effectiveness vs efficiency

effectiveness efficiency


  • 1) The degree to which something is effective.
  • 2) The ability to be effective.
  • 3) The property of being effective
  • 4) The quality of being effective.


  • 1) A one-room apartment.
  • 2) The extent to which a resource, such as electricity, is used for the intended purpose; the ratio of useful work to energy expended.
  • 3) The extent to which time is well used for the intended task.
  • 4) dated The quality of producing an effect or effects.
  • 5) The ratio of the energy delivered by a machine to the energy supplied for its operation.
  • 6) The degree to which this quality is exercised.
  • 7) The quality or property of being efficient.
  • 8) The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system.
  • 9) the ratio of the output to the input of any system
  • 10) skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort
  • 11) Specifically— The state of being able or competent; the state of possessing or having acquired adequate knowledge or skill in any art, profession, or duty: as, by patient perseverance he has attained a high degree of efficiency.
  • 12) Angström's method. Another method of measuring the radiant efficiency of a source of light is due to Knut Ångström. An opaque screen is mounted in such a position as to cut off all rays lying beyond the red end of the visible spectrum, and the remaining radiation is assembled upon the face of a bolometer by means of a cylindrical lens. The ratio of this quantity to the total radiation, measured by the same instrument, gives the radiant efficiency of the source of light. The radiant efficiency of such sources of light as have been measured by the two methods thus described is given in the following table. The values obtained by the integration of the energy-curves and by Ångström's method are marked respectively L and A.
  • 13) The quality of being efficient; effectual agency; competent power; the quality or power of producing desired or intended effects.
  • 14) While other sources of light have not as yet been measured by these methods, their relative efficiencies are approximately known, and by comparison with the above data we know that the radiant efficiency of ordinary oil- and gas-flames is about .01, that of the glow-lamp from .01 to .03, and that of the electric arc from .04 to .08. Gross efficiency. The term efficiency is likewise used to express the ratio of the energy in light-giving form developed in unit time by a source to the energy of combustion of the fuel which it is necessary to consume in order to maintain the source during that time. The efficiency thus defined takes into account the total heat-losses in the production of light. In the case of the flames of candles and of oil-lamps the heat lost by convection and conduction is very large compared with the total radiation from the flame. In the case of gas-flames the heat of combustion of the coal necessary to produce the gas to maintain the flame, as compared with the luminous energy emitted by the flame, gives the gross efficiency. In computing the gross efficiency of electric lights the heat of combustion of the fuel used to generate the current supplied to the lamps or the equivalent amount of energy, whatever be its source, is to be taken. In the case of a steam-plant for electric lighting the losses by dissipation of heat in the boiler, engine, dynamo, and lead-wires, together with the loss by convection and conduction in the electric lamp itself, all enter into the computation of the gross efficiency. Whatever process for the production of light may be employed, the amount of energy dissipated for the purpose of obtaining luminous radiation is very great, and the gross efficiency of luminous flames used in lighting ranges from .001 to .002, while the gross efficiency of electric lamps under the best existing conditions for the production of power is little if any above these figures. Electric efficiency. It is convenient in the case of the electric light to express the efficiency in watts per candle—a method not comparable with the energy-ratio defined above, but useful for the comparison of the various types of lamp used in electric lighting. The electric efficiency of the ordinary lamp ranges between four watts per candle and three watts per candle, according to the temperature of the filament, that of the arc-light from two watts per candle to one watt per candle (mean spherical candle-power), while the efficiency of the Nernst lamp is intermediate between that of the arc and the glow-lamp.
  • 15) In mech., the ratio of the useful work performed by a prime motor to the energy expended. Synonyms Efficacy, etc. See effectiveness.


  • 1) This umbrella approach is highly effective for conserving the great complexity of the natural world.
  • 2) But it also offers an effective means of sharing positive messages.
  • 3) Its high turnover demands that robust, effective security controls are constantly maintained.
  • 4) Particularly effective is the sound design - the bellowing rumble from the alien ships chills the blood.
