extol vs exalt

extol exalt


  • 1) to praise; to make high
  • 2) Synonyms Applaud, etc. (see praise, v.); laud, commend, celebrate, glorify, exalt.
  • 3) To speak in laudatory terms of; praise strongly; eulogize: as, to extol the virtues or the exploits of a person.
  • 4) To raise aloft; set on high; elevate.
  • 5) To praise highly; exalt. synonym: praise.
  • 6) obsolete To place on high; to lift up; to elevate.
  • 7) To elevate by praise; to eulogize; to praise; to magnify


  • 1) To raise in rank, status etc., to elevate.
  • 2) transitive To honor; to hold in high esteem.
  • 3) raise in rank, character, or status
  • 4) To ennoble, dignify, aggrandize.
  • 5) To glorify.
  • 6) In chem., to purify; refine: as, to exalt the juices or the qualities of bodies.
  • 7) Synonyms Elevate, Lift, etc. See raise.
  • 8) To elevate in degree or consideration; bring to a higher or more intense state or condition; raise up, as in rank, character, or quality: as, to exalt a person to a high office; to exalt the passions.
  • 9) To raise high; lift to a great or unusual altitude; elevate in space.
  • 10) To attribute or accord exaltation to; make high or elevated in estimation or expression; magnify; glorify; praise; extol.
  • 11) Toglorify.
  • 12) To increase the effect or intensity of; heighten.
  • 13) To glorify, praise, or honor.
  • 14) To raise in rank, character, or status; elevate.
  • 15) To lift up with joy, pride, or success; to inspire with delight or satisfaction; to elate.
  • 16) To elevate in rank, dignity, power, wealth, character, or the like; to dignify; to promote.
  • 17) To raise high; to elevate; to lift up.
  • 18) To elevate by prise or estimation; to magnify; to extol; to glorify.
  • 19) (Alchem.) To render pure or refined; to intensify or concentrate.
  • 20) To elevate the tone of, as of the voice or a musical instrument.


