imaginative vs imaginary

imaginative imaginary


  • 1) having a lively or creative imagination
  • 2) false or imagined
  • 3) tending to be fanciful or inventive
  • 4) Tending to indulge in the fanciful or in make-believe.
  • 5) Having a lively imagination, especially a creative imagination.
  • 6) Created by, indicative of, or characterized by imagination or creativity.
  • 7) Having no truth; false.
  • 8) obsolete Unreasonably suspicious; jealous.
  • 9) Given to imagining; full of images, fancies, etc.; having a quick imagination; conceptive; creative.
  • 10) Proceeding from, and characterized by, the imagination, generally in the highest sense of the word.
  • 11) Characterized by or resulting from imagination; exhibiting or indicating the faculty of imagination.
  • 12) Synonyms Inventive, creative, poetical. See imaginary.
  • 13) Inquisitive; suspicious; jealous.
  • 14) Forming images; endowed with imagination; given to imagining: as, the imaginative faculty; an imaginative person.


  • 1) An imaginary number.
  • 2) (Alg.) An imaginary expression or quantity.
  • 3) (mathematics) a number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1
  • 4) In algebra, an imaginary expression or quantity.
  • 5) existing only in the imagination
  • 6) mathematics of a number, having no real part; that part of a complex number which is a multiple of the square root of -1.
  • 7) Of or being the coefficient of the imaginary unit in a complex number.
  • 8) Involving only a complex number of which the real part is zero.
  • 9) Having existence only in the imagination; unreal.
  • 10) Of, involving, or being an imaginary number.
  • 11) (Alg.) an algebraic expression which involves the impossible operation of taking the square root of a negative quantity; as, √-9, a + b √-1.
  • 12) Existing only in imagination or fancy; not real; fancied; visionary; ideal.
  • 13) (Geom.) points, lines, surfaces, etc., imagined to exist, although by reason of certain changes of a figure they have in fact ceased to have a real existence.
  • 14) In mathematics, unreal and feigned in accordance with the theory of imaginary quantities.
  • 15) Existing only in imagination or fancy; due to erroneous belief or conception; not real; baseless; fancied: opposed to actual.
  • 16) Synonyms Ideal, fanciful, fancied, visionary, unreal, shadowy, Utopian. Imaginary and imaginative are never synonymous: imaginary means existing only in the imagination; imaginative means possessed of or showing an active imagination.


