chile vs chilly vs chili

chile chilly chili


  • 1) US, regional A chili pepper.
  • 2) US, dialect, South, African American Vernacular child


  • 1) very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency
  • 2) See chilli.
  • 3) Unfriendly or distant and cool
  • 4) Cold enough to cause shivering; or suddenly feeling cold
  • 5) Cool or cold enough to cause discomfort. synonym: cold.
  • 6) Feeling cold, often to the point of shivering.
  • 7) Distant and cool; unfriendly.
  • 8) Unenthusiastic.
  • 9) Moderately cold; cold and raw or damp so as to cause shivering; causing or feeling a disagreeable sensation of cold, or a shivering.
  • 10) not characterized by emotion
  • 11) lacking warmth of feeling
  • 12) Cold; chill.
  • 13) Wanting zeal, animation, or heartiness; indifferent; cold; frigid: as, a chilly reception.
  • 14) Producing the sensation of cold; chilling; especially, so cold as to produce the sensation of shivering.
  • 15) Experiencing the sensation of chilliness; chilled.
  • 16) In a chill or chilly manner; coldly; with coldness.
  • 17) Cold;chill.


  • 1) A dish made with this fruit and other ingredients, such as beans and beef.
  • 2) The pungent/spicy fresh or dried fruit of any of several cultivated varieties of capsicum peppers, used especially to add heat, or as a flavouring in cooking; associated with Mexican, Indian, and Tex-Mex cuisine.
  • 3) A stew made of meat or beans (or both) and usually tomatoes, spiced with chili peppers or chili powder.
  • 4) The pungent fresh or dried fruit of any of several cultivated varieties of capsicum, used especially as a flavoring in cooking.
  • 5) A kind of red pepper. See capsicum
  • 6) ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans


  • 1) `Don't waste your time tryin' an "talk sense to that chile.
  • 2) Here, they put a lill chile in a crazy-house just because she ran away from home.
  • 3) It would probably be more in order to wonder why the Spanish word chile appears so often as chili.
  • 4) A medium with chile is my choice, plus a soft drink or agua de jamaica.
  • 5) There was a pork in chile sauce on the menu that I was leaning toward so I asked the waiter if it was chile verde but he said, "no".