  • 1) Neither finalist is comfortable extolling his own virtues but both are clear on why there is an elite.
  • 2) At times he came close to farce as he extolled its endless wonders as report after report detailed its woeful failures.
  • 3) The announcement follows a speech in which Spelman extolled the benefits of filling cities with trees.
  • 4) Over the years, a body of research has built up extolling the many benefits of meditation.
  • 5) Throughout the ages, many great civilizations have extolled and benefited from the use of colour as a powerful healing agent.
  • 6) More widely in Italy, he became known for fronting a series of commercials for an electronics chain in which he extolled the virtue of optimism.
  • 7) The facts I will extol is that global warming is indeed happening and it isn't a friend of the moose.
  • 8) He was a strong opponent of the rationalistic tendencies which had infected some dialecticians of his times, and often warned his pupils against such as extol their dialectics above the teachings of the Church and the testimony of the
  • 9) But what Apple also has, which never came up in discussion at the dinner or in any newspaper article that covered it, is its offshore manufacturing relationship with a company in China called Foxconn that makes virtually all of the Apple products which the President and Ms. Jarrett extol as the future of American manufacturing.
  • 10) The liberal "civility" extended to conservatives is baffling considering liberals extol tolerance as one of their virtue!
  • 11) Otherwise, Republicans can pontificate, as in the Pledge to America, about how "joblessness is the single most important challenge facing America today" and extol the "pride and dignity that comes with an honest day's work and a steady paycheck."
  • 12) In its enthusiasm to extol farm-to-tableism, the series tends to talk down to its audience, as during a rave over Indian produce with names like Cherokee Red: "Before America was colonized, these tribes were using organic methods before organic was even a buzzword."
  • 13) For all of you, whom condemn Obama for this display, but extol Bush as a great President, one fact is all that is needed to burst your bubble: Bush took more vacation time as President than any in history.
  • 14) Rather than a traditional neoliberal who tries to extol the virtues of trade, he prefers to just ignore its impact entirely.
  • 15) Microsoft and Asus have teamed up to present a new advertising smarm-storm intended to extol the virtues of Windows on netbooks – and smear Linux.
  • 16) These running gags are pretty funny, but the really standout moments are the longer strips, especially the "What a Witch" strip, in which two witches standing over a cauldron extol the virtues of Kiddee Flakes, which are much more convenient for kidnapped-child-fattening than candy-houses.
  • 17) ‘All of them share in their belief in God, turn to Him and extol His praises.’
  • 18) ‘Mrs Egan, of North Lane, York, was even moved to pen an elegant exposition extolling her family's enthusiasm for waste.’
  • 19) ‘You travel the world praising the discreet charm of an ancient university and extolling the virtues of academic freedom.’
  • 20) ‘The manager tends to extol his players, but last night the praise was reserved.’
  • 21) ‘Even when extolling the virtues of Linux as a server, the praise is often followed with a few discouraging warnings.’
  • 22) ‘Cobbett extolled the Radicalism of Nottingham; Byron sang the praises of the Luddites.’
  • 23) ‘She praised me when my grades were good, and extolled me to do better when they weren't.’
  • 24) ‘Proposition 36 will not heal the hypocritical heart of a nation that extols the empty pleasures of consumerism while excoriating the unsanctioned ecstasies of illegal drugs.’
  • 25) ‘But the Yates case revealed a deep gender divide about the isolation and stress of family and motherhood in a society that extols self-sufficiency as its premiere human value.’
  • 26) ‘Glock, for example, extols the virtues of conducting qualitative interviews in preparation for a survey for precisely this kind of reason.’
  • 27) ‘He extols the two qualities he most admires, their extreme ‘tolerance’ and the very special value they place on their children.’
  • 28) ‘He simply extols the virtues of a book he calls ‘the only truly serious and successful Canadian novel I have read so far this year.’’
  • 29) ‘The key to Zweig's own character reveals itself in a passage in which he extols his father and then describes himself.’
  • 30) ‘She extols conventions that make civilized society possible.’
  • 31) ‘No religions either preaches or extols evil or tolerates evil.’
  • 32) ‘It glorifies celebrities, extols riches and promotes glamour.’
  • 33) ‘And he still extols the virtues of his central defensive partner but is more self-reliant.’
  • 34) ‘At a time when so many carpet-makers are turning to artificial dyes, he extols the virtues of the old ways.’
  • 35) ‘Managing to maintain a serious voice throughout, she extols the virtues of the flea in a spooky monotone.’
  • 36) ‘He extols the English for their extensive use of roundabouts, which Barbados has adopted.’