  • 1) It is no use hoping that an employer will make an imaginative leap about how your experience is useful.
  • 2) That means imaginative ideas like getting prisoners to pick fruit - and working out how people on the dole can put something back for their money.
  • 3) Neptune, which mentors your sign, supplies imaginative ideas and something you make at home could be a global success.
  • 4) He must win the prize for the least imaginative use of location and air miles.
  • 5) This is one of the most imaginative and exciting.
  • 6) Your imaginative ideas and realistic way of working out the costs wow bosses.
  • 7) The national resource of creative and imaginative skill is immense.
  • 8) You miss the honesty and imaginative leaps when you return to adult theatre.
  • 9) She keeps to herself and writes poetry and highly imaginative stories.
  • 10) The union should take a more imaginative approach.
  • 11) Your imaginative ideas add spice to your love life.
  • 12) You have the right mix of imaginative ideas and cool thinking to make extra money.
  • 13) You have the positive attitude and imaginative ideas that can open new work doors for you.
  • 14) The police must be more efficient in their use of resources and personnel and more imaginative in their use of technology.
  • 15) It should also be linked to an imaginative use of our aid programme to build up economic opportunities in those countries.
  • 16) Thinking for yourself is not only an intellectual exercise - it is an imaginative leap.
  • 17) The result is beautifully written, highly imaginative and engrossing.
  • 18) Your imaginative approach can make a long-term relationship feel like new.
  • 19) People who excel in their fields often think independently, take risks and are creative and imaginative.
  • 20) If that is too much of an imaginative leap, try looking across the ocean.
  • 21) It made people worry about being different, imaginative and creative.
  • 22) His imaginative leaps were instinctive, unexpected and at times magical.
  • 23) A whole extra hour of his subtle and imaginative approach to business.
  • 24) For if adult life teaches us anything, it is an imaginative approach to when such relations do and do not count.
  • 25) There were many more examples of young people wishing violence on the former education secretary, some of them in highly imaginative ways.
  • 26) Last chance to see this hauntingly evocative and highly imaginative exploration of the scars that war leaves on our landscapes, societies and minds.
  • 27) Within the light-realm levels, that which you term reality is illusion and that which you term imaginative fantasy is reality.
  • 28) Let us but get that way of looking at things which we call imaginative, and how everything alters.
  • 29) Harold Alison as a specimen of a vigorous physical development so perfectly balanced as to be in a manner self-adjusting, without need of what he called imaginative influences.
  • 30) Can they not have a precious decade or so to soar in imaginative literature before we drag them back down to earth?
  • 31) Until that moment, we get lots of characters fighting each other in imaginative, slightly puzzling ways, escaping perils of varying degrees of menace and lunacy, or realizing just how out of their depth they actually are.
  • 32) On the other hand, it does take a certain imaginative leap to understand why anyone would make a film based on the Valiant comic series Bloodshot, which despite strong sales is really just a recombination of a bunch of ‘rogue master killer’ comic book character tropes.
  • 33) However, it takes a really good school system to continue to teach in imaginative ways while also dealing with the NCLB requirements. jonnybutter Says:
  • 34) But there is room in imaginative fiction for many devices.
  • 35) Once buyers and sellers are free, they will deploy their assets in imaginative ways in order to extract the most value from their own dollars, and their own labor.
  • 36) ‘Scott's really imaginative and creative and has a definite vision of what he wants his business to be.’
  • 37) ‘Can we have more imaginative and creative solutions to this problem rather than moans and groans?’
  • 38) ‘He likes to take risks simply to make the business of imaginative invention more interesting.’
  • 39) ‘In too few places are the arts being integrated in imaginative and inventive ways.’
  • 40) ‘Often his escape is imaginative, inspired by the music he hears on the radio.’
  • 41) ‘Her vision and her imaginative designs had created its appeal and there was no obvious successor.’
  • 42) ‘It did not work for a variety of reasons, but the appointment was imaginative and innovative.’
  • 43) ‘This major celebration of cinematic creativity old and new has a host of imaginative programmes.’
  • 44) ‘It was a glimpse into his imaginative world and some of the sources of his creativity.’
  • 45) ‘When it comes to getting imaginative in the kitchen, sushi is about as creative as they come.’
  • 46) ‘That creative streak shows itself in some imaginative use of fashion and colour mixes.’
  • 47) ‘For this shaping one must draw on imaginative insight into the motivation of the dramatis personae.’
  • 48) ‘Families can pencil in their vision of the future of York in an imaginative event at York Art Gallery this week.’
  • 49) ‘Dry statistics are seen as destroying both the imaginative faculty and the human delight in invention.’
  • 50) ‘Has Oxford provoked one of the most imaginative outbursts in music today?’
  • 51) ‘It doesn't look likely, and it doesn't take a great imaginative effort to see a double game being played.’
  • 52) ‘The choreography is stilted and clumsy and could have been a great deal more imaginative.’
  • 53) ‘Sadly, rising water levels now threaten this imaginative form of transport.’
  • 54) ‘The proposal to create a new university is a bold and imaginative step.’
  • 55) ‘One county councillor believes a more imaginative approach could be used.’


