segue vs segway

segue segway


  • 1) An instance of segueing, a transition.
  • 2) An act or instance of segueing.
  • 3) the act of changing smoothly from one state or situation to another
  • 4) To move smoothly from one state or subject to another.
  • 5) music To make a smooth transition from one theme to another.
  • 6) of a disk jockey To play a sequence of records with no talk between them.
  • 7) proceed without interruption; in music or talk
  • 8) To move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another.
  • 9) Music To make a transition directly from one section or theme to another.


  • 1) Then he waits for Rebecca to respond to this strange segue in taste; duly she responds.
  • 2) A neat segue into an arrangement of `Eleanor Rigby" that would have done Lawrence Welk proud.
  • 3) No first girlfriend, no gentle, easy segue into an adult relationship.
  • 4) ‘Once the producers felt we had seen enough of that, the camera seemlessly segued into another grassy scene: one with prehistoric, upright, hairy Homo habilis digging holes and groping for food, circa two million years ago.’
  • 5) ‘He captivated the audience, artfully segueing from songs that made you laugh, to ones that stilled the crowd with their meaningfulness, their power.’
  • 6) ‘Quickly paced, with each song segueing seamlessly into the next, it's a homage to the golden age of crossover.’
  • 7) ‘As songs segued into other songs, and finally the album started over again, I realized that the scenery in my mind hadn't changed very drastically in form at any time throughout the journey.’
  • 8) ‘This quite naturally segued into the song ‘Computer World’ itself and was greeted with much delight by the assembled crowd.’
  • 9) ‘He was struggling to read a funny e-mail, but it rendered him speechless, so he segued into the next song without introduction.’
  • 10) ‘This mode of suspicion was prevalent during the majority of newscasts that I watched and was heightened by the spooky theme music utilized by every major network as they segued to and from commercial breaks.’
  • 11) ‘Mining fresh musical landscapes, they segued from Broadway show tunes to musical comedy to arias by Verdi and Puccini in a sparkling cabaret revue.’
  • 12) ‘As he segued into a reprise of ‘Clap Hands,’ band members burst into a cutlery percussion jam, using everything from forks to bananas as makeshift drumsticks.’
  • 13) ‘He kept hold of her hand and gave her a questioning look as the band segued into another tune.’
  • 14) ‘Its small pleasures bide time quite well before the film segues into a more action-packed finale.’
  • 15) ‘The theme music is overused, but it is expressive, and the scene where the theme segues into and out of ‘Moonglow’ is ingenious.’
  • 16) ‘An energetic andante segues quietly into the third and final movement.’
  • 17) ‘As the dust clears and the sonic damage is assessed, the remaining feedback segues into a sober slide guitar, denoting a major transition in the song's emotional appeal.’
  • 18) ‘The album begins promisingly enough - a menacing minor chord segues into a fuzzy, goofy faux-dance beat.’
  • 19) ‘Vanity lighting and medicine cabinets blend into a mirror that segues seamlessly from the window.’
  • 20) ‘One end of the room segues directly into a spacious living area.’
  • 21) ‘The book then segues into theaters, cinemas, and hotel dining rooms, all public spaces geared toward full control of the environment.’
  • 22) ‘Once he segued into television, audiences were able to see him do everything from his bag of tricks.’
  • 23) ‘And speaking of birthdays, here's...there's no possible way I can segue this, is there?’
  • 24) ‘It's a radically different publishing environment now than when I segued into the field a little over a decade ago.’
  • 25) ‘Welfare recipients segueing into the workforce must cope not only with new demands and new situations but also with the remnants of an old bureaucracy that seems designed to make them fail.’
  • 26) ‘A self-taught cook, she slowly segued toward experimentation in fusion cuisine and opening her own restaurant in Memphis.’
  • 27) ‘The monks chant a prayer and segue into the weekly Saturday community vegetarian meal, eating in focused silence.’
  • 28) ‘He deftly deflects the issue by segueing into an attack on the standards of the scientific community.’
  • 29) ‘Riffs on Hoagy Carmichael's ‘Georgia on My Mind’ are obvious musical cues and are used as segues throughout the film.’
  • 30) ‘They serve not only as brilliant segues within the film's narrative but also contribute to a larger purpose of imbuing the viewer with an intense, discombobulated sensation that can only be described as ‘punch drunk’.’
  • 31) ‘The film's segues into the seedier side of Austria are always appropriately shocking, and Erika's steadfast resolve in these environments is an utterly jarring anachronism.’
  • 32) ‘The visual transition is one of several seamless segues.’
  • 33) ‘There are random segues from black & white to color stock (sometimes in the same scene) that seem to exist only to remind us how visually unimaginative the film is compared to Oliver Stone's work.’
  • 34) ‘Some of the songs carry darker overtones with no segues to glossier and happier settings.’
  • 35) ‘The segues and cutaways from scene to scene make the story flow as it never quite does in any other medium.’
  • 36) ‘I'm not knowledgeable about strength exercises and need a segue into weights. ’
  • 37) ‘Juliette sees this as the perfect segue to ask Deacon why he called Rayna up on stage to perform with him.’
  • 38) ‘Both films acted as my segue into the terrifying world of adult horror.’
  • 39) ‘As a segue to loving yourself, keeping a journal and making it a daily practice is incredibly beneficial to keeping a positive mindset.’
  • 40) ‘That's a nice segue into my next question, which is about the Olympics.’
  • 41) ‘The next paragraph does not provide any segue or context to that statement.’
  • 42) ‘There is no easy segue from yesterday's review to today's.’
  • 43) ‘That is a nice segue to my biggest complaint, the reason why it only gets 3-stars for me—the overall service.’
  • 44) ‘Alexandra says that the game is an opportunity for her daughter to learn reading in a fun and interactive way and a segue into deeper conversations around women's issues when she gets older.’
  • 45) ‘A great segue into the start-up world is to work for a company that focuses on your industry and could use your expertise.’
  • 46) He segued into another discourse

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