inquire vs enquire

inquire enquire


  • 1) Inquiry; search; investigation.
  • 2) To make an inquiry or an investigation.
  • 3) US To ask (about something).
  • 4) inquire about
  • 5) To search for; seek out; make investigation concerning.
  • 6) To ask for information; seek knowledge of something by asking a question or questions: as, I will inquire about it.
  • 7) Toaskof;question.
  • 8) To ask of; question.
  • 9) To seek for knowledge or information; make inquisition or investigation; use means for discovering or learning something.
  • 10) Synonyms Ask, Inquire, Question, etc. See ask.
  • 11) To ask about (a thing or person); seek knowledge of by asking.
  • 12) To call; name.
  • 13) Tocall;name.
  • 14) To make an inquiry or investigation.
  • 15) To ask, especially politely or formally: synonym: ask.
  • 16) To ask questions about (something); investigate or analyze.
  • 17) To seek information by asking a question.
  • 18) To ask a question; to seek for truth or information by putting queries.
  • 19) To seek to learn anything by recourse to the proper means of knowledge; to make examination.
  • 20) obsolete To call or name.
  • 21) To ask about; to seek to know by asking; to make examination or inquiry respecting.


  • 1) To make an enquiry.
  • 2) To ask (about something).
  • 3) See inquire.
  • 4) etc. See inquire, etc.
  • 5) etc.Seeinquire,etc.


  • 1) While at the reception the duke approached them and inquired about the school they were representing, before asking how many governors the school had.
  • 2) Take the employee to one side and inquire about her general wellbeing.
  • 3) Skipper had a sharp and inquiring mind.
  • 4) My inquiring mind simply refused to conform.
  • 5) It was all part and parcel of his inquiring mind.
  • 6) Each of the dozen chapters focuses on a big question that inevitably occurs to the inquiring mind.
  • 7) Not that as a potential recruit to the union you are likely to be inquiring in the first place.
  • 8) The inquiring mind he used to such good effect in the courtroom ranged over many interests and in avid reading.
  • 9) She thinks this is because the nature of her job as a journalist means she has to have an inquiring mind.
  • 10) The room to the restaurant was a good ten-minute walk so we inquired about a mobility scooter.
  • 11) Manchester City have inquired about him in the past and will no doubt do so again.
  • 12) He put his inquiring, technical mind to good use in producing a masterpiece of a family tree.
  • 13) His inquiring mind about mechanics led him to dismantle locks he found in various camps to see how they worked and how to open them.
  • 14) We inquired about an international player out of his team at the moment and his agent demanded 2million to persuade him to come!
  • 15) Our heads are bowed in shame and I have asked the sports minister to inquire about it.
  • 16) What, inquired our man proudly, had the agent seen him in?
  • 17) The police are satisfied that there has been no impropriety,' he told one person who inquired.
  • 18) It is not only inquiring whether a person 's lifestyle is in tune with what they say; it is also asking about sacrifice.
  • 19) The second I had to call them to inquire about the detectives' absence.
  • 20) I called to inquire about changing it to part repayment, part interest-only.
  • 21) Any knowledge that I inquire is from the limited public sources that the APD can't suppress or intimidate.
  • 22) I was instructed to inquire from the German Government as to whether a German submarine had sunk the Sussex.
  • 23) I was instructed to inquire from the German Government as to whether a German submarine had sunk the _Sussex_.
  • 24) "My dear sir – you are the most extraordinary – may I again inquire your reasons?"
  • 25) "Of what would my sweet cousin inquire?" asked Murray, partaking her agitation.
  • 26) If you doubt my word inquire of Mr Sidney or Lady Mary. '
  • 27) Greeks, we again inquire into the fate of Rome, 58 which had reached, about the close of the sixth century, the lowest period of her depression.
  • 28) That’s entirely up to the producer and calling the producer to inquire is not usually a good idea.
  • 29) To doubt is heresy -- to inquire is to admit that you do not know -- the church does neither.
  • 30) Under the authority of this analogy we may be permitted to inquire, which is the grandest display of the Divine power, — the creation of natural or of spiritual light?
  • 31) ‘he inquired about cottages for sale’
  • 32) ‘‘How well do you know Berlin?’ he inquired of Hencke’
  • 33) ‘I inquired where he lived’


  • 1) Holden looked at me quizzically, but did not enquire further.
  • 2) George must enquire about Hilda's whereabouts; Alice must explain.
  • 3) How much more have I never thought about, or bothered to enquire about?
  • 4) Boq leaped up and gave a small bow, and Galinda said, "As in line with my promise, Master Boq, may I enquire how you're keeping?

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