  • 1) He has imaginary friends I guess.
  • 2) Could this be the season in which referees finally get tough on players brandishing imaginary cards?
  • 3) Successful imaginary worlds ask complex questions about identity and moral choice.
  • 4) It offers none of the echoes of reality you find in the best imaginary worlds.
  • 5) They are apt to see the illness as something to punish them for some real or imaginary wrongdoing.
  • 6) The selective advantage that resulted from this ability to construct vivid and persuasive imaginary worlds must have been enormous.
  • 7) She sits up, laughs and plays games with her imaginary friends.
  • 8) What is people's problem with the imaginary card?
  • 9) He did hold grudges, whether real or imaginary.
  • 10) If the imaginary card comes out, the referee puts his real one away.
  • 11) Belief in esoteric wisdom spawned esoteric societies, real or imaginary.
  • 12) She lived in a bit of an imaginary world, she says.
  • 13) Far better to stand next to a cupboard door and have a one-sided conversation with an imaginary partner.
  • 14) Their imaginary conversation is great.
  • 15) The waving of imaginary cards.
  • 16) I don't like players waving imaginary cards at officials to get an opponent in trouble.
  • 17) Stories encompass both world wars, the home front and the trenches, realism and imaginary friends.
  • 18) Because Larry’s Fundy brain is so locked by his literalism he simply thinks “imaginary numbers” are *actually imaginary* ,that is to say not real, they do not exist.
  • 19) In fact, psychologists use the term "imaginary audience" to describe this heightened state of vigilance that is especially strong during adolescence.
  • 20) But on the other hand, as this warmth is felt differently by different temperaments, so what we call imaginary things affect different minds.
  • 21) It wasn't so much fun imagining loosing her senses, and she refers to the imaginary loss of her eyesight and hearing as "harrowing."
  • 22) Their interests by virtue of public statements and the work made collectively between 1961 and 1966 appear largely designed to dissolve what in theater is known as the imaginary "fourth wall" dividing audiences from artists.
  • 23) I write fantasy in imaginary worlds, but my settings are historically based.
  • 24) ‘How they coped with this transfer of power is a vital part of these imaginary conversations.’
  • 25) ‘To escape reality, I invented an imaginary world and began writing poetry.’
  • 26) ‘I bowed to an imaginary crowd and pretended to thank my parents and all who believed in me.’
  • 27) ‘He invented imaginary worlds in which he was the king, and everyone had obey him.’
  • 28) ‘Is an imaginary campaign manager really the worst political decision you've heard lately?’
  • 29) ‘The blood was fake and the flames imaginary, but the task facing the emergency services could have been very real.’
  • 30) ‘The only saving grace is that most children take it for granted that spirits and the like are imaginary beings.’
  • 31) ‘It lies halfway between Orkney and Shetland on an imaginary line dividing the North Sea from the North Atlantic.’
  • 32) ‘Not only is he a modern star playing a classic star, he's playing him as an imaginary figure.’
  • 33) ‘The mandala represents an imaginary palace that is contemplated during meditation.’
  • 34) ‘The view that dreams are merely the imaginary fulfilments of repressed wishes is hopelessly out of date.’
  • 35) ‘Don't get into obeying imaginary voices in your head or anything daft like that.’
  • 36) ‘While he talks, his feet move constantly - tapping away to an imaginary beat.’
  • 37) ‘I couldn't go into my own imaginary world far away and try to block out all of these problems.’
  • 38) ‘There exist countless instances of the type, present and past, real and imaginary, actual and potential.’
  • 39) ‘These fears are mainly imaginary, and most are born of a highly developed imagination gone astray.’
  • 40) ‘This would mean that your imaginary satellite would need to be located out beyond all the planets, a dozen times as far away as Pluto.’
  • 41) ‘In the first place, the film depicts some imaginary breed of gracious and principled gangsters.’
  • 42) ‘This image is of an imaginary circle that each person draws around him/herself.’
  • 43) ‘Fears of vote-tampering and vote suppression are far from exaggerated or imaginary.’
  • 44) ‘What was most perplexing was that in using these subtle and imaginary numbers it was possible to solve cubic equations.’
  • 45) ‘The idea is based on an ingenious use of the properties of imaginary numbers.’
  • 46) ‘It also only worked, he noted, when certain imaginary parts of two complex numbers cancelled out.’

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