competence vs competency

competence competency


  • 1) A sustainable income.
  • 2) countable The quality or state of being able or suitable for a particular task; the quality or state of being competent for a particular task.
  • 3) countable In law, the legal authority to deal with a matter.
  • 4) uncountable The quality or state of being competent, i.e. able or suitable for a general role.
  • 5) Law The quality or condition of being legally qualified or fit to perform an act.
  • 6) A range of skill or ability.
  • 7) Linguistics The knowledge that enables one to speak and understand a language.
  • 8) Sufficient means for a comfortable existence.
  • 9) Medicine The ability to respond immunologically to bacteria, viruses, or other antigenic agents.
  • 10) Microbiology The ability of bacteria to be genetically transformable.
  • 11) The ability to do something well or efficiently.
  • 12) A specific ability or skill.
  • 13) Right or authority; legal power or capacity to take cognizance of a cause.
  • 14) The state of being competent; fitness; ability; adequacy; power.
  • 15) Legal capacity or qualifications; fitness.
  • 16) the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually, especially possession of the skill and knowledge required (for a task).
  • 17) Property or means sufficient for the necessaries and conveniences of life; sufficiency without excess.
  • 18) The state of being competent; fitness; suitableness; adequateness: as, there is no doubt of his competence for the task.
  • 19) In physical geography, the ability of a stream to transport the amount of land waste that is brought into it.
  • 20) Sufficiency; such a quantity as is sufficient; especially, property, means of subsistence, or income sufficient to furnish the necessaries and conveniences of life, without superfluity.
  • 21) Legal right or authority; power or capacity to take cognizance of a cause: as, the competency of a judge or court to examine and decide.
  • 22) Adequate authority or qualification; range of capacity or ability; the sphere of action or judgment within which one is competent.
  • 23) In the law of evidence: Legal capacity or fitness to be heard in court, as distinguished from credibility or sufficiency, because the question whether the evidence shall be heard is usually determined before considering its weight.


  • 1) linguistics implicit knowledge of a language’s structure.
  • 2) law Meeting specified qualifications to perform.
  • 3) obsolete A sustainable income
  • 4) The ability to perform some task; competence.
  • 5) obsolete A sufficient supply (of).
  • 6) A skill or ability.
  • 7) Competence.
  • 8) the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually


  • 1) It is one that has to convince voters of its competence and ability to deliver.
  • 2) Its second task is to exercise its competence in areas which are not specifically forbidden by law.
  • 3) Technical or retail competence can be brought in to shore up a new head of online.
  • 4) Have we left the age of excellence and moved on to the age of high competence?
  • 5) The second thing is that your party needs a lead on economic competence.
  • 6) They are the victims of a failure in both competence and integrity by their own political class.
  • 7) But the economic competence problem remained unresolved.
  • 8) Coaching often produces high competence, but real brilliance tends to depend on intuitive learning.
  • 9) The two episodes raise questions about both his integrity and his competence, according to critics.
  • 10) The Tories have gained ground on economic competence.
  • 11) The focus was on economic competence and middle-class tax cuts.
  • 12) The code will cover both technical competence and behaviour in the workplace, including treating patients with dignity.
  • 13) I want them to be men and women of competence and integrity.
  • 14) Can there be any clearer measure of the present administration's grasp of the concepts of competence and integrity in office?
  • 15) The third area of competence I look for is wisdom and discernment.
  • 16) Three things: technical competence (can they actually do the job?
  • 17) It will assure... competence in the area you're most concerned with.
  • 18) PUBLIC servants seeking management consultants to improve and transform our public services typically base their choice of consultancy on an assessment of capability and technical competence.
  • 19) Otherwise it will lack competence, ability, and strength in the areas in which it needs them the most.
  • 20) This would suggest that competence in technical skills, while an important ingredient of the bureaucratic role, is not essential to it.
  • 21) Of course apes do not have the full language competence of humans, she notes, but it is absurd to think they would.
  • 22) A competence in foreign languages is, therefore, helpful but hardly vital.
  • 23) Firstly, David Griffiths of University of Bolton talked about conflicting definitions of the term competence in formal learning and lifelong learning context.
  • 24) In one of these he said: I have always, as you know looked forward to the ministry, and to such a kind of ministry as you have in America, where a man, for the most part, speaks to cultivated, instructed people, living in a healthy state of society, where a competence is the rule, and where there is a practical equality.
  • 25) Recovering a reputation for economic competence is key.
  • 26) I think that people are setting the bar so low in politics that basic competence is being touted as amazing … .. he left the country marginally better than he took it … .. not much more.
  • 27) Whether we have the qualifications and relevant information to judge that competence is another matter.
  • 28) Amelie, competence is definitely the most important characterstic of a doctor!
  • 29) OF COURSE the union opposes bonuses for the best teachers – the purpose of unions is to remove competence from the equation.
  • 30) Chris launched them, but the charm of Billie and David's competence is what kept the show alive after Chris left.
  • 31) ‘Some employees are enthusiastic about their supervisor's competence and skills.’
  • 32) ‘She had many friends and related openly and well to me, implying skills in social competence.’
  • 33) ‘In our experience, the competence and skills of traditional birth attendants may vary widely across settings.’
  • 34) ‘Although it took time for their concerns to be heard, they consistently voiced their concerns about the surgeon's competence and skill level.’
  • 35) ‘Knowledge, awareness and sensitivity become important elements in developing the skills of cultural competence.’
  • 36) ‘A further controversial point was the competence and skill available to the different types of audit organizations.’
  • 37) ‘A similar pattern of results was found across the measurement domains of child behavior, parenting skills and competence, and relationship adjustment.’
  • 38) ‘It is hardly surprising that faculty members have taken to heart offensive comments about their professional competence, teaching skills, or personal lives.’
  • 39) ‘Increasing job seekers' competence in basic skills and unskilled labor may have positive results for transitioning welfare recipients into the workforce.’
  • 40) ‘Their demonstrated skills and competence are envied by other servicemembers.’
  • 41) ‘The learners must demonstrate competence in all technical skills by performing the tasks.’
  • 42) ‘A court's competence to grant an anti-suit injunction seems to derive from its jurisdiction to adjudicate.’
  • 43) ‘But the courts have no competence to nullify, repeal or amend the legislation in question.’
  • 44) ‘The Assembly is given competence to exercise legislative authority in respect of those matters falling under the responsibility of the six Northern Ireland Government Departments.’
  • 45) ‘They were concerned more with the manner in which the court should exercise its jurisdiction than with its competence to entertain the motion before it.’
  • 46) ‘Recently, some of the first cases involving a breach by Member States in the sphere of the Community's external competence reached the Court.’
  • 47) ‘There is no doubt that the court, not the arbitral tribunal, has the competence to determine the court's own jurisdiction in respect of the action that is brought before it.’
  • 48) ‘Appeal to a Court whose competence is extra-European does not contribute to the progressive formation of European unity.’
  • 49) ‘Reports are also filed by specialized agencies with competence in relevant matters.’
  • 50) ‘The Court further agreed with the Commission that the primary purpose of the requirement that trade between Member States be affected was to allow for jurisdictional competence to be determined.’
  • 51) ‘He began by trying to identify the pith and substance of the Safe Streets Act in order to determine if, at least facially, it dealt with matters within provincial legislative competence.’
  • 52) ‘He claimed that the International Court of Justice in The Hague is the only body with the authority and competence to hear arguments concerning the war's legality.’
  • 53) ‘However, whether a court with competence should actually vary a foreign trust raises a question governed by the applicable law of the trust.’
  • 54) ‘In my submission, the extraterritorial legislative competence does not depend on how another State has dealt with the subject matter.’
  • 55) ‘I refer, also, to the powers of general competence of local authorities.’
  • 56) ‘The Commission's role relates only to its legal powers and competence.’
  • 57) ‘In every case when establishing the territorial competence of any given Italian Court, there is implied acceptance of the fact that the specific Court also has Italian jurisdiction.’
  • 58) ‘Finally, a ‘Sea-bed Disputes Chamber’ of the Law of the Sea Tribunal has competence over disputes concerning seabed operations and the ISBA.’
  • 59) ‘Unsurprisingly, provinces can't legislate on matters of federal competence and nor can Parliament legislate on matters of provincial competence.’
  • 60) ‘The legislation containing a ban will be on public health grounds, a policy area within the competence of the Scottish parliament.’
  • 61) ‘Privatisation of municipal enterprises falls within the competence of the municipal councils.’
  • 62) ‘Most testing instruments rely on the assumption that it is possible to separate analytically different aspects of language competence without reference to the context of use.’
  • 63) ‘When assessments are aligned with a prescriptivist view of language ability, many proficient or competent speakers of the language will not fare well on the test for reasons unrelated to language competence.’
  • 64) ‘Communicative competence is a theory of the nature of such knowledge and proficiency.’
  • 65) ‘The current interest in the development of communicative competence has led attention to the social uses of language in second language teaching and research.’
  • 66) ‘This internal representation is their interlanguage competence.’
  • 67) ‘Circumstances that upset the balance of immunologic competence, such as stress, can impair the local inflammatory response.’
  • 68) ‘In the bacteria Haemophilus influenza and Bacillus subtilis, starvation has been shown to increase competence for DNA uptake.’
  • 69) ‘Alterations in a normal response to inflammatory challenge may impact immune competence and overall animal performance.’
  • 70) ‘Second, immune system competence is improved by removal of the large tumor mass.’
  • 71) ‘This shows that none of the genes absent from B. subtilis 6 is required for competence development.’


  • 1) Mental strength was as important as physical competency.
  • 2) You look at skills and competencies rather than anything else.
  • 3) Efficiency dips and we begin to doubt our skill and competency.
  • 4) Our brains really have only a small suite of core competencies.
  • 5) We need to ensure that the board retains a strong association with the membership but also meets the test of competency.
  • 6) The board and management need to pay particular attention when a company reaches a transformation point when new skills and competencies are required.
  • 7) For example, it runs a joint skills and competency management and trade union working group.
  • 8) It's about building a club that is a successful business whose core competency is football.
  • 9) If making an impact is a core competency, their visit turns out to be a triumph.
  • 10) He's taken us back to our core competency.
  • 11) Core competency: the opposite of core mediocrity.
  • 12) These help individuals to cope with change and to broaden their skills base, usually within a range of defined competencies.
  • 13) What are our core competencies?
  • 14) Senior managers must identify and retain key skills and core competencies in their in-house teams if they want to benefit from the relationship with their outsourcing supplier.
  • 15) Audit skills and competencies To do this, you need to do an inventory of your skills and competencies.
  • 16) At least you will be exposing the new team members to one another where they will learn about each other's competencies, skills and personalities.
  • 17) Even Facebook's attempt to compete with Foursquare appears to be off to a slow start, and Facebook's core competency is a lot closer to Foursquare's than Google's is.
  • 18) Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist, recently wrote that America's core competency is its ability to attract, develop and unleash creative talent.
  • 19) Language competency is the direct result of our ability to make correct inferences – to fill in the gaps left by writers and speakers.
  • 20) They both use technology extensively, but their core competency is producing content to attract an audience and then selling display ads against that audience.

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