  • 1) And it looks like remaining chilly for the rest of the week.
  • 2) The sun disappears behind a cloud and suddenly it feels chilly.
  • 3) It was a particularly chilly and damp day across the south.
  • 4) The week ahead also looks changeable and rather chilly.
  • 5) It certainly feels cosy on a chilly autumn afternoon.
  • 6) You may still get cold nights or chilly winds that can damage or slow it.
  • 7) It was very romantic if a bit chilly.
  • 8) It will still feel chilly in the northeast but relatively mild in the west and southwest.
  • 9) Our heightened sensitivity to cold makes a chilly draught invariably feel more uncomfortable than a warm breeze.
  • 10) It was overcast and a bit chilly.
  • 11) It will feel decidedly chilly with strong winds and downpours.
  • 12) It can get a bit chilly when you pick up speed.
  • 13) Your deeper insight into life helps understand why a relationship is loving one day and chilly the next.
  • 14) You should look around for a chic jacket to have to hand in case the day turns chilly.
  • 15) It's sometimes more bewildering than bewitching but the landscape and haunting soundtrack forge a chilly atmosphere.
  • 16) Bonfire Night looks chilly and clear for many.
  • 17) Being annoyed too at her insistence that they walk outside on a rather chilly morning, he hunched his shoulders and looked glum.
  • 18) This month has begun as November ended: largely dry and slightly chilly.
  • 19) This is a Danish detective series with a terrific northern, chilly atmosphere.
  • 20) It was packed in Nottingham city centre on a chilly Sunday afternoon.
  • 21) This week is looking particularly chilly, although the first half of October was very mild.
  • 22) A cold, chilly day in a compact and noisy ground and it is going to be stinking for them.
  • 23) Sounds great, although we make that 1.5 people who are going to have a rather chilly end to their night.
  • 24) The trendy interior is quite chilly looking and a little forbidding, but the stylists are the absolute opposite - warm and relaxed.
  • 25) The atmosphere turned chilly and I'm now excluded from all future reunions.
  • 26) ‘Sultry summer evenings gave way to chilly autumn and cold winter nights.’
  • 27) ‘I have an immersion heater so we'll have hot water, but the radiators are stone cold and it's chilly this evening.’
  • 28) ‘A big, blazing fire in a massive, heat retaining rock fireplace will be just the thing for chilly evenings - or cold winter days.’
  • 29) ‘The moon was about a half off its regular size and the weather began chilly and unpleasant.’
  • 30) ‘The evenings are becoming chilly now, enough to remind us of how very cold it will be, come winter.’
  • 31) ‘They are also ideal for supplementing existing central heating systems, not only throughout the winter months but also on chilly spring and autumn evenings.’
  • 32) ‘A chilly, drizzly evening set the stage for a terrific tale of murder, mystery and mayhem, led by one Mr. Ripper's foremost authorities.’
  • 33) ‘Too bad those chilly San Francisco evenings demand socks and shoes.’
  • 34) ‘The first of this year's meetings on May 8th was well attended though the evening was quite chilly after the great April spell.’
  • 35) ‘That's what found him under the glare of the strobe lights one chilly Saturday evening amidst the calm environs of the Chiran Fort Club.’
  • 36) ‘The atmosphere in Gurazada open-air auditorium at Siripuram junction warmed up on a chilly evening with hot numbers.’
  • 37) ‘On a chilly Sunday evening, amidst the picturesque Necklace Road, Hyderabadis were witness to a special event.’
  • 38) ‘ON a chilly autumn evening seven years ago a young soldier died in mysterious circumstances on the training area at Catterick Garrison.’
  • 39) ‘In every one the owner offered a little cup of strong black sugary tea and a chair by the stove, since outside high summer the evenings are decidedly chilly.’
  • 40) ‘MY fondest memory of Halloween occurred one chilly evening 13 or so years ago.’
  • 41) ‘He said he had loaned the woman his jumper when the air turned chilly during an evening out after the flight in August, 2001.’
  • 42) ‘I have an old Shetland wool cardigan jacket, knitted in a massive cable stitch, that I tend to wear on chilly evenings.’
  • 43) ‘The BT engineer should be around tomorrow morning to work on it, which is great as it's a little chilly in here this evening.’
  • 44) ‘This is just the thing for these chilly winter evenings and it's so simple, so delicious and so brilliant.’
  • 45) ‘Although I was quite wet on the chilly evening, I continued to talk with one agent after another.’
  • 46) ‘Mysti did her powerful leap from the ground and immediately I was chilly from the cool night air as the rushing wind passed me.’
  • 47) ‘When you hear a little crake noise, then you shall know that I am chilly and you shall make more fire.’
  • 48) ‘I was chilly so I slid into the sweater I had been using as a blanket.’
  • 49) ‘Since when did the wind start delivering shirts to chilly children?’
  • 50) ‘He was as chilly as me, however, and the action did no good.’
  • 51) ‘Was it when I lit a fire in the fireplace after you said you were chilly?’
  • 52) ‘However, the child is chilly, wants to be covered, and is thirsty for warm drinks.’
  • 53) ‘His whole body hurt, and he was chilly and he wanted the bloody blanket if he cut his wrists getting it.’
  • 54) ‘You should see him wrinkle his nose in disgust if it's all chilly and unfriendly.’
  • 55) ‘Earlier today, Bill, Powell had rather a chilly reception from the Moroccan king.’
  • 56) ‘Also, they give the president's State of the Union speech a rather chilly reception.’
  • 57) ‘He had been threatened, his wife was spat at and his family received a chilly reception in stores around town.’
  • 58) ‘The branch entered the market in November of 1994, to a very chilly reception.’
  • 59) ‘A group of volunteer border guards get a chilly reception in southern California.’
  • 60) ‘According to a source who was there, Mr Barry received a chilly reception that day back in the Fifties.’
  • 61) ‘Graph Nobel has been a cause célèbre on the T-Dot scene, but she received a chilly reception from most of the overheated onlookers on this day.’
  • 62) ‘But to Thayer's chagrin, the movie meets with a chilly reception from critics and public alike.’
  • 63) ‘The Japanese delegation received a chilly reception in Laos.’
  • 64) ‘Initially his ideas received a chilly reception by the high command.’
  • 65) ‘Crying after Mrs. Moore's chilly reception, Adela begins to cry out Aziz's name.’
  • 66) ‘This view has, thus far, met with a rather chilly reception among dinofolk.’
  • 67) ‘He had given her a rather chilly reception, telling her she was too careless with the maintenance of her gun.’
  • 68) ‘But New Zealand wasn't ready for a welfare state and the proposal met with a chilly reception.’
  • 69) ‘Not surprised by the chilly reception, Rena bids Olivia a goodnight and moves away.’
  • 70) ‘Their influence is suspected in the chilly reception from corporate Canada.’
  • 71) ‘This little chilly brat has a knack for getting onto people's nerves.’
  • 72) ‘Barker is often perceived as a rather chilly writer, but here he laughs at the absurdity of humanity that dares to hope even as it digs its own grave with a spade.’
  • 73) ‘The anger was no longer present, but the chilly persona still lingered.’