  • 5) It's a system very effective in limiting choices.
  • 6) This once great party continues to double up as a protest movement - and not a particularly effective one.
  • 7) There’s very little evidence that command and control is effective, or can avoid a massive inflation of cost.
  • 8) If that doesn't work, become more effective at applying for jobs.
  • 9) The results of effective training lead to improved job performance.
  • 10) To be an effective soldier requires control.
  • 11) To this end they make effective use of parables and stories.
  • 12) She suggested that fathers could be particularly effective in talking to their sons.
  • 13) They are expected to have to do this at night when the camera is less effective.
  • 14) This is why publishing more data would be an effective tool.
  • 15) This chapter looks at some safe and effective treatments for these conditions.
  • 16) We will also make the planning system more effective.
  • 17) All of these treatments can be highly effective.
  • 18) The real test will be whether it can take effective action in serious cases.
  • 19) We all need to help others to become effective adults.
  • 20) This one was particularly effective because the website looks so similar to the official site.
  • 21) They work to make the public sector more effective.
  • 22) To make the present business effective may require one specific course of action.
  • 23) Evidence has been growing that shows cash transfers to be an effective means of helping the poor.
  • 24) That we require far more effective control to be exerted over public spending is beyond doubt.
  • 25) It was particularly effective on the bikini line.
  • 26) The moratorium on commercial whaling is less and less effective each year.
  • 27) They are a very effective money laundering tool.
  • 28) The vast majority of patients receive safe and effective care.
  • 29) Yet height and niceness are by no means the most vital ingredients in an effective and productive boss.
  • 30) In fact some very effective speakers use a low volume when they want to emphasize a particular point.
  • 31) Everyone uses their imagination all the time, but not necessarily in particularly effective or productive ways.
  • 32) To meet this challenge, trainers will need to be very effective in the areas they choose to work in.
  • 33) I think that any small drop in effectiveness is more than countered by the benefits of open, realistic government.
  • 34) Research, such as that by William Sanders and Eric Hanushek, shows that teacher effectiveness is the most important in-school factor affecting student learning.
  • 35) But the key to their effectiveness is their rattle, and it's not just the noise, but also how it is made.
  • 36) We have used both of them before, and there doesn't seem to be any difference in effectiveness between those two brands.
  • 37) These resources, applied against the drug producers and distributors, could make a very important difference in effectiveness of efforts to curtail this illegal industry.
  • 38) The only way to do that with any cost effectiveness is to do the hard work required to bring the price of electricity down, so that people can go a few hundred miles (they will need a comparable distance) and plug it into their houses without breaking the bank at the end of the day.
  • 39) Nonetheless, conclusive evidence about a treatment's effectiveness is rarely found in a single study.
  • 40) And since the .270,. 30-06 and 7mag (usually Remington) are considered the Top 3 big game rounds, and are practically equal in effectiveness when it comes to whitetail/mule deer/caribou and even elk sized animals (with proper bullets), their shares of 12, 11 and 11% overall are close enough to be almost identical.
  • 41) ‘Such constraints restrict the effectiveness of all humanitarian interventions.’
  • 42) ‘Assessments of effectiveness would be done during the period and at the end of the phase.’
  • 43) ‘They have been put in place over centuries to protect the effectiveness of the fighting force.’
  • 44) ‘What it may lack in song structure it makes up for in real, tangible, effectiveness.’
  • 45) ‘He would argue that their effectiveness depends on the support of major powers.’


  • 1) Hospital efficiency and quality are largely determined by the quality of hospital management and organisation.
  • 2) Check door rope seals are airtight to maintain fuel efficiency.
  • 3) You will also receive energy efficiency advice that can help you to reduce your bills.
  • 4) Much depends on whether the government chooses to prioritise energy efficiency or cutting red tape.
  • 5) The site also explains where to make improvements in energy efficiency and how much they could save you on your bills.
  • 6) Bleed radiators to increase their efficiency.
  • 7) Their review process is based on a treatment's cost effectiveness and efficiency.
  • 8) It's about effectiveness and efficiency.
