grisly vs grizzly

grisly grizzly


  • 1) horrifyingly repellent; terrifying, gruesome
  • 2) Causing repugnance; gruesome. synonym: ghastly.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) See under Grizzly.
  • 4) Frightful; horrible; dreadful; harsh
  • 5) Such as to inspire fear; frightful; terrible; gruesome; grim: as, a grisly countenance; a grisly specter.
  • 6) An obsolete spelling of grizzly.
  • 7) Frightfully; terribly.


  • 1) US, dialect In hydraulic mining, a grating used to catch and throw out large stones from the sluices.
  • 2) A grizzly bear.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) A grizzly bear. See under grizzly, a.
  • 4) Local, U. S. In hydraulic mining, gratings used to catch and throw out large stones from the sluices.
  • 5) powerful brownish-yellow bear of the uplands of western North America
  • 6) A machine used for breaking coal or other material to a moderately small size.
  • 7) In mining: An arrangement in the sluices used in washing auriferous gravel for receiving and throwing out the large stones carried down by the current.
  • 8) In Australia, a coarse grating of timber for separating large pieces of quartz from the decomposed rock with which they are associated, in some of the forms of granitic dikes containing auriferous quartz peculiar to that region.
  • 9) ; pl. grizzlies (-liz). 1. The grizzly bear, Ursus horribilis. See I.
  • 10) Grey-haired, greyish.
  • 11) Grayish or flecked with gray.
  • 12) (Zoöl.) a large and ferocious bear (Ursus horribilis) of Western North America and the Rocky Mountains. It is remarkable for the great length of its claws.
  • 13) Somewhat gray; grizzled.
  • 14) Somewhat gray; grayish.


  • 1) The death map is grisly and a little depressing.
  • 2) You will need an iron stomach for this slick but grisly medical horror.
  • 3) Miles makes a grisly discovery on the beach.
  • 4) It has its wild and demonic forms and can sink to an almost grisly horror and shuddering.
  • 5) Few were surprised at the grisly scene found in the morning.
  • 6) Be sure you can cope with some grisly details.
  • 7) Lead characters tend to meet grisly deaths.
  • 8) It was a grisly death but one that indulged his fantasies.
  • 9) Jurors were shown grisly crime scene pictures including one of the bottom of a fridge caked with dried blood.
  • 10) And witnesses took photos of the grisly scene with their phones before posting them on the social network site.
  • 11) Police were called to the scene after workers made the grisly discovery on Wednesday morning.
  • 12) This gleefully grisly British horror contains some gruesome moments.
  • 13) We all know what to expect, yet we dread to hear the grisly details.
  • 14) Ground staff called in cops after making the grisly discovery on Thursday.
  • 15) Will he become the 31st police officer in the show's history to meet a grisly end?
  • 16) Jigsaw, the original baddie in this grisly horror series, is now dead.
  • 17) I don't think people really mind about that sort of thing unless there's been a really grisly murder on the property.
  • 18) “The Veldt”, also by Bradbury, which chronicled in grisly fashion the dangers of holodeck technology.
  • 19) However, as their team begins to get picked off in grisly manners not fit for television, they realize they are in over their heads.
  • 20) Are journalists ever going to get beyond the word grisly?
  • 21) [Prosecutor describes housewife's rape, killing in grisly detail, Newsday, March 24, 2006].
  • 22) “Of course,” he is told bluntly, though he then hears, in grisly detail, about the sacrificial murder of a Vermont woodsman.
  • 23) ‘Jurors were spared much of the gory detail in the case, but the horrific nature of the crime and the grisly aftermath was hard to avoid.’
  • 24) ‘The story of secrecy, scientific ethics and national security is macabre, grisly and disturbing.’
  • 25) ‘This opening scene sets the tone for a grisly, gory and sometimes comic werewolf horror film.’
  • 26) ‘The grisly discoveries mean even more tension in areas shaken by an insurgent uprising.’
  • 27) ‘Tony also works as a forensic archaeologist for Glasgow police, and has worked on what he described as grisly murder cases.’
  • 28) ‘What strange obsession drives the authors of grisly true-crime books?’
  • 29) ‘Shots were being fired from the tower in every direction as we approached the grisly scene.’
  • 30) ‘It was a particularly grisly murder case and one that understandably shook the veteran blues man to his core.’
  • 31) ‘By and large we know the sort of thing to expect, however grisly.’
  • 32) ‘The first grisly find was a dead body inside a car.’
  • 33) ‘Detectives have been called in after a three-year-old girl made a grisly discovery on the doorstep of her York home.’
  • 34) ‘My plea also goes out to the parents of the ones doing these grisly acts.’
  • 35) ‘The horrified owners of a popular bakery today told of their shock at being caught up in York's grisly double murder hunt.’
  • 36) ‘He was determined not to suffer the same grisly fate and kept walking until he found a remote abandoned log cabin where he made his home.’
  • 37) ‘The grisly work of recovering the bodies floating in the streets and houses of New Orleans has begun.’
  • 38) ‘The more garishly grisly the story becomes, the paler its credibility.’
  • 39) ‘Despite the rather grisly subject matter, it is a fascinating subject.’
  • 40) ‘This structure works well, and a grisly but fascinating story begins to emerge.’
  • 41) ‘This is the man police believe could hold the key to the grisly murder of two men, whose battered bodies were found in a York bedsit.’
  • 42) ‘There are several grisly murders involved, but fortunately the emphasis is not on the gore but on the characters.’


