altogether vs all together

altogether all together


  • 1) A state of nudity. Often used with the:
  • 2) informal nakedness; -- used mostly in the phrase “in the altogether”.
  • 3) On the whole; with everything considered.
  • 4) Without exception; wholly; completely.
  • 5) With all included or counted; all told.
  • 6) Entirely; completely; utterly.
  • 7) obsolete All together; conjointly.
  • 8) Wholly; entirely; completely; quite.


  • 1) Last year was a different story altogether.
  • 2) Something altogether gentler and subtler at the end would have better maintained the otherwise painstakingly woven spell.
  • 3) Or did you see and project something else altogether?
  • 4) But this is something different altogether.
  • 5) They'll either miss their fit altogether or go overboard.
  • 6) After years spent as frontbench attack dog, he is relishing his transition into something altogether more fabulous.
  • 7) While information is potentially easy to manage using IT systems, knowledge is a different matter altogether.
  • 8) The second could be a different matter altogether.
  • 9) He bade me retire altogether from business and take care of myself.
  • 10) Yet there is another cause that is altogether less welcome.
  • 11) The sonic landscape had changed to something altogether harsher and more real.
  • 12) Which was quite a sweet way of entirely missing the point altogether.
  • 13) This is followed by a period of considerable improvement often with symptoms disappearing altogether.
  • 14) On a different scale altogether was what the government was doing.
  • 15) At times this season there was a very real threat they would go out of business altogether.
  • 16) But there is another issue that is altogether less clear.
  • 17) He reckons that something altogether more sinister can be going on.
  • 18) altogether he missed four flights home with his family.
  • 19) The harvesting of ice did not disappear altogether.
  • 20) But the list sends a different message altogether.
  • 21) But the atmosphere is altogether different and less menacing.
  • 22) He could do something altogether more familiar.
  • 23) Perhaps branches will disappear altogether as younger generations who are completely comfortable with online banking abandon them.
  • 24) And it will vanish altogether in less than three decades.
  • 25) But it should stage something altogether bigger.
  • 26) It will improve or disappear altogether when you are through withdrawal.
  • 27) That would not just raise costs, it would halt the conduct of business altogether.
  • 28) Now it's become known for something altogether different.
  • 29) Some European countries said that they were getting out of the nuclear business altogether.
  • 30) Spring had better get a move on or it'll miss the boat altogether.
  • 31) Back at the forum, happiness was being scrutinised from an altogether different angle.
  • 32) Locke, in particular, ruined the term altogether in English philosophical literature, where it has ceased to possess any recognized definite meaning.
  • 33) I'm blessed if I can make it out -- he's dropped the title altogether, and now calls himself _Mister_ -- I've forgotten for the moment the rest of it, but it is an English name.
  • 34) It may be affirmed that the writers of the age of Louis XIV would not have used these expressions: they would never have thought of using the word "equality" without applying it to some particular object; and they would rather have renounced the term altogether than have consented to make a living personage of it.
  • 35) Shrinking from the term altogether is not what our educational system should be doing.
  • 36) Asthma is unlikely to be a single disease, so we should abolish the term altogether, states an Edito ...
  • 37) So erase those, and keep your eye out for another label altogether, one that we can put just a touch more trust into.
  • 38) ‘And then there's the question of adjusting for inflation which I am not altogether sure how to go about.’
  • 39) ‘Cllr Brian Stanley said that he was not altogether sure that all the blame lay on her shoulders.’
  • 40) ‘In fact, I am not altogether sure that there is much truth at all going around Camps Bay these days.’
  • 41) ‘I don't think he and my Dad got on all that well, but I'm not altogether sure.’
  • 42) ‘Though I am not sure Mr Blahnik altogether approves of that kind of informality.’
  • 43) ‘I should do like certain bloggers I have seen and stop altogether but I'm not sure I could.’
  • 44) ‘The Tory party, of course, have moaned about the expense and hinted that they might abolish Sure Start altogether.’
  • 45) ‘I therefore felt somewhat of a hypercrit to be making vows in God's house when I'm not altogether sure of my beliefs.’
  • 46) ‘Having read this book, I was not altogether sure which age group the author had in mind.’
  • 47) ‘If we stop stigmatising suicide altogether, where will we end up?’
  • 48) ‘My barber said I should scratch my head vigorously every now and then and stop using shampoo altogether.’
  • 49) ‘In fact maybe you should stop them watching TV altogether and make them get up from that playstation.’
  • 50) ‘I can even handle it if you stop coming here altogether - and believe me, I couldn't always have said that.’
  • 51) ‘I'm not at the point where I'm a danger to other road users, if I were I would stop night driving altogether.’
  • 52) ‘In future, councils will be given the option of reducing the level of the discount - or stopping it altogether.’
  • 53) ‘And it's also at about this time that I wonder whether to stop watching the news altogether.’
  • 54) ‘But the idea that the danger is so great that it should stop us swimming altogether is preposterous.’
  • 55) ‘Airline executives had warned that a change in insurance cover might force them to stop flying altogether.’
  • 56) ‘After a while, I stop listening altogether, and go into nodding and smiling autopilot mode.’
  • 57) ‘Maybe it is about time that smoking at the staff entrance was stopped altogether.’
  • 58) ‘Interestingly, and perhaps not altogether surprisingly, not everyone has the same appetite for risk.’
  • 59) ‘We were ten altogether.’
  • 60) ‘How many people altogether work in the same organization?’
  • 61) ‘altogether 100 papers were found using the reported search, of which four presented the best evidence to answer the clinical question.’
  • 62) ‘So altogether it would take at least two years if everything went well, it would take at least two years to get out of this life.’
  • 63) ‘He does the game completion stats for us as well, and altogether it can be quite time-consuming so he does a good job.’
  • 64) ‘altogether it wasn’t the most successful show for us.’
  • 65) ‘altogether it's one of my absolute favorite movies of all time.’

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