consequently vs subsequently

consequently subsequently


  • 1) conjunctive As a result or consequence of something.
  • 2) sequence, obsolete subsequently, following after in time or sequence.
  • 3) As a result; therefore.
  • 4) By consequence; by natural or logical sequence or connection.
  • 5) (sentence connectors) because of the reason given
  • 6) Subsequently.
  • 7) By consequence; by the connection of cause and effect or of antecedent and consequent; in consequence of something; therefore.
  • 8) Synonyms Wherefore, Accordingly, etc. See therefore.


  • 1) Following, afterwards in either time or place.
  • 2) accordingly, therefore (implying a logical connection or deduction)
  • 3) At a later time; afterwards.
  • 4) happening at a time subsequent to a reference time


  • 1) They have consequently become a place of pilgrimage for modern biologists.
  • 2) They consequently become cautious and inclined to cling to the familiar.
  • 3) consequently many penalties are cleared just before the finish.
  • 4) But the real stupidity is that the money industry consequently does much less business with the public than it should.
  • 5) National bodies have too big a say in the production of players and consequently much of tennis has become too stereotypical.
  • 6) consequently, we become more resistant to change.
  • 7) consequently, in many households mirrors were not hung in the nursery.
  • 8) In the coming winter their precious animals may die of starvation, and consequently many have turned to crime.
  • 9) In this there would be no realistic victor, and conventional forces would consequently play very much a secondary role.
  • 10) You are less capable of solving the problem and consequently you feel less and less competent and more and more under pressure to perform well.
  • 11) In addition to great charm he was blessed with good looks and, consequently, had many female admirers.
  • 12) We got in about one o'clock and consequently feel more than a little jaded now, especially after the perfectly beastly day.
  • 13) With world class sport, we are given the privilege to witness the awe and wonder the athletes undoubtedly feel, and consequently display.
  • 14) consequently, I feel that my money has been stolen.
  • 15) I feel like I have a guilty secret and consequently feel like a fraud.
  • 16) To an unfortunate extent, their fears are well-founded, and the playing field consequently is left to thieves.
  • 17) We should be reminded that only a hand full of Methodists have a political agenda, which consequently is destroying the religious values for the remainder of the 300,000 followers.
  • 18) That bias resides within much of the public, and consequently is reflected in much of the CBC's coverage.
  • 19) For the hydrogen atom, which has only one electron and consequently is the simplest atom to investigate theoretically, the calculation of the motion of the electron in the electric field of the nucleus led to results of such accuracy that 20 years elapsed until any error of the theory could be found experimentally.
  • 20) Guanidine consequently is a specific inhibitor of the poliovirus.
  • 21) Nothing so aroused her indignation as the mention of her name consequently few knew what it really was.
  • 22) The writer of C was a mechanical copyist and not at home in English, consequently he reproduces X with tolerable accuracy.
  • 23) It also follows that one of the extremes—the people in their capacity of subjects—being fixed and represented by unity, the simple proportion must, whenever the duplicate proportion is increased or diminished, increase or diminish accordingly, and the mean term consequently changes.
  • 24) As an outsider who truly cares for Canada, such has been my Imperial upbringing, as much as I care for Scotland or Wales, or even Yorkshire, I cannot help wondering if your present troubles and travail are not due primarily to the complete cessation of immigration and the fact that new wealth consequently is no longer circulating through all the various wheels of your industry and agriculture.
  • 25) The law relates only to any omission and consequently is quite different from that laid down in
  • 26) ‘We demand it all and consequently miss what we should be looking for.’
  • 27) ‘These effects result in nutrient imbalances in plants, consequently reducing plant growth.’
  • 28) ‘I have no expectation that you would consequently disclose any information to me.’
  • 29) ‘In a lawless and consequently weak state, man is defenceless and unfree.’
  • 30) ‘It's said that each pair of lederhosen has a story to tell and consequently they are never washed.’
  • 31) ‘On the farm diesel and silage wrap will rise and consequently the farmers margin of profit will be cut.’
  • 32) ‘The boat is wider than a racing craft and consequently is safer for beginners.’
  • 33) ‘The separate dish of butter was hard and consequently difficult to spread - a minor difficulty.’
  • 34) ‘Many corporates have not been able to cope up with this change and have consequently become sick.’
  • 35) ‘When they reach a certain age, they stop believing and consequently stop writing.’
  • 36) ‘So for me the gig does have some cache in its own right and consequently I do feel a little excited when I chance to think about it.’
  • 37) ‘We are more individualised than ever before, and consequently less social.’
  • 38) ‘Cranks and charlatans abound when we are all experts in our own field, and consequently nobody is a real expert at all.’
  • 39) ‘The heavy rain made for slippery conditions and consequently mistakes on both sides.’
  • 40) ‘She suffered from insomnia and depression and consequently was prescribed anti depressants.’
  • 41) ‘It means we can go into those games and maybe enjoy them a little bit more and, consequently, be a little bit more relaxed.’
  • 42) ‘The council consequently decided to carry out a peer review on the whole project, he said.’
  • 43) ‘I consequently spent a lot of time avoiding the kitchen, holed up in my room reading.’
  • 44) ‘Paris is a smaller city than London and consequently has less of a suburban sprawl.’
  • 45) ‘The first time we tried it, about a year ago, we loved it and consequently raved about it.’


