up-to-date vs up to date

up-to-date up to date


  • 1) before the noun, idiomatic informed about the latest news or developments
  • 2) before the noun current; recent; the latest
  • 3) Informed of or reflecting the latest information or changes.
  • 4) Being in accord with the latest ideas, improvements, or styles.
  • 5) Extending to the present time; having style, manners, knowledge, or other qualities that are abreast of the times.
  • 6) reflecting the latest information or changes
  • 7) in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style


  • 1) In the meantime you can get up to date on last night's report.
  • 2) Using the safe house he met with Pamela again, instructing her to bring Abramov up to date with recent developments.
  • 3) At the office I decided to bring Arnie Bloch up to date with my latest information about the Finnegans.
  • 4) First he brought us up to date on the activities of the men.
  • 5) `Wanted to bring you up-to-date on the Becker case," said the detective.
  • 6) That's a whole story in itself, and not for these pages, but now you're up-to-date on Friday night's developments.
  • 7) It took longer than I'd expected because there was no way Chambers ' had up-to-date computer programmes.
  • 8) Why didn't she just get her own public access channel on Baltimore County cable, keep her friends up-to-date with a 24/ 7 crawl.

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