confidante vs confident vs confidant

confidante confident confidant


  • 1) A confidant, especially one who is a woman.
  • 2) a female confidant
  • 3) A female confidant.
  • 4) The name given by the English designer Hepplewhite to a species of sofa, similar to an ordinary stuffed couch, with additional seats at the ends, all made in one.


  • 1) Obsolete form of confidant.
  • 2) See confidant.
  • 3) A confidant.
  • 4) very sure of something; positive
  • 5) self-confident
  • 6) Obsolete Confiding; trustful.
  • 7) Feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured: synonym: sure.
  • 8) Feeling or showing certainty, as of success.
  • 9) having or marked by confidence or assurance
  • 10) Giving occasion for confidence.
  • 11) Relying on one's self; full of assurance; bold; sometimes, overbold.
  • 12) Confiding; not entertaining suspicion or distrust.
  • 13) Having strong belief; fully assured.


  • 1) a person in whom one can confide or share one's secrets: a friend
  • 2) A character in a drama or fiction, such as a trusted friend or servant, who serves as a device for revealing the inner thoughts or intentions of a main character.
  • 3) One to whom secrets or private matters are disclosed.
  • 4) A part of a woman's coiffure usual in the seventeenth century; a small curl worn near the ear.
  • 5) A person intrusted with the confidence of another; one to whom secrets are confided; a confidential friend.
  • 6) One to whom secrets, especially those relating to affairs of love, are confided or intrusted; a confidential or bosom friend.


  • 1) Within a year he rose from the bottom of Russian society to the top - he became a friend and confidante to the royal family.
  • 2) He was my closest friend and confidante.
  • 3) Being a trusted confidante to your friend is the most valuable thing you can be right now.
  • 4) All young men need an older woman as confidante and adviser.
  • 5) There's a chance they'd both enjoy unloading if you proved a trusted confidante.
  • 6) I lost my best friend, lover and confidante, and it has been an extremely lonely time.
  • 7) I consider her to be my closest friend and confidante and one of the most incredible women I know.
  • 8) Jackson, his chief of staff and confidante, is revered as someone who can deliver him news that he won't hear from anyone else.
  • 9) Kenneth M. Duberstein, the former Reagan chief of staff and McCain confidante who made an 11th-hour endorsement of Mr. Obama.
  • 10) Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, said that with a close Putin confidante now starting a five year term as Moscow's mayor, it is clear where power really lies in Russia today.
  • 11) Trevor removed fiscal authority from Mulla Shakur who served as Shuja's main confidante while pensioning in Ludiana.
  • 12) At this present their go-between and confidante is a slave-girl who hath till now kept their counsel, but I fear lest haply anxiety get the better of her and she discover their secret to some one and the matter, being bruited abroad, might bring me to great grief and prove the cause of my ruin; for I have no excuse to offer my accusers.
  • 13) The reflections and soliloquies of Artamène recur; but a not unimportant, although subordinate, new character appears -- not as the first example, but as the foremost representative, in the novel, of the great figure of the "confidante" -- in Martésie, Mandane's chief maid of honour.
  • 14) My confidante was my former business partner Adam.
  • 15) But that was to name confidante James Baker Secretary of State just days after the election.


