17) ‘Even if it is horrible, it won't have cost much, as all drinks are no more than £1.85 tonight, and there's an extensive list of beers, spirits, liqueurs, shots, alcopops and wines to choose from.’
  • 18) ‘This new name will market a greatly enhanced portfolio of wines, champagnes, spirits, beers and liqueurs.’
  • 19) ‘The owner - who is more used to selling pizza slices and panini to his hungry customers - has tried his hand at mixing some fine concoctions with genuine spirits and liqueurs for an icy booze blast.’
  • 20) ‘Certainly, but it is the amazing enterprise of a local family company which is one of the largest importers of spirits, wines and liqueurs into Jordan that was the prime mover.’
  • 21) ‘A liqueur is essentially a spirit base - such as rum, vodka or whisky - with added flavouring, such as fruit concentrates or herbs and spices.’
  • 22) ‘Seville orange segments or slices can be preserved in sweet syrup or alcohol, such as brandy, orange liqueur or vodka.’
  • 23) ‘He told David to experiment with honey in the manufacture of beer and wine, but he always seemed to find that the wine had a burnt smell, and tasted too sweet, like a liqueur.’
  • 24) ‘The more adventurous hobbyist can go beyond beer and wine and turn their hands to liqueurs or to spirits like gin.’
  • 25) ‘This creamy, sweet whisky liqueur is more of a sipper with coffee than a glugger over ice.’
  • 26) ‘Brandy, cognac and liqueurs were also available on adjoining tables.’
  • 27) ‘Spirits and liqueurs don't live indefinitely, but their deterioration is slow and slight, as you will know if you have a hoard of liqueur from Christmases past at the back of the cupboard.’
  • 28) ‘Bottles for spirits and liqueurs have already been produced with distinctive finishes and a range of coloured stem glasses, vases and other glassware is under development.’
  • 29) ‘A number of licorice - flavored liqueurs such as anisette, pastis and ouzo are made with anise seed.’
  • 30) ‘Once inside, the teenagers were treated to a champagne reception followed by a three course meal with coffee and liqueurs.’
  • 31) ‘The bar in the main room displays spirits, beers and liqueurs beneath a wooden platform but we like the cosy back bar where drinkers sit on soft cushions or recline on Persian carpets as if transported to a Middle Eastern bordello.’
  • 32) ‘He also produces fruit royale liqueurs, lower in alcohol and made of pear, raspberry, and cherry wines fortified with eaux-de-vie, as well as a clear, potent, dry, fruity grappa.’
  • 33) ‘And some of the best ingredients to work with are cordials, liqueurs and schnapps.’
  • 34) ‘Passion fruit also works marvelously with a wide range of spirits and liqueurs.’
  • 35) ‘And it doesn't end there - you also have to look at alcoholic drinks that are high in sugars like sweet wine, port, liqueurs and beer.’
  • 36) ‘Rosolio came to denote a whole class of cordials and liqueurs.’
  • 37) ‘11 pm - Lose twenty quid and a box of chocolate liqueurs to my father at poker.’
  • 38) ‘Truman Capote said that Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.’
  • 39) ‘‘Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go,’ said Truman Capote and suddenly we knew it was time to leave the feminine wiles of this ancient city with its masks and mystery.’
  • 40) ‘I'm going home tomorrow - hefting heavy sound kit that I didn't use, with bags full of chocolate bars and Swiss liqueurs to give as presents.’
  • 41) ‘You're too smashed to eat it, so you finish off the chocolate liqueurs.’
  • 42) ‘We started off at Fortnum and Mason's store where my dad wanted to get some good chocolate liqueurs.’
  • 43) ‘It was a bit like eating a chocolate liqueur, but not being allowed to have the nice bit in the middle.’
  • 44) ‘He had settled instead for a box of liqueur chocolates.’
  • 45) ‘Last year the business sold 12,000 bottles of sloe gin and 20,000 boxes of sloe liqueur chocolates.’
  • 46) ‘Not only that, it's an opportunity to find decorations, tins of biscuits, liqueur chocolates etc, and all the other bits and pieces that you cannot find anywhere else.’
  • 47) ‘Eventually he delved into his bag and presented them with a bar of liqueur chocolate, then told them they couldn't eat it because of their religion so he was going to have to take it back and give them a plain bar…’
  • 48) ‘There's still quite a bit of the Christmas chocolate left over, so tonight we followed dinner with a couple of liqueur chocolates to cheer us up while looking at the room, which suddenly now seems so drab and bare.’
  • 49) ‘Our home may be a spirit-free zone, apart from the booze in the utility room and the secret stash of liqueur chocolates in the airing cupboard, but it not entirely fright free.’

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