  • 1) Claire served the chili, which tasted like the old joke about throwing away the beans and eating the can.
  • 2) It's worse than raw chili pepper," he howled when he had his breath back.
  • 3) Sid would show up with a case of Seagrams, some jacked deer steaks and the makings for a big pot of chili.
  • 4) A cooking show was on, and Cooper saw the perky host showing the audience the best way to dice a chili pepper.
  • 5) Putting beans in chili is a major faux pas in Texas.
  • 6) People often ask if my chili is authentic Texas chili.
  • 7) This chili is adapted from the Smithsonian Cookbook of Native American foods and recipes, Foods of the Americas, which I have out from the library at the moment.
  • 8) In fact, most of the time my chili is all beans and no meat (although I do enjoy the meat kind), because I only buy free range beef and that too expensive for my everyday budget.
  • 9) If you put beans in chili in Texas and call it chili, they’ll hang you.
  • 10) At Deer Valley Resort, the Royal Street Cafe at the Silver Lake Lodge offers an array of appetizers for $6-$16; a bowl of the resort's signature turkey chili is $8.50.
  • 11) The dan dan noodles, and wontons in chili oil are excellent
  • 12) Meaty bites plus black bean/soy protein chili over rice are a winning combo and worthy repeat meal.
  • 13) If I were on death row my last meal would be a whole Chinese barbecue duck with green onion pancakes, Chinese broccoli (gai lan), ginger-steamed rice and hoisin chili sauce.
  • 14) ‘Seasonings for marinades run the gamut from herbs, spices, garlic, and chilies to fish sauce, salts, olives, and onions.’
  • 15) ‘What he didn't tell you is that there were onions, garlic, oregano and chilies in the sauce, too.’
  • 16) ‘Mix the olive oil, crushed chillies and thyme leaves with sea salt and black pepper.’
  • 17) ‘Add onion, garlic, chilies, cumin, and salt and pepper to taste, and continue cooking until onion is softened.’
  • 18) ‘Starting from crushed tomatoes, add oregano, basil, thyme, chilies, real Parmesan, fresh garlic and more.’
  • 19) ‘A typical paste will contain lots of chiles, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, galangal, shrimp paste, black pepper, and sea salt.’
  • 20) ‘Make shallots, garlic, red chilies, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground pepper, trassi and turmeric into a paste.’
  • 21) ‘A more Americanised version would be topped with grated cheddar and pickled jalapeno chillies, or sour cream and paprika.’
  • 22) ‘Next came the omelets: eggs with chopped onions, green chilies, minced cilantro, and a spice that I could not recognize but assumed was a version of black pepper.’
  • 23) ‘To make it palatable, he has used tomatoes, tamarind sauce, onions, chillies and a drop of virgin Olive oil.’
  • 24) ‘The barbecued ribs (lacquered with a sweet sauce made with ancho chilies and guava) were stacked like little logs and fell neatly off the bone.’
  • 25) ‘It was roasted lobster, sole and lobster ‘caviar’ with saffron-tarragon polenta, olives, chiles, peppers and fennel.’
  • 26) ‘The kulcha naan was stuffed with vegetables, onions, fresh chillies and covered with coriander.’
  • 27) ‘My friend and I tried the spaghettini with roasted garlic, parsley, pine nuts, chilies and olive oil.’
  • 28) ‘You can also garnish meals with 1 tablespoon of spicy condiments like salsa and chutney, or use fresh spices like chiles, garlic, ginger, and onions liberally in cooking.’
  • 29) ‘I cooked Thai fish with dried whole chilies, coriander, lemon grass, soy, and pepper; and served it with fluffy white rice, stir-fried veggies, and mushroom soup.’