  • 1) You feel confident when it comes to love and a whirlwind romance could be in store.
  • 2) Yet this still feels a confident group who are now built on firm foundations.
  • 3) She has always made me feel very confident.
  • 4) The range is flattering too, with a minimal look to help you feel confident and supported.
  • 5) People borrow when they are feeling confident about their jobs, incomes and prospects.
  • 6) Nationally, nearly half of parents say they do not feel confident of doing the job properly.
  • 7) I knew they would come here confident.
  • 8) I loved the confident way he carried himself.
  • 9) It said that the number of businesses less confident about prospects over the next 12 months continues to overtake the number who expect conditions to improve.
  • 10) But I'm confident results will come.
  • 11) Traditional advice is not to bid grand slams unless you are extremely confident of success.
  • 12) Then he should feel confident about becoming more tactile with you.
  • 13) Investors have also become more confident of the business outlook.
  • 14) His nonchalant and quietly confident manner takes on a harder edge only when he talks about competing.
  • 15) You now see a guy who is very confident in the way things are going.
  • 16) But the camera moves seem more confident this time and the soundtrack more unsettling.
  • 17) You can come across as confident without seeming conceited.
  • 18) Its backers are confident of success this time.
  • 19) And he is feeling more confident than he has for many months.
  • 20) He said that he was confident the business could be sold by the end of next week.
  • 21) We are confident of the way we are playing.
  • 22) Bazalgette is confident the time is right to take the premise and road test it.
  • 23) Try to handle this in a confident way.
  • 24) It is vitally important that witnesses and possible victims feel confident to come forward.
  • 25) Research published recently backs claims that a confident manner in a doctor does influence how well a patient does.
  • 26) He is in better mental and physical shape this time and is confident enough to be looking farther afield.
  • 27) Britain now has a generation of entrepreneurs who are hungry for success and confident that a growing economy will support them.
  • 28) The lines are confident and bold; the animals are vital and alive.
  • 29) It's important to be bold and confident.
  • 30) We now have the support of a fantastic group of shareholders who are confident in this business and want to support its growth.
  • 31) This did not alarm her, as her confident manner shows.
  • 32) Be bold, be confident and be seen.
  • 33) ‘Before we go out onto the field, he makes everyone so relaxed and confident in their own ability.’
  • 34) ‘Instead, he was too trusting, perhaps too confident in his own ability to keep everything together.’
  • 35) ‘They refused to be overawed by Brazil, and came out fully confident in their ability to win.’
  • 36) ‘You have to be confident in your own ability and trust the people you have around you.’
  • 37) ‘She had been writing songs and performing since she was a child and was confident in her abilities.’
  • 38) ‘I have always been confident in my own ability and thankfully it paid off.’
  • 39) ‘We are obviously confident in our own ability but it will be quite difficult to go straight up this year.’
  • 40) ‘Privileged kids are far more relaxed and confident in huge, posh colleges.’
  • 41) ‘It's little wonder that she used to consider herself to be fearless on stage but much less confident in front of a camera.’
  • 42) ‘Some people think I'm not capable of doing well, but I'm quite confident in myself.’
  • 43) ‘They found pupils felt more confident in lessons, they were less distracted and did not feel the need to show off.’
  • 44) ‘Be confident in yourself, show that to the judges and the people and you'll do great.’
  • 45) ‘So from a very early age I've always felt very confident in and on the water.’
  • 46) ‘Dog handlers have to be able to work by themselves and to be confident in doing so, he said.’
  • 47) ‘Feeling more confident in the arms of this stranger who was not a stranger, Ellen's back stiffened.’
  • 48) ‘Longstanding drivers who know the rules were confident in saying no to management.’
  • 49) ‘I walk in with confident ease and smile at the people I pass, who are only too happy to see me.’
  • 50) ‘This is not the remark of someone confident in his own identity and prospects.’
  • 51) ‘They are also happier, more confident and develop better abilities to concentrate.’
  • 52) ‘This is a slick yet wearable collection that just begs to be worn with killer heels and a sexy, confident smile.’
  • 53) ‘He was certainly very confident that there were places where autism could be treated.’
  • 54) ‘If he is confident of a positive response from his squad then the fun is set to begin for United fans.’
  • 55) ‘While it is too early to record any positive results yet, Pam is quietly confident that it will help.’
  • 56) ‘I'm confident that Kevin is working hard to make sure that that's something that we deal with.’
  • 57) ‘We are confident of our sources and satisfied with the veracity of the story.’
  • 58) ‘He was confident of winning with a stoppage and I'm sure he would have done if he'd had the chance.’
  • 59) ‘As has been said before, it's better to be confident of a good result than hopeful of a great one.’
  • 60) ‘However, when prices dive so low, how can we be confident that no one is being exploited at the manufacturing end?’
  • 61) ‘And the two writers are confident that it is going to be pure fun in the months and years to come.’
  • 62) ‘Helen is still paying back loans she took on this investment but she is confident about the future.’
  • 63) ‘I do believe we should be reasonably confident about our prospects for the future.’
  • 64) ‘He said he was very confident that agriculture had a bright future in the enlarged EU.’
  • 65) ‘It is a very ambitious target but the group is confident that it will succeed.’
  • 66) ‘The company said it had employed a team of top experts to look into the matter and was confident that none of the houses was in any danger.’
  • 67) ‘He added that the firm had monitored the local market for several months and was confident that the units would be taken up.’
  • 68) ‘Obviously he can't make any promises but I am confident that he will look at the arguments carefully.’
  • 69) ‘She is confident that any new features, including work to complete a path, will boost the park's image.’
  • 70) ‘They should all be confident of an appropriate and a caring response, he promised.’
  • 71) ‘Investors therefore feel more confident about the outlook for company profits and stock markets.’
  • 72) ‘That, in a small way, makes me feel more confident about carrying on with my plan.’
  • 73) ‘His parents were his closest confidents and friends in a sense, but they were still his parents.’
  • 74) ‘The fact is (and this would be an interesting subject for a later post) it really seems like most great artistic products are the broadcasts of a cabal: the proceedings of a small group of confidents exposed to a wide audience.’
  • 75) ‘It was now that I began to realize that those whom I had been great friends with during elementary were slowly dropping from my side, joining new confidents like the skaters or the Goths.’
  • 76) ‘They wanted nothing to do with the black market or its confidents.’
  • 77) ‘‘Nope, you guys are my only confidents,’ he said smiling.’


