flautist vs flutist

flautist flutist


  • 1) One who plays the flute; a flutist.
  • 2) A player on the flute; a flutist.
  • 3) A flutist.


  • 1) One who plays the flute.
  • 2) To move with quick vibrations or undulations
  • 3) A performer on the flute; a flautist.
  • 4) To be in agitation; to move irregularly; to flucttuate; to be uncertainty.
  • 5) To move about briskly, irregularly, or with great bustle and show, without much result.
  • 6) someone who plays the flute
  • 7) A performer on the flute; a flute-player.


  • 1) To name two, Dave Hirsch, the associate conductor, and Donald Sommers, the principal flautist.
  • 2) ‘He received his early musical education from his father, a flautist and viola player, and was later taught by Attwood, Crotch, and others.’
  • 3) ‘There are plenty of male flautists and female trumpet players, and members teach each other, encouraging inclusion and participation.’
  • 4) ‘Professional woodwind players such as flautists, clarinettists, oboists are in general more skilled in this regard than violinists, pianists and accordion players.’
  • 5) ‘The orchestra comprised two vocalists, a violinist, a flautist, a sitar player, and a percussionist.’
  • 6) ‘Bands of that era also featured great pianists, bassists, trumpeters, flautists, violinists, and occasional saxophonists.’
  • 7) ‘The shapers can also record and change the music of other players, such as flautists, clarinettists and oboists.’
  • 8) ‘More ambitious compositions include a male flautist and a seated harper.’
  • 9) ‘The flautist had four different flutes, from a piccolo to a bass flute with a curly bell at the end.’
  • 10) ‘I was a really good rugby union player and a decent flautist - yeah, I know, a bit odd.’
  • 11) ‘A cello player and a flautist play some unobtrusive melody near the back of the living room; hands are shaken while knowing looks are exchanged.’
  • 12) ‘Not just a gifted flautist and sax player but one damn fine stilt performer, Greg can regularly be found plying his trade in the metro when he's got no other work.’
  • 13) ‘A troupe of Chippenham flautists took their musical talents to twin town La Fleche in France.’
  • 14) ‘Mozart's First and Second Flute Concertos stem from a commission from an amateur flautist.’
  • 15) ‘All young whistlers, flautists, fiddlers and other musicians are invited to play a few tunes in what should be an informal and uncompetitive setting.’
  • 16) ‘He rapidly acquired a reputation as an accomplished flautist, whilst at the same time producing his first important compositions.’
  • 17) ‘‘I am, as you know, always reluctant if I have to write for an instrument I can't stand’ was Mozart's excuse to his father for not fulfilling a lucrative commission for an amateur flautist.’
  • 18) ‘I'm more of a flautist than a pianist, but I still love to play when I get the chance.’
  • 19) ‘Will she say that the flautist is playing pianissimo instead of piano?’
  • 20) ‘Apart from out-of-tune instruments, late flautists was what Yvette hated the most.’
  • 21) ‘Kate, 16, was a promising musician who dreamt of becoming a professional flautist.’


  • 1) Can someone trace the etomology of: adroit skin flutist
  • 2) I thought the only difference between a flautist and a flutist is the pay.
  • 3) And Claire Chase is the kind of flutist who takes the instrument to all sorts of musical and technical extremes, far, far beyond what most flutists try for or even think possible.
  • 4) Co-founded and directed by flutist Susan Greenberg and pianist Delores Stevens, the series naturally favors works for those instruments.
  • 5) There is songwriter, lead vocalist, and flutist, Johnny Burkemeister, and his brother Arlo Burkemeister who plays a Gibson EDS-1275 double neck guitar.
  • 6) In her company debut in the fourth concerto's duo with Shostac, flutist Brook Ellen Schoenwald was far more than just a worthy echo.
  • 7) Johnny Burkemeister, lead vocals and flutist of the band Albatross Antics, sits on his bed thinking in silence.
  • 8) Upcoming performances include the folk duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer on Oct. 30, the Bang on a Can All-Stars in an all-Steve Reich program on Nov. 11, the eclectic group Punch Brothers with mandolin player Chris Thile on Nov. 12, Kris Kristofferson in a recital of solo voice and guitar on Nov. 13, and the guitarist Ana Vidovic with flutist Anastasia Petanova on Nov. 18.
  • 9) ‘This concerto will give contemporary flutists a challenge, and yet it has the potential to please any audience.’
  • 10) ‘There are 18 instrumentalists on this recording (unusually, Sardelli conducts from the flutist's chair), and 15 members of the chorus.’
  • 11) ‘This Dutch composer seems to have spent most of his career in Amsterdam, where he quickly attained local popularity as a pianist, flutist, and music teacher.’
  • 12) ‘Both flute parts are included on each flutist's copy - very helpful to young flutists who may not be accustomed to the individual responsibilities of chamber music.’
  • 13) ‘Later, at the same rehearsal, our principal flutist played a nice solo that was marked piano dolce.’

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