  • 1) Loyalty to those before us is exalted over love for those around us.
  • 2) And it actually follows what they've done for their media strategy from the very beginning, which is to kind of exalt and super serve the conservative media to the extent that they can, and to undermine and denigrate the mainstream media to the extent that they can.
  • 3) _Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories_ present companions for the mind of this hardy sort, and hopes, whether boys read or are told these stories, they will prove to be such as exalt and inspire while they thrill and entertain.
  • 4) Moreover, a majority of them can now read, and the books they read are not all such as exalt a military life; there are some which point out its immorality.
  • 5) Christians "exalt" the Cross of Christ as the instrument of our salvation.
  • 6) "exalt" the virulence of a feebly pathogenic organism, special methods of inoculation are necessary, carefully adjusted to the exigencies of each individual case.
  • 7) a Mahometan Paradise, its Pleasures are represented as pure and spiritual; such as exalt our
  • 8) Worse, blurring the differences that count — between legal and illegal, permanent and temporary, even American and foreigner — does not exalt immigrants.
  • 9) It's so sad that many cultures still exalt one sex above the other.
  • 10) ‘They always exalt Christ and clearly speak of the preacher's deep spiritual knowledge of his Saviour.’
  • 11) ‘The honeymoon is still in full swing, and the media will continue to exalt him until the first signs that his spree is producing results.’
  • 12) ‘We economists emphasize efficiency over equity, glorify greed, and exalt the achievements of free markets, to name just a few.’
  • 13) ‘The poets exalt you with their hymns - you whose undertakings are ever successful.’
  • 14) ‘We exalt effortless brilliance, we celebrate talent and the achievement that comes easily, naturally.’
  • 15) ‘In both the ruling and opposition camps, there are people who tirelessly exalt political unification and economic integration.’
  • 16) ‘We are talking about people who exalt the effort to preserve slavery.’
  • 17) ‘We dethrone the heroes of the day and exalt new ones in the journals and popular media.’
  • 18) ‘And one should never mention nor hear the mention of the name without adding praise or responding amen to one who exalts God.’
  • 19) ‘Paul's great ‘hymn to love’ in 1 Corinthians exalts love as ‘a still more excellent way.’’
  • 20) ‘It will be worth it in the end - to see God truly glorified, as the gospel, which exalts his Son, is preached and believed.’
  • 21) ‘In several passages, he exalts the American weaponry used in the Balkans, particularly the latest Air Force technology.’
  • 22) ‘In a nutshell, the book exalts the West, capitalism, Christianity, and the creative human spirit.’
  • 23) ‘Mike disses the Latin conception of law and exalts the Anglo-Saxon conception.’
  • 24) ‘Malick exalts the beauty of the land in this exquisitely shot picture, creating a form of visual poetry which is quite simply mesmeric.’
  • 25) ‘Are we to believe that in the rational future, these works will be surpassed by works exalting happiness and denigrating self-sacrifice?’
  • 26) ‘How did the Los Angeles Times, through images, walk a fine line between exalting the order of law and fanning the flames of white hysteria?’
  • 27) ‘This sentimental literature exalted spontaneous and expressive emotion springing directly from the heart.’
  • 28) ‘I walked around listening to whispered words exalting Grandma Edith's prize winning chrysanthemums, how proud she was of her grandkids, especially Rose, for being selected to go to Girl's State when she was a junior in high school.’
  • 29) ‘The point here is not to exalt Elisabeth to a position of equal stature.’
  • 30) ‘Those who allow Satan in their temple, declaring humanistic wisdom, are exalting themselves above God and opposing God.’
  • 31) ‘He recently talked with writer Constance C. R. White about the book and about being a Black man in a business that exalts White beauty and talent above all others.’
  • 32) ‘Moreover, the duty of free respect to others is really only a negative one (of not exalting oneself above others) and is thus analogous to the juridical duty of not encroaching on another's possessions.’
  • 33) ‘And it is also imperative to distinguish between patriotism, love of one's country, and nationalism - the exalting of one's nation and its culture and interests above all others.’
  • 34) ‘It is a very disturbing thing, but, in some countries, going to war exalts the status and political popularity of the incumbent leader.’
  • 35) ‘Whether exalting technology over people, or people over technology, we are not moving beyond the binaries that are currently limiting us.’
  • 36) ‘The Bible says in Proverbs 14: 34: ‘Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.’’
  • 37) ‘Behaviorism has long justified itself by a philosophy that exalts prediction and control over theoretical explanation.’
  • 38) ‘Often this is a love devoid of content, that exalts unity over truth to avoid confrontation.’
  • 39) ‘Truly God exalts the humble and cast down the proud.’
  • 40) ‘He has pulled the princes from their thrones and exalted the humble.’
  • 41) ‘Your highness, even with our humble spread, we cannot think to exalt ourselves and sit by your majesty.’
  • 42) ‘Sin always magnifies the wrong thing and tries to exalt what is insignificant.’
  • 43) ‘Isaiah 14 talks about Lucifer wanting to exalt his throne above the throne of God.’
  • 44) ‘God highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name which is above every name, that is, Lord.’
  • 45) ‘In the dictionary its meaning is given as lofty, elevated by joy, exalted in character; awakening or expressing an uplifting emotion, producing a sense of elevated beauty, nobility, grandeur, solemnity or awe.’
  • 46) ‘Southern newspapers were rife with editorials exalting Brooks as an honourable southern gentleman who acted appropriately in the defense of his family, home, and ultimately the southern way of life.’
  • 47) ‘It is designed to exalt Christ and glorify him in the minds and hearts of men and women, boys and girls.’

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