criticise vs criticize

criticise criticize


  • 1) To evaluate (something), and judge its merits and faults
  • 2) To find fault (with something)
  • 3) To act as a critic; to pass literary or artistic judgment; to play the critic; -- formerly used with on or upon.
  • 4) To discuss the merits or demerits of a thing or person; esp., to find fault.
  • 5) To examine and judge as a critic; to pass literary or artistic judgment upon.
  • 6) To express one's views as to the merit or demerit of; esp., to animadvert upon; to find fault with.


  • 1) to evaluate (something), and judge its merits and faults
  • 2) to find fault (with something)
  • 3) act as a critic
  • 4) To animadvert; express opinions as to particular points: followed by on.
  • 5) Specifically To censure; judge with severity; point out defects or faults in.
  • 6) To act as a critic; judge of anything critically; utter or write critical opinions.
  • 7) To examine or judge critically; utter or write criticisms upon; pass judgment upon with respect to merit or demerit; animadvert upon; discover and weigh the faults and merits of: as, to criticize a painting; to criticize a poem; to criticize conduct.
  • 8) To find fault with.
  • 9) To judge the merits and faults of; analyze and evaluate.
  • 10) To act as a critic.
  • 11) same as criticise.


  • 1) `I do not wish to deal with specifics, and I do not wish to criticise the here and now.
  • 2) How easy it is to criticise others for the faults one cannot acknowledge in oneself!
  • 3) The one thing about the woman that I can find to criticise is that she went anywhere near a football player. any code, any country.
  • 4) And the only country we ever criticise is you-know-who.
  • 5) It was a game of good quality and there is no doubt that the persistent Arsenal knockers will once again criticise the result rather than look at the quality of the performance.
  • 6) His introduction of "fair use" considerations in connection with the right to criticise is a complete distration.
  • 7) Visitors from industry will once again criticise the sheer numbers of graduates there and question the thinking behind such oversupply - the vast majority won't get jobs as designers and will be justifiably upset when the truth sinks in.
  • 8) So to criticise is not my intention, but merely to draw your attention to Meredith's comprehension of the intuitions, idiosyncrasies and sensibilities of women, and to his knowledge of the difficulties of their environment, which stand between them and their perfect development.
  • 9) What that guy doesn't know he just makes upDoes anyone remember the serious attempt in the 80s to make it a criminal offence to lampoon a politician, is it going to make a reappearance with the word criticise replacing lampoonInvestigative journalism or not, it was still worth publishing.
  • 10) f We should have greater unity in civic action/On behalf of those who work for the city and perhaps sometimes make mistakes let me say quite frankly admit that the position of those of us who stand aside and criticise is not a logical position.
  • 11) Understand what you 'criticise' first before asking such questions or you'll just sound like a fool.


  • 1) Memoirs are often criticized for being excessively exhibitionist and insufficiently insightful.
  • 2) At the same time he is often criticized for undermining his creative gifts through political posturing.
  • 3) It is also criticized for its inability to react swiftly to transitory opportunities and to sponsor unconventional programs.
  • 4) The Act has been widely criticized on a number of grounds.
  • 5) Those who try to get patients to understand how their own actions have contributed to illness are often criticized for "blaming the victim.
  • 6) Isn't it also interesting that these same pastors often criticize their own predecessors for behaving in a similar manner?
  • 7) He also criticized racial theories.
  • 8) It is often criticized for its aggressive behaviour towards visitors, and male dogs can get out of hand if not strictly controlled.
  • 9) They would also criticize a lot, and it was especially those who were a bit shy who had to bear the brunt.
  • 10) Republicans, by taking the House, are going to be forced into "having a dog in the fight" instead of being able to merely criticize from the sidelines as the "Party of 'No,'" because they're going to be the ones to produce legislation and budgets, instead of having the luxury of just opposing everything the other party comes up with.
  • 11) Boy, the ridiculous right is like a spoiled four year old: never happy, refusing to agree with anything because its far more easy to be a coward and criticize from the sidelines.
  • 12) A party that has zero solutions and can only criticize is destined for failure.
  • 13) They have become so paralyzed as a Party all they can do is criticize from the sidelines.
  • 14) What I criticize is the "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrisy that characterizes liberal approaches to education.
  • 15) It's the only thing anyone can grab onto and criticize from a very qualified individual. look at the rest of her judicial record. you may not agree with some of her decisions, but that doenst make her unqualified to be a supreme court justice.
  • 16) ‘During his latter Presidency he was criticized for spending too much time golfing and trout fishing.’
  • 17) ‘However, the Singapore press is criticized for its coverage of local politics.’
  • 18) ‘The trial judge was criticized for not giving more weight to oral testimony.’
  • 19) ‘It will be inevitable that they are severely criticized for betraying their country.’
  • 20) ‘It sounds to me like you think you are all high and mighty and anybody that knocks you down a peg is criticized for it.’
  • 21) ‘The few congressional dissenters at the time were criticized for lack of patriotism.’
  • 22) ‘We were criticized for taking what was deemed to be an unduly apocalyptic view of the industry.’
  • 23) ‘The agency was criticized for its slow reaction to the launch last month.’
  • 24) ‘Advocates of the views are often criticized for leaving use vague.’
  • 25) ‘The developer is criticized for relying on a private company for some of the supply.’
  • 26) ‘Suffering from poor health, he was also criticized for poor generalship by fellow-officers.’
  • 27) ‘The trait he was criticized for most is now the one that earns him the greatest praise.’
  • 28) ‘It seems to me that philosophers are often criticized for always demanding rational explanations.’
  • 29) ‘Such policies are frequently criticized for being unnecessarily confrontational.’
  • 30) ‘She is often criticized for not caring enough, or showing that she does enough.’
  • 31) ‘The deal was criticized for not doing enough to promote third world development.’
  • 32) ‘You shouldn't just focus on the faults or difficulties and criticize the country.’
  • 33) ‘The opposition is criticizing the handouts while not promising to reverse them.’
  • 34) ‘They build a player up, knock him down and then start criticising personalities.’
  • 35) ‘Many people cowered from criticising him, not least because of his readiness to confront his critics in the libel courts.’
  • 36) ‘In his later school years his close friends were a group of boys who met on a regular basis to exchange and criticize each other's literary work.’
  • 37) ‘In addition, both writers were admired and criticized by artistic women of the day.’
  • 38) ‘But, criticizing Tolstoy, some theorists point out that an artist need not have the feeling in question in order to express it.’

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