  • 1) The subsequent win turned the season from one of rebuilding to the riches of a grand slam.
  • 2) She showed her true colours next time when thrashing a subsequent winner by six lengths.
  • 3) Subsequent rises in line with inflation would follow over the next two years.
  • 4) It appears to have set the tone for subsequent games.
  • 5) The same number is then usable each subsequent time.
  • 6) In subsequent years the trickle of repayments will become a flood.
  • 7) But the subsequent two games and negative approach in both left fans tearing their hair out.
  • 8) He made numerous errors of fact and was torn to pieces during the subsequent question time.
  • 9) In subsequent years the amount of weeding necessary should become less and less.
  • 10) These inputs may be purchased in one year and provide a service flow to the production process for many subsequent years.
  • 11) Tories had in the 1980s before going on to win the subsequent elections.
  • 12) He has managed just one win in eight subsequent races, all from trap five.
  • 13) The result of this research and subsequent chats with the Downside monks is an unusual image.
  • 14) They give so much that they lose that all-important edge in subsequent games.
  • 15) If it looked bad at the time, the subsequent replays look worse.
  • 16) He should have missed some subsequent games but insisted on playing, though with little success.
  • 17) Both times the subsequent leadership vacuum turned into a full-blown crisis.
  • 18) He ran well under tender handling behind a subsequent winner at Lingfield five days ago and is the one to beat in a modest contest.
  • 19) You make that choice based on which opponent (if any) will win a subsequent lead.
  • 20) Lingfield, nb) made a good return when third to two subsequent winners here.
  • 21) That all changed when he won his debut at Ayr by nine lengths, from three subsequent winners.
  • 22) A more depressing fact is that none of the past 12 winners managed to win any subsequent race under Rules.
  • 23) The Taepings at Nankin determined to effect its relief, and a large force was placed under the orders of an officer named Li, but whom it will be more convenient to designate by the title subsequently conferred on him of
  • 24) He appears in the genealogical table as Henry IV., that having been his title subsequently as King of England.
  • 25) The farce -- a lively trifle enough -- was _An Old Man taught Wisdom_, a title subsequently changed to the _Virgin Unmasked_.
  • 26) As a matter of fact Fielding had two plays by him -- the _Good - natured Man_ (a title subsequently used by Goldsmith), and a piece called _The Wedding Day_.
  • 27) As a matter of fact Fielding had two plays by him — the Good-natured Man (a title subsequently used by Goldsmith), and a piece called The Wedding
  • 28) Wisdom, a title subsequently changed to the Virgin
  • 29) What I found in subsequently asking around was that several of my long-time flyfishing acquaintances around the country had either just had or were about to have similar shoulder surgery.
  • 30) ‘She then left her and took a taxi but was arrested when it was subsequently stopped by police.’
  • 31) ‘Why he was not arrested when he subsequently visited the USA he cannot explain.’
  • 32) ‘A man in his twenties was subsequently arrested and the other was released on bail due to medical reasons.’
  • 33) ‘Wilson was subsequently arrested because his fingerprints were found on one of the windows.’
  • 34) ‘The man was subsequently lynched and thereafter Hammett believed he was living in a corrupt society.’
  • 35) ‘I got there too late to stop that and subsequently got back too late for this.’
  • 36) ‘Gibson, after whom that desert was subsequently named, was never heard of again.’
  • 37) ‘He was landed off the coast of Clare by a German submarine and was subsequently arrested.’
  • 38) ‘He was subsequently arrested by a heroic Garda and some members of the local community.’
  • 39) ‘I subsequently found out everyone else stopped watching it at about the same time.’
  • 40) ‘Again, the area of concern was subsequently notable for its total absence from my slumbering mind.’
  • 41) ‘Herbert was arrested on the same day and subsequently charged with her murder.’
  • 42) ‘Marina subsequently posed for a fetish magazine but was eventually reunited with her parents.’
  • 43) ‘At the time she was single, but shortly afterwards, she met the man whom she subsequently married.’
  • 44) ‘The man was taken by ambulance to York District Hospital, but was subsequently discharged.’
  • 45) ‘Another allegation subsequently surfaced from the parent of a former pupil.’
  • 46) ‘The Rat Pack also recommended him to their management company which subsequently signed him up.’
  • 47) ‘He has subsequently become a master of artspeak and a sometimes socialist.’
  • 48) ‘Much of the couple's efforts subsequently went on enabling their own family to emigrate to the West.’

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