  • 9) Change your driving habits to optimise fuel efficiency as well, and you can make a tank of petrol go 30 per cent further.
  • 10) Other areas to watch out for include an increase in efficiency savings expected from government departments to 25 per cent from 20 per cent.
  • 11) Another threat to the electric vehicle is the advances in the efficiency of petrol engines.
  • 12) Some profitability or efficiency ratios can be linked in useful ways.
  • 13) It would have been cheaper to ignore energy efficiency.
  • 14) When the scrum was working at full efficiency they played their best rugby of the season.
  • 15) So one incremental increase to efficiency across the organisation can make a huge difference.
  • 16) It offsets the impact of growing fuel efficiency.
  • 17) There has been little intensification in the name of agricultural efficiency.
  • 18) Transfer of skills makes the jump from training efficiency to training effectiveness.
  • 19) These takeovers have little to do with relative efficiency or quality of management.
  • 20) It has features that improve energy efficiency.
  • 21) Managers in the efficiency organization must work closely with their counterparts in the exchange and emergence groups.
  • 22) It promotes the circulation and increases the efficiency of the lymph glands and ducts in the area.
  • 23) It found that a third of buyers said fuel efficiency was their main priority.
  • 24) The team approach may produce positive motivational effects as well as improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • 25) Improved productivity in healthcare is about improved quality and efficiency.
  • 26) But we also need to do more to deliver efficiencies and that work is already under way.
  • 27) Fuel efficiency is the only guaranteed way of averting higher prices.
  • 28) No one could question the effectiveness and efficiency of this charity.
  • 29) If they continue to improve quality and efficiency the future is bright.
  • 30) Polar bears and arctic warblers and whales live on the margin: they survive by energy efficiency.
  • 31) But because of what is happening with the volatility of oil prices, engine efficiency has become a critical issue.
  • 32) Some engines are turned on and off, with the cars coasting for as far as they can to increase fuel efficiency.
  • 33) Back then, mpg figures were worsening as demand for bigger vehicles and better safety technology piled on weight that overwhelmed any advances in engine efficiency.
  • 34) PER, see protein efficiency ratio.
  • 35) Mechanical efficiency cannot tell me whether the tons are worth the illnesses, because there is *no common metric of mechanical efficiency*.
  • 36) The announcement marks an exciting leap forward in efficiency for electric vehicles and working closely with their powertrain partner, Zytek Automotive, a brand new, innovative, lightweight and fully integrated electric motor, control system and battery will be designed to ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved.
  • 37) SunPower, probably the industry leader in efficiency, is about to release a model with 23 percent efficiency.
  • 38) Again efficiency is not the problem but I think that a government that did not fire rockets into Israel on a regular basis would be nice.
  • 39) The debate seems ridiculous because one can't define the term efficiency when looking at the aggregate because efficiency only matters on the individual level.
  • 40) First, by way of a parenthesis, I don't think my logic about the use of the term efficiency was circular, as my points were the differences between material efficiency (how efficiently the system works in terms of itself) and human efficiency (how efficiently it serves people).
  • 41) "First, by way of a parenthesis, I don't think my logic about the use of the term efficiency was circular, as my points were the differences between material efficiency (how efficiently the system works in terms of itself) and human efficiency (how efficiently it serves people)."
  • 42) As far as solar cookers are concerned, the term efficiency is not dealt with uniformly in professional circles.
  • 43) ‘Sri Lanka has identified health as an area where information technology should be used to boost efficiency and service quality.’
  • 44) ‘The nation's translation industry is often criticized for its poor quality and lack of efficiency.’
  • 45) ‘He spends most of his time assessing quality and efficiency at the plant.’
  • 46) ‘The harbor has been working to improve service quality and operational efficiency.’
  • 47) ‘For us, it is important to increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in budgeting.’
  • 48) ‘Increased productivity and efficiency in business today depend on the appliance of science.’
  • 49) ‘As the amount of glass used in a house increases, the energy efficiency usually decreases.’