  • 30) ‘This food grouping includes corn, beans, and squash, but is also enriched by the addition of chilies, cactus, maguey, and amaranth.’
  • 31) ‘Mushrooms, apricots, asparagus, a variety of chilies and numerous spices are grown in abundance in nearly all the valleys.’
  • 32) ‘I tried the Rajasthan chicken, described as being smeared with fresh ginger and chillies and a coriander sauce.’
  • 33) ‘And zesty salsa and smoky chipotle chilies replace the chili sauce for a more interesting interplay of flavors.’
  • 34) ‘The chicken is seasoned with a blend of jalapeno, cayenne, chili, and black and white pepper.’
  • 35) ‘Heat half a tablespoon of ghee or oil, in a pan, and fry the coriander leaves along with the chilli, pepper and cumin seeds, till you get an aroma.’
  • 36) ‘It's basically onion, garlic, green pepper, a can of tomatoes, sprinkle of chili, cayenne pepper and seasoning.’
  • 37) ‘Add the tomatoes, chilli, turmeric, cayenne, ground coriander and salt, and cook for 3 min, stirring well.’
  • 38) ‘If you want to read about roast dog and human placenta wine, or just try recipes such as Keralan mussels with ginger and chilli, or roast pork and clam sticky rice, this book is for you.’
  • 39) ‘Cook with the chilli and turmeric with sufficient amount of water.’
  • 40) ‘Adding some vinegar, pepper and chili in raw or cold food is also helpful in protecting one from diarrhea.’
  • 41) ‘The use of the word ‘pepper’ came into existence when it was observed that chili evoked a similar response to that of black pepper.’
  • 42) ‘At the onset of the first symptoms of cold and flu, or if you are already suffering from the miseries of a bad cold, the addition of cayenne chilli to the following remedy will quickly give relief.’
  • 43) ‘Don't go adding anything hot, though, like cayenne or chilli, or you'll lose the British-ness.’
  • 44) ‘Another tactic, which I abhor, was to use pepper, chilli or anything to irritate the hounds' noses.’
  • 45) ‘Only a handful of traditional Cuban dishes require the use of chilli or pepper.’
  • 46) ‘The original soup is made with tomato, fresh and preserved pepper and chili in a certain ratio and the sap drawn from trees.’
  • 47) ‘The chef will adjust the quantity of pepper and chili according to taste.’
  • 48) ‘Add the flour, salt, chilli, and turmeric and fry on a slow fire till the flour is well roasted.’
  • 49) ‘Starters included the less than predictable, such as slices of aubergine stuffed with cottage cheese and potato mash, grilled and glazed with chilli and ginger honey.’
  • 50) ‘I want a bitter creamy spicy drink, laced with cinnamon or chilli, and dark and rich as - well, as chocolate.’
  • 51) ‘Again, Gus had the better of the two dishes, the monkfish done to perfection and complemented beautifully by chilli and ginger.’
  • 52) ‘Lunch consists of rice served with vegetable and meat curries and sauces such as sambol, a spicy mixture of grated coconut and chili, peppers, pickles, and chutneys.’
  • 53) ‘Mix the ginger, oils, lime juice, soy and chilli, then season to taste.’
  • 54) ‘My companions fell for the chicken and mushroom vol-au-vents served with salad and the chilli in pitta bread clicked with our photographer.’
  • 55) ‘There are also recipes for cassoulet, sausage chilli, sausage pasta with capers and feta and, of course, sausage, egg and bacon panini: sausage rolls to you and me.’
  • 56) ‘The addition of ceviche and chilli to sashimi and sushi could have been invented by Thor