  • 1) Did you have to fight off a grizzly bear on the way to work this morning?
  • 2) The reckoning was swift: the female grizzly bear was put down.
  • 3) What pet to buy: keep a grizzly bear in your wardrobe.
  • 4) Imagine an upset grizzly bear and you've got it.
  • 5) A grizzly bear and a deer hatch a plan to drive hunters out of their woodland home.
  • 6) He also liked grizzly bears.
  • 7) I've spotted a grizzly bear deep in the forest.
  • 8) A party of 11 university students were deep in the Alaskan wilderness when a grizzly bear with cubs attacked their mountaineering teacher.
  • 9) ‘The area is home to around 40 grizzlies and an unknown number of smaller black bears.’
  • 10) ‘There were wolves about in those days, as well as grizzlies in Montana and Alberta.’
  • 11) ‘The polar bear may surpass the Alaskan grizzly in size, with the maximum recorded weighing 726 kg.’
  • 12) ‘Two hundred years ago, as many as 100,000 grizzlies roamed the West.’
  • 13) ‘By the time the adult grizzly wakes up in the spring, her baby is strong enough to follow her out of the den.’
  • 14) ‘On the bus from the airport into Reykjavik, there was a crazy man beside me with a grizzly beard and crumpled pieces of paper poking out of the many pockets in his camouflage jacket.’
  • 15) ‘The man beside me, a burly, smelly man with a grizzly black beard and a mole on his nose, was looking at me strangely.’
  • 16) ‘Up in the Visitors' Gallery, Cherie Blair - seemingly unaffected by having planted a kiss on Charles Clarke's grizzly chin in the Lobby on the way in - looked on approvingly.’
  • 17) ‘There were also a surprising number of grizzly old hippies knocking around the venue, who had presumably come along on the strength of the band's Pink Floyd cover, Comfortably Numb.’
  • 18) ‘A grizzly old man in red flannel shirt stood behind the doorway, holding a deadly looking rifle.’
  • 19) ‘You're gonna be a father, what're you doin’ with a grizzly old beard like that?’
  • 20) ‘I also had a grizzly child on hand and I knew there would be trouble if he didn't sleep.’
  • 21) ‘‘Teething powders’ found in pharmacies are homeopathic Chamomilla 3X granules, which can be very soothing for grizzly babies.’

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