eventually vs ultimately

eventually ultimately


  • 1) In the end.
  • 2) mathematics, of a sequence For some tail.
  • 3) In an eventual manner; finally; ultimately.
  • 4) In the event; in the final result or issue; in the end.


  • 1) Indicating the most important action.
  • 2) Indicating the last item.
  • 3) At last; in the end; eventually.
  • 4) As a final consequence; at last; in the end.
  • 5) as the end result of a succession or process


  • 1) He followed it up to the ceiling, where it parted into two thinner cracks, which eventually merged into nothingness.
  • 2) She was disappointed, then frustrated and eventually bitter.
  • 3) We must have traveled in a big semicircle, eventually turning back toward our starting point.
  • 4) "Physical culture" became gym class, or working out, or just plain exercise, and the term eventually died--until the New York Times resurrected it as a pompous catch-all for doing somewhat inane things like riding expensive bicycles in club races and doing yoga with your dog:
  • 5) When he died, the title eventually fell to Francis Bacon.
  • 6) My name eventually got called for the freestyle bracket, and I won that tournament as well.
  • 7) The term eventually came to mean any disposable cash.
  • 8) The term eventually took broader hold and, since roleplaying games evolved out of wargaming, it came to be used in that hobby as well, although with a bit less affection than either the Napoleonic or wargames version of the term.
  • 9) United never recovered from that blow as the title eventually slipped from their grasp with a subsequent draw at
  • 10) ‘This led to him eventually asking Stephen if he would join him and few other comedians.’
  • 11) ‘It was this which resulted in two years of falling sales and eventually to his departure.’
  • 12) ‘It was a bitter blow they did not need and it eventually led to their ninth home defeat of the campaign.’
  • 13) ‘He stepped on the gas and headed for the road that would eventually lead him home.’
  • 14) ‘They were initially very keen to see it, but eventually it was vetoed from the top.’
  • 15) ‘So is the day eventually going to come, I ask gingerly, when he will be too old to fly to space?’
  • 16) ‘The drug took hold of him and eventually his father had to let him go because he had become a liability.’
  • 17) ‘She was eventually reported missing seven days later by staff at her former school.’
  • 18) ‘Police officers eventually got the animal into a van and returned it to its owner.’
  • 19) ‘He eventually goes on to apologise, but the apology comes too late for some in his home city.’
  • 20) ‘She is learning to be a hairdresser and would like eventually to go to university.’
  • 21) ‘Continue straight ahead at this point and the path eventually joins an access lane.’
  • 22) ‘The police were alerted and the car was eventually stopped and the three men arrested.’
  • 23) ‘In and out of jail, he was eventually referred to a bail hostel in York and has been here ever since.’
  • 24) ‘If you keep knocking them back all day, eventually they have to turn over the ball.’
  • 25) ‘I started taking time off to get on top of it, but eventually I had to leave the company.’
  • 26) ‘The rain has driven most of them indoors but I eventually spot one lurking on the green.’
  • 27) ‘Needless to say, little by little the idea began to grow on us and eventually we decided to buy it.’
  • 28) ‘The voluntary work eventually earned him his chance and he has been taking it ever since.’
  • 29) ‘Dad was horrified when he eventually found out, but this was the world he lived in.’
  • 30) eventually the family left the house


