leery vs leary

leery leary


  • 1) Cautious, hesitant, or nervous about something; having reservations or concerns.
  • 2) Suspicious or distrustful; wary.


  • 1) All I could hear was Jean-Luc Marnier's name and see his leery face.
  • 2) `You should, though as a general rule burglars are leery about gaining entry from the front of a building -- too exposed.
  • 3) Feeling in need of his support, though still leery of his motives, she had given in finally.
  • 4) Yet Republicans remain leery of the growing Democratic push for a second economic stimulus program to be considered in September, worried that Democrats are trying to corner them with a politically appealing proposal right before the elections.
  • 5) Many businesses remain leery of putting their applications and data on servers they don’t control, for example.
  • 6) RANDY STRICKER, THOMSON RESIDENT: I'm kind of leery a little bit, I guess.
  • 7) But every deliver guy was kind of leery about thiss fellow.
  • 8) Donald Birger, president of InstaCredit Automart, which sold more than 3,000 vehicles in 2008 through its two dealerships in Collinsville, Ill., and O'Fallon, Mo., says he initially was "leery" of the remote disabling systems, in part because he thought customers might object.
  • 9) But I ` m really kind of leery about making -- him making bond.
  • 10) U.S. Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff said he was "leery" about blaming Ethiopia for what is primarily an internal Somali problem.
  • 11) In the same article linked to above, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky said that she's "leery" about incineration and approves of composting.
  • 12) ‘The market turmoil and lack of good financial knowledge has made them leery of equities.’
  • 13) ‘Businesses were a little leery, understandably, about investing and adding jobs.’
  • 14) ‘I was a little bit wary or a little bit leery because he had to pick the gun up and put it in the bag, so of course I was watching what he was doing.’
  • 15) ‘I often feel this way when a book is turned into a movie - leery of having the images in my mind mixed with those on a big screen.’
  • 16) ‘But the candidate was set in his ways, and his people were leery of tampering with his approach so late in the game.’
  • 17) ‘It's therefore reasonable for me to be leery of liberals in general.’
  • 18) ‘He is a hard worker but many of his coworkers are leery of him.’
  • 19) ‘We were a little leery about renting a car, having never driven on Bulgarian highways, but our fears were misplaced.’
  • 20) ‘All of this anecdotal evidence has made me leery of the concept.’
  • 21) ‘They're a little leery of actually trying to amend the Constitution.’
  • 22) ‘Fazal Majid also has another good point, one that so far has kept me leery of purchasing music online.’
  • 23) ‘He's also leery of reserve land being developed in such a way.’
  • 24) ‘This surprises me for I've always thought of him as an exacting craftsman and, therefore, leery of artistic pretensions.’
  • 25) ‘On the downside Craig is famously leery of publicity.’
  • 26) ‘Personally, I find the Independent so poor these days, that I'd very leery of accepting any conclusions from an article therein.’
  • 27) ‘I've become leery of such statements, because I've heard them so many times.’
  • 28) ‘I am leery of superlatives but am not inclined to argue with that.’
  • 29) ‘Before the practice took hold, some news directors, fearing pranks, were leery of airing amateur video.’
  • 30) ‘And, as we mentioned in the article you read, be leery of any company that asks for money up-front.’
  • 31) ‘Range managers in Utah are now leery about gardening wild mountains.’


  • 1) I am always leary of companies that set revenue rather than profit goals.

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