homogeneous vs homogenous

homogeneous homogenous


  • 1) Having the same composition throughout; of uniform make-up.
  • 2) mathematics Of which the properties of a smaller set apply to the whole; scalable.
  • 3) chemistry in the same state of matter.
  • 4) Of the same kind; alike, similar.
  • 5) Of the same or similar nature or kind.
  • 6) Mathematics Consisting of terms of the same degree or elements of the same dimension.
  • 7) Consisting of parts that are the same; uniform in structure or composition:
  • 8) Of the same kind of nature; consisting of similar parts, or of elements of the like nature; -- opposed to heterogeneous
  • 9) (Alg.) Possessing the same number of factors of a given kind.
  • 10) Having parts of only one kind; composed of similar parts or congruous elements. See heterogeneous.
  • 11) Of the same kind; essentially like; of the same nature: said especially of parts of one whole: opposed to heterogeneous.


  • 1) proscribed Alternative form of homogeneous.
  • 2) biology Having the same genetic structure; exhibiting homogeny
  • 3) (Biol.) Having a resemblance in structure, due to descent from a common progenitor with subsequent modification; homogenetic; -- applied both to animals and plants. See homoplastic.
  • 4) all of the same or similar kind or nature
  • 5) Having the same origin; derived from the same source; homogenetic: distinguished from homoplastic.