  • 50) ‘Too much pressure is detrimental to our effectiveness, productivity and efficiency.’
  • 51) ‘They are clamouring for ways to increase efficiency without taking any risks with the quality of the food.’
  • 52) ‘As a consequence, the Senate began to act with new efficiency and effectiveness.’
  • 53) ‘The recuperator recovers energy from the exhaust gases to increase fuel efficiency.’
  • 54) ‘Like any factory if the working environment isn't ideal productivity and efficiency will suffer.’
  • 55) ‘The regulator also said the company needed to focus on improving efficiency and quality of its service.’
  • 56) ‘The plan mostly includes the increase of energy efficiency and cuts in the amount of energy we use.’
  • 57) ‘Many options that improve energy efficiency are available.’
  • 58) ‘The announcement, accompanied by proposals to achieve greater energy efficiency, has delighted environmental campaigners.’
  • 59) ‘The initial goal of the reformers was to achieve greater economic efficiency through the rapid privatization of all state-owned assets.’
  • 60) ‘We will also try to boost operational efficiency to offset a possible decline in our profitability.’
  • 61) ‘There is no guarantee that financial liberalization will enhance economic efficiency, nor that privatization will guarantee competition.’
  • 62) ‘Many laboratories have been quite successful in examining the efficiency of their operations.’
  • 63) ‘Some projects which were funded simply achieved budgetary efficiencies, he said, and did not require as much money as had been first thought.’
  • 64) ‘Mr Prendergast said a constant and ongoing review is in place at Lakeland to identify where further operating efficiencies can be achieved.’
  • 65) ‘Environmental management can achieve efficiencies in how we operate at a business level, with resulting bottom line benefits.’
  • 66) ‘It also pledged an extra 1.5% in both years if the company met targets on punctuality and achieved cost efficiencies.’
  • 67) ‘Scottish Water has begun making some of the tough decisions to achieve the efficiencies the Water Industry Commissioner requested.’
  • 68) ‘Dr O'Donovan said he feared that the scale of cuts proposed could not be achieved through efficiencies and financial juggling alone.’
  • 69) ‘In terms of the market, the company and its growers must look to all their operations to achieve further efficiencies.’
  • 70) ‘Achieving greater operating efficiencies is one way to counteract this problem.’
  • 71) ‘With costs of production increasing and pressure on milk prices, improving efficiencies and controlling costs are all important.’
  • 72) ‘When mergers do occur, rationalization of assets based on your plan of action is a key step in achieving overall efficiencies.’
  • 73) ‘The government and business must press ahead with full-scale corporate restructuring if greater efficiencies are to be achieved.’
  • 74) ‘What's more, an operation will see the elimination of waste because of the efficiencies achieved.’
  • 75) ‘The more we rely on markets to achieve efficiencies, the more we need transparent reporting.’
  • 76) ‘The group has changed its name in an effort to boost business by improving services and increasing operational efficiencies.’
  • 77) ‘Hargreaves says there are new ways of delivering water and sewerage services to increase efficiencies.’
  • 78) ‘He said it would further the rationalisation of the dairy processing industry in Ireland and lead to cost savings through greater efficiencies.’
  • 79) ‘It has continued its growth, improved its efficiencies, struck huge outsourcing deals and kept its place around the top of the corporate finance league tables.’
  • 80) ‘Farmers will play their part and continue improving their efficiencies, and grow their enterprise to the extent that they can.’
  • 81) ‘He remains committed to improving efficiencies to deliver strong profit growth.’
  • 82) ‘The following day's headlines focused on McConnell's comments on achieving greater efficiencies in the public sector.’
  • 83) ‘They emit no pollutants and have impressive energy efficiencies.’
  • 84) ‘Chiller energy efficiencies have steadily climbed over the past years.’
  • 85) ‘They appeal because of the very high energy efficiencies they offer and the lack of environmental impact.’
  • 86) ‘Compare the energy efficiencies and operating costs of competing models.’
  • 87) ‘It is true that the fuel cells themselves have very low emissions and efficiencies up to 55 percent.’

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