  • 1) He was a man strong in his faith, certain in his knowledge of that which was ultimately important.
  • 2) But at least they gave him the initials which ultimately provided an escape route.
  • 3) They were ultimately disappointing, not a genuine bearded lady, elephant man, spider woman or pinhead in sight.
  • 4) But ultimately she had caused Kate to fall by calling out to her.
  • 5) But questions of more general nature have lately arisen, and these have tended to have a skeptical cast: whether any use of "aesthetic" may be explicated without appeal to some other; whether agreement respecting any use is sufficient to ground meaningful theoretical agreement or disagreement; whether the term ultimately answers to any legitimate philosophical purpose that justifies its inclusion in the lexicon.
  • 6) The word ultimately translates into shrinking earnings power, which is a big factor in stock-market declines that have driven share prices to their lowest level in more than a decade.
  • 7) Which, no matter how you slice that, ultimately is code for he doesn't look like what an "American" should look like.
  • 8) "Politics" ultimately comes from the Greek word "polis" meaning state or city.
  • 9) The title ultimately referred to Hurley literally writing the script to Empire Strikes Back in a Dharma composition book, as well as the overarching theme of Miles (Luke Skywalker) coming to grips with his estranged father Pierre
  • 10) We're not going to make a Victoria Beckham gag. comes undone is in the amount of content it has to offer; while we do not subscribe to the notion that length is more important than quantity, the title ultimately feels truncated and slight.
  • 11) LAWRENCE: The Tour de France no longer considers Floyd Landis its champion, but the decision to strip him of its title ultimately will rest with the International Cycling Union -- Soledad.
  • 12) For, according to the doctrine of interest, which is a term ultimately related to these other terms and equally emphasized with them, only that spiritual food can be expected to be truly assimilated by any person which appeals to his peculiar nature; all else fails of real nourishment, no matter how much drill may be given to it.
  • 13) KU point guard Sherron Collins said that this title ultimately would rank as his favorite.
  • 14) ‘Which way you finally bet will ultimately depend on how badly you can't afford to lose.’
  • 15) ‘He is the part of us all that goes into the darkness, and finally ultimately achieves the goal.’
  • 16) ‘The condition, which is currently incurable, ultimately leads to premature death.’
  • 17) ‘So faced with an uncertain future, a part of which was ultimately death, my mind went into overdrive.’
  • 18) ‘It is there, in birth, in sickness, in recovery, and ultimately in death that we can all find our common humanity.’
  • 19) ‘It may culminate in chronic valvular disease and can lead to heart failure and ultimately death.’
  • 20) ‘That illness was the beginning of the long decline that led ultimately to her death.’
  • 21) ‘It will be yet another blow to Cheam and would ultimately tarnish the area and its image.’
  • 22) ‘In many instances, no provision was made for eventualities that ultimately did occur.’
  • 23) ‘Combined with all the other factors limiting economic growth, this could lead ultimately to state failure.’
  • 24) ‘From then on the ideas planted in four parts of the area will take shape and ultimately take root.’
  • 25) ‘He eventually became deputy head and ultimately headteacher of St Blaise School in Bierley.’
  • 26) ‘Eventually, you will get better jobs and, ultimately, a bigger piece of the pie.’
  • 27) ‘I do not see how the plaintiff will be harmed by alleging now the facts on which he ultimately intends to rely.’
  • 28) ‘He intended to renovate it as his private house, but ultimately decided to turn it into a small hotel.’
  • 29) ‘The reshuffle was intended to be a much simpler affair than it ultimately became.’
  • 30) ‘Each chief executive of a health authority is ultimately responsible for all clinical activity in the area.’
  • 31) ‘Two spins at Luffield would ultimately contribute to the Eclipse car eventually finishing down in sixth place.’
  • 32) ‘This eventually was proved in front of a jury and ultimately led to the cases being dismissal.’
  • 33) ‘She hopes her gamble will pay off, that Edinburgh will be the start of a tour that may ultimately reach London's West End.’
  • 34) ‘This level of training is ultimately about intellectually learning less but refining yourself more.’
  • 35) ‘Sea level and climate are ultimately linked, and their effects cannot always be separated.’
  • 36) ‘It works on many different levels and ultimately it is goofy fun and that's classic Disney.’
  • 37) ‘It is change at the societal level that will ultimately determine what our culture will be.’
  • 38) ‘There is ultimately no difference, since the basic point here is aiming toward their liberation from the six realms.’
  • 39) ‘What ultimately makes a community is the level of connection felt between its members.’
  • 40) ‘They are being carried out to ultimately improve the area for motorists and pedestrians alike.’
  • 41) ‘It is not some video game, with spectacular special effects but ultimately no-one is hurt.’
  • 42) ‘Not exactly a balanced diet, but a more efficient and ultimately more satisfying use of the area.’
  • 43) ‘Sometimes the work involves talking to the people who will ultimately be snared by the team's investigations.’
  • 44) ‘The pub firm recommended a cash offer and shareholders ultimately had no alternative other than to accept the bid.’
  • 45) ‘Thus it is that the rise of the network society has ultimately tamed and domesticated relations within firms.’
  • 46) ‘Lest we forget though - and it is often so easily done - it is ultimately, at its very core, still just a game.’
  • 47) ‘If you have an underlying belief that things should be perfect you ultimately define whole systems by single failures.’
  • 48) ‘Still, there's ultimately nothing funnier to me than a good joke.’
  • 49) ‘Yesterday I was in a very dark, unhappy and, ultimately, self-destructive mood.’
  • 50) ‘The middle class has ultimately disappeared and, as a result, the society has lost its political stability.’
  • 51) ‘Also, due to the stiff competition for what is ultimately a very small pot of gold, not getting an award or funding is not the end of the road.’
  • 52) ‘However, an ultimately depressing day had begun with a reminder of cricket's place in the grand scheme of things.’
  • 53) ‘It's not his fault that ultimately he was asked to do a job for which he is not equipped, that of being an international rugby player.’

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