  • 1) Yet young people are obviously not a homogeneous group.
  • 2) We prefer working and socialising with a homogeneous group.
  • 3) It holds a homogeneous group of "prisoners".
  • 4) He also presents each group as unduly homogeneous.
  • 5) But women today are not so homogeneous a group.
  • 6) An industrial society features a single homogeneous culture common to the entire population.
  • 7) Firms in a perfectly competitive industry sell homogeneous products and are price takers.
  • 8) It has been a common error to view prisoners as a homogeneous group with a set of common values.
  • 9) Our groups are not homogeneous units.
  • 10) They say it's wrong for the judiciary to be drawn from a narrow and homogeneous group.
  • 11) Thus, the homogeneous product is the set of all products that are perfect substitutes.
  • 12) The Africans were not a homogeneous group either, but themselves varied in beliefs and in their roles in society.
  • 13) Furthermore, individual workers within any occupational group are not homogeneous units, requiring employers to assess the relative skills and capabilities of individual workers in recruiting labour.
  • 14) ‘This notion of difference focuses on women as homogeneous; as though they all are alike, and different from men in the same way.’
  • 15) ‘However, these results were based on a sample of university men who were fairly homogeneous in age, sexual experience, and frequency of intercourse.’
  • 16) ‘The study shows that property taxes are most regressive in municipalities where homeowner incomes vary widely but property values are relatively homogeneous.’
  • 17) ‘The Kurds are more homogeneous than Iraqis as a whole, and yet even in the Kurdish areas, for about four years, there was essentially civil war.’
  • 18) ‘The risk is not a society of beautiful but homogeneous mannequins.’
  • 19) ‘More products are becoming homogeneous commodities for which uniformity of size, quality and taste is absolutely essential.’
  • 20) ‘The sample used in the study was relatively small (compared to previous studies) and was made up of relatively homogeneous individuals making it difficult to generalize the results to the wider population.’
  • 21) ‘This means that students within each school are relatively homogeneous in terms of academic ability, while the schools show wide variation in the academic ability of their first-year intake.’
  • 22) ‘At the beginning of the experiments, seedlings were homogeneous in terms of length.’
  • 23) ‘The legend in Australia was that everyone is the same, living in a classless, regionless, ethnically homogeneous society with the same history and a universal accent.’
  • 24) ‘A culturally homogeneous society whose members subscribe and adhere to one system of beliefs and practices is in the realm of fiction.’
  • 25) ‘Perhaps the hybridity is difficult to see on the surface, given how homogeneous Argentinean society appears to be, especially in terms of race and class.’
  • 26) ‘Many Chileans almost glorify the country's physical isolation, as they consider it a key factor in allowing the creation of a homogeneous society.’
  • 27) ‘China is for the most part an extremely homogeneous society composed of a people who share one language, culture, and history.’
  • 28) ‘The sample was very homogeneous, consisting primarily of well-educated White women.’
  • 29) ‘In 1983, three pairs of permanent plots, each 5 x 5 m, were established in the study wood in sites with homogeneous vegetation.’
  • 30) ‘The cadets' problems must come from the fact that they live in a homogeneous and closed environment and under constant pressure of all sorts of compulsory norms and rules.’
  • 31) ‘In Russia, the ethnic and geographic diversity of the population ensured its transition would be more difficult than that in the more homogeneous and smaller Baltic states or eastern European countries.’
  • 32) ‘We need to have homogeneous traffic if the problem of jams and slow moving traffic is to be solved.’
  • 33) ‘These findings confirmed the contention that when considering competence and self-esteem, single-parent children cannot be treated as a homogeneous group.’
  • 34) ‘At each meeting, it has struck me clearly that the party attracts not only smaller and smaller crowds, but the make-up of the crowd has become more homogeneous and less diversified.’
  • 35) ‘This may explain why during the 20th century relatively homogeneous Scandanavia was able to build a welfare state, where melting pot America baulked.’
  • 36) ‘It is a crime committed not against members of ethnically or racially or religiously diverse groups but only against members of ethnically or racially or religiously homogeneous groups.’
  • 37) ‘The thousands of offenders released each year from Colorado prisons cannot be treated as an homogeneous group nor assisted in a standardized manner.’
  • 38) ‘There is little doubt that if this were a more racially homogeneous country, capital punishment would have gone the way of the dodo bird 30 years ago.’
  • 39) ‘As a result, they end up with very homogeneous institutions, like major media, which reflect the world view of a self-selecting few.’
  • 40) ‘Through her work, Bertrand questions the desirability of a homogeneous world where emotional and physical diversity have been eradicated.’
  • 41) ‘Until the Second World War nearly all the countries of Europe had very homogeneous populations and very little recent experience of immigration.’
  • 42) ‘She demonstrates that even seemingly homogeneous groups had subgroups that thought very differently about compulsory insurance.’
  • 43) ‘In this work, Moritz Cantor has discovered, Feuerbach introduces homogeneous coordinates.’
  • 44) ‘A test of homogeneity also was conducted to determine if the 1986 and 1987 regression coefficients were homogeneous and could be pooled.’
  • 45) ‘This is what you do with homogeneous differential equations.’
  • 46) ‘Here is a homogeneous equation in which the total degree of both the numerator and the denominator of the right-hand side is 2.’
  • 47) ‘With few exceptions, non-quadratic homogeneous polynomials have received little attention as possible candidates for yield functions.’
  • 48) ‘It converts organic solvents into a stable gel, providing an organometallic model for a catalyst to be used efficiently in a single phase, homogeneous catalytic reaction.’
  • 49) ‘One of the factors that makes process engineers think twice before choosing homogeneous catalysis, however, is the problem of separation.’
  • 50) ‘The requirements of homogeneous diesel combustion processes give additional impetuses to the continued development of piezo controls for unit injector systems.’
  • 51) ‘The few examples of homogeneous catalysis by gold previously reported in the literature are associated with very small turnover frequencies and yields of product per mole of catalyst.’
  • 52) ‘Heterogeneous catalysis, in which the catalyst and reactants occupy separate phases, is something of a black art when compared with homogeneous catalysis.’


  • 1) And largely we fail because we regard them as a homogenous grey mass.
  • 2) What all politicians must do is to stop treating women as a homogenous group but look at those policies in which many have a shared interest.
  • 3) Theirs has been a very middle class, homogenous society so there's been little need for soul searching.

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