  • 1) He has since become a close friend and confidant.
  • 2) He is also an adviser and confidant of the Aga Khan.
  • 3) Nobody knows the man better than NJ, who is his closest confidant.
  • 4) They had known him as their trusted confidant, a shoulder to cry on, and a companion who would share their most intense moments of happiness.
  • 5) His closest advisor and confidant is his wife and thereby FAIR GAME! tired of the election
  • 6) For over a decade, Mubarak has not served alongside a vice president, but today, he appointed Omar Suleiman, the country's intelligence chief and a long term confidant of the president, to the post.
  • 7) In the wake of her latest heartbreak, Jennifer Aniston has again sought solace in her long-term confidant and former Friends costar Courteney Cox.
  • 8) But Robin Turner, the Vines's A&R man and long-term confidant at their UK label Heavenly, always thought his habit was a hindrance, not a help.
  • 9) In a sketch, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank focuses on a top McCain confidant, Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard chief who is now one of the Republican’s most visible surrogates.
  • 10) But now, with quite a bit of fanfare, Rogers is planning to call the confidant of Speaker Nancy Pelosi out on the mat, or at least the House floor.
  • 11) A journal takes the place of a confidant, that is, of friend or wife; it becomes a substitute for production, a substitute for country and public.
  • 12) Known as a confidant of Jobs, the soft-spoken Ive has led Apple's design team since 1996 and was among the few who survived brutal staff cuts Jobs made when he returned to Apple in late 1997.
  • 13) ‘Of the latter, he says: ‘John didn't have any close friends or confidants.’’
  • 14) ‘I think this president has long looked to his key confidants, his closest friends, to key jobs.’
  • 15) ‘So she is your best friend, your closest confidante, your mirror image, or even the bane of your existence.’
  • 16) ‘These four are the princess's closest friends and confidants as well as her court.’
  • 17) ‘And they often do not have an emotional confidant to share problems with.’
  • 18) ‘Nobody knows who we really are, not even our closest confidants or companions.’
  • 19) ‘She had also had the time to discuss the matter with her husband, their legal representatives and a few close friends and confidantes.’
  • 20) ‘Obviously, the best confidantes are people with whom a high degree of intimacy already exists.’
  • 21) ‘Find a confidante to whom you can confess the idea - or perhaps write about it.’
  • 22) ‘This was not a question of dramatic emotional conversions, but simply a chance to share with a confidante and feel forgiven.’
  • 23) ‘He's one of my closest confidants - I phone him and we talk about our relationship troubles.’
  • 24) ‘I have a few American friends in the UK - but, again, most are acquaintances rather than my closest confidants.’
  • 25) ‘He appointed three close confidants to handle the state apparatus, the cabinet and the presidential household.’
  • 26) ‘My colleagues were my best friends, family, peers, confidantes and mentors.’
  • 27) ‘Emotionally, a gay man can be a woman's best friend, her confidant, her support, her adviser.’
  • 28) ‘However, the harsh fact is that with his present set of confidants and advisers, he does not need enemies!’
  • 29) ‘It might be the effect of temporarily working somewhere different and missing various friends and confidants.’
  • 30) ‘Historically, Navy chaplains have been counsellors, confidantes and carers for sailors with Christian and non-Christian backgrounds.’
  • 31) ‘He was just two when we got together, so it wasn't easy, but now she is a friend and a confidante for him, someone who's not a parent.’
  • 32) ‘But ten minutes later, I was his chief confidant and presumed best buddy.’

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