burned vs burnt

burned burnt


  • 1) Past participle of burn
  • 2) Simple past of burn.
  • 3) See burnt.
  • 4) obsolete Burnished.


  • 1) destroyed or badly damaged by fire
  • 2) ruined by overcooking
  • 3) treated by heating to a high temperature but below the melting or fusing point
  • 4) Simple past tense and past participle of burn.
  • 5) Consumed or scorched by fire.
  • 6) Crumbly, and partly or entirely unweldable, from having been raised to too high a temperature in contact with the air: said of iron and steel. The nature of the change which the metal undergoes is not yet clearly understood.
  • 7) Consumed with, or as with, fire; scorched or dried, as with fire or heat; baked or hardened in the fire or the sun.
  • 8) a black, powdery fungus which destroys grain. See Smut.
  • 9) something offered and burnt on an altar, as an atonement for sin; a sacrifice. The offerings of the Jews were a clean animal, as an ox, a calf, a goat, or a sheep; or some vegetable substance, as bread, or ears of wheat or barley. Called also burnt sacrifice.


  • 1) Ted was biting his lip and pushing aside a piece of the burned stuff on his plate.
  • 2) He was killed a few days later in Derbyshire when his van hit a petrol tanker and he was burned to death.
  • 3) For me to be near him was like holding a previously burned hand near a.
  • 4) “Very well,” I said, rubbing the word burned onto my wrist.
  • 5) I remembered the word burned into that heart at Fountain Square.
  • 6) The word burned his mouth, but Vionne could think of no other.
  • 7) “Akrep,” spat the Aga Khan, as if the name burned in his mouth.
  • 8) He had decided, the phrase burned with the implication that she had no say in the matter.
  • 9) ‘The bread is burned; Paul hides the burned bread from his mother and continues giving Miriam her French lesson.’
  • 10) ‘When you have burned them well, cut off the burned skin together with the spines, and all the meat remains.’
  • 11) ‘His project was a burned pound cake, but it looked burnt and the lemon topping was watered down.’
  • 12) ‘One section of palisade was burned, and within the burned remains were numerous flint arrowheads, possibly used as ‘fire arrows’.’
  • 13) ‘His skin blackens until it begins to feel away, turning to dust, leaving just the burned black bone underneath, the inverted pentagram burning red on the skull.’
  • 14) ‘We had some burned victims pass us, but it was calm.’
  • 15) ‘There were survivors with burned skin hanging from their bodies.’
  • 16) ‘You don't want a lumpy, starchy gravy or a burned roux.’
  • 17) ‘And burned lips turn to sandpaper or, worse, can produce blisters.’
  • 18) ‘The burned and charred hulks, lined up on a rear lot at the San Gabriel Valley dealership, looked like they'd been flown out of Mogadishu.’
  • 19) ‘He makes versions of famous images out of any material at home: cracked porcelain, burned wood scraps, chunks of old books.’
  • 20) ‘Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just recently toured the devastation, toured the burned areas by helicopter.’
  • 21) ‘I scrape the burned part into the sink and eat the rest, buttered.’
  • 22) ‘He was the burned guy, the mangled guy - that didn't look anything like him!’
  • 23) ‘Streets are still littered with the blackened hulls of burned cars.’
  • 24) ‘The concession stand sat at the back of the lobby and if some new kid happened to be on duty, the place probably smelled of burned popcorn.’
  • 25) ‘The evidence of God's wrath was the blocks upon blocks of burned buildings we supposedly brought on ourselves.’
  • 26) ‘Earl Hecker sat outside the room where nurses were applying white antimicrobial cream to burned soldiers.’
  • 27) ‘At the site of one ambush there was a festive air as a large group of boys banged away at the burned carcass of an abandoned U.S. vehicle.’
  • 28) ‘Too much heat means the skins at the bottom of the still will start to burn and your entire batch will be marred by the burned flavors.’
  • 29) ‘I am not the cook Grandma was and I’ve had to save quite a few meals using Grandma’s tip to get the burned taste out of food.’
  • 30) ‘Too often the exterior of an encrusted entrée gets a tad scorched in the pan, lending a burned taste to an otherwise fine piece of fish or fowl.’
  • 31) ‘Caramel usually is more or less burned sugar, so what is burnt caramel like?’
  • 32) ‘This great burnt sugar icing recipe is from my husband's grandmother.’
  • 33) ‘Cook until the burnt sugar mixes in with the cream and sugar and pour into a saucepan.’
  • 34) ‘Burnt orange and white are the official colors of the university.’
  • 35) ‘This rustic looking candleholder is finished in hues of red, green, brown and burnt yellow on glass with a rust brown metal base.’
  • 36) ‘Cottons are used such as Turkey red and Balkan blue and Mandarin yellow, with a good deal of burned orange and black.’


  • 1) Key colours are brown and grey with splashes of burnt orange.
  • 2) For a less conventional colour scheme, she suggests focusing on subtle autumn hues such as plum or burnt orange, with flecks of gold.
  • 3) YOU would have to eat 320 slices of burnt toast a day to make any significant increase to your cancer risk, an expert claims.
  • 4) We were visiting homes and hospitals to see football fans who had been badly burnt.
  • 5) You do not want a burnt offering.
  • 6) The figures burnt bright green on the thermal footage that was beamed to the advancing forces.
  • 7) What does a farmer with burnt fingers do?
  • 8) One of his simplest recipes is for burnt oranges with a sugar and rosemary crust.
  • 9) To us it smells like burnt chilli and it is slightly unusual.
  • 10) This was not the first time publishers had had their fingers burnt.
  • 11) The wind carried the sickly smell of burnt flesh and the chemical smell of the fires.
  • 12) Nor is there any point in throwing serious money at this kind of burnt offering.
  • 13) burnt toast has a bitter taste and a preference for such a flavour has been linked to being judgmental.
  • 14) Firefighters found the burnt body of a third woman when they were called to an apartment building ten miles to the south.
  • 15) One piece of toast that I burnt.
  • 16) There was a pervasive smell in the gallery, of wood polish, burnt toast and lingering coffee fumes.
  • 17) Once a week my friends and I would strip off layers of burnt skin and weigh them to see who shed the most.
  • 18) With those 'records of the past,' which my old friend Stillinghast ought to have _eaten_ up years ago, you have burnt up legacies to orphans, benefactions to widows, and many noble charities with it -- _if it was burnt_, "added Mr. Fielding.
  • 19) We wouldn't ever use the term burnt but we have, as I mentioned, investments and receivables in increase there of about $8 million in this first quarter as our sales have gone up to $75 million from I think about $65 or $66 million in the fourth quarter of '08.

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