indexes vs indices

indexes indices


  • 1) Plural form of index.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of index.


  • 1) Plural form of index. (when used in the sense of a key to locate an element in a list, vector or matrix in computing or mathematics)
  • 2) Latin plural of index.


  • 1) You need to lead with your index finger and work in symmetry so both arms are mirrors of one another.
  • 2) The consumer prices index hit 1.6 per cent last month.
  • 3) In the same period the consumer prices index of inflation rose 1 per cent.
  • 4) In its house price index, all regions saw growth.
  • 5) The court pace index is worked out using a formula involving elements such as velocity, friction and temperature.
  • 6) Not a bad investment: a used car that goes up in value in line with the house price index.
  • 7) It ought not to be news when a nominal price index reaches a new peak; it's what ought to happen.
  • 8) Work is an index of moral superiority.
  • 9) It would also have profited from an index and a list of works consulted.
  • 10) This was done by running checks on car index numbers and people at various addresses.
  • 11) Spread-betters who had been backing stock indices were suddenly less bold.
  • 12) He is working on a history of book indexes.
  • 13) It bends the thumb in towards the base of the index finger.
  • 14) The index works out how much executives gave shareholders relative to their pay.
  • 15) They are a highly efficient mathematical tool that stores and processes index numbers in the computer.
  • 16) He instituted an index of banned books.
  • 17) Other qualitative work indices in geological organizations also leapt ahead.
  • 18) She notes index number but is one digit out.
  • 19) The index of drugs lists both brand and generic names to enable you to find the right fact sheet for your medicine.
  • 20) Retail prices index inflation was 3.3% last month.
  • 21) The retail prices index remained at 5 per cent.
  • 22) The index is based on data from 150,000 homes on sale.
  • 23) The retail prices index for the same period is forecast to have decreased by 0.9 per cent.
  • 24) In this regard, it is telling that democracy is not listed in the index.
  • 25) She converted to Catholicism and helped to index his many books.
  • 26) Europe, natural gas is priced according to indices based on oil.
  • 27) The index at the back of the book lists both brand and generic names to enable you to find the right fact sheet for your medicine.
  • 28) Head back to your index.
  • 29) The published house price indices are well behind the game,' he said.
  • 30) The core consumer price index was down by 0.1 per cent over the year to June.
  • 31) Nowhere more so than in China: food accounts for one third of the consumer price index.
  • 32) If firms not in indexes are substantially underpriced, then the whole idea of investing in indexes is mistaken anyway.
  • 33) Now, we get the majority of our research from what he calls indexes, or perhaps more appropriately, databases.
  • 34) At the end of a month, many hedge funds and mutual funds need to rebalance their portfolios to match changes in indexes with which they are benchmarked.
  • 35) NEW YORK — Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. on Monday will introduce new indexes from the creator of the VIX "fear gauge" that will track popular stocks 'performance against the broader market.
  • 36) Won't it turn out to be a laugh if real living standards decline, but inflation soars, over the next 50 years, and all this fuss about indexes is flipped on its head.
  • 37) Seven-years will likely be popular with investors ahead of month-end, a time when many hedge funds and mutual funds need to rebalance their portfolios to match changes in indexes with which they are benchmarked.
  • 38) Adding metadata and title indexes would "enhance" the product.
  • 39) Adding thousands of fake names to census indexes is sure to outrage genealogists, but Carroll dismissed their concerns.
  • 40) The indexing is thorough and includes, in addition to the normal author, subject and title indexes, an index to artists and photographers, since the Grateful Dead has inspired a large body of artistic and photographic work.


  • 1) No, I'd guess that the coin and the sign are riddle elements rather than psychological indices.
  • 2) This was no time for second thoughts or doubts of any indices.
  • 3) The existing indices are so sloppy as to be worse than nothing.
  • 4) GH increased glucose levels during glucose tolerance testing, however long-term indices of glucose, hemoglobin A1c the substance of red blood cells that carries oxygen to the cells and sometimes joins with glucose, were not different between the groups.
  • 5) Other Latin American indices have Brazil allocations of over 60 per cent.
  • 6) Shorter-term indices dramatically plunged by about 75 basis points or more, particularly LIBOR which dropped by nearly 150 basis points.
  • 7) The long-term indices are forward looking, and take a long-term view. considers the individual technology indices, which combine to generate the all renewables index, are made up as follows: Renewables infrastructure index - 35% Technology factors - 65%
  • 8) Equity markets are mixed in Asia this morning with the Japanese market higher, supported by better-than-expected export data, while the main Chinese indices have been trading in red.
  • 9) Chicago, Illinois, January 2, 2009 - The last month of the year ended on a dramatic note as the Fed forced key short-term indices into record-low territory.
  • 10) $2.39 billion to $12.85 billion during the week when the main American indices plunged more than five per cent as the escalating Greece debt crisis rattled the global markets during the week.
  • 11) Producing the indices Technology Factors Long-term indices 100% Renewables Infrastructure Index 35% 65% Near-term wind index 100% Long-term wind index
  • 12) Ad & brand recall indices proved higher than all product placements on cable dramas, all automotive placements on cable, and all GM placements on cable (based on P13+, A18-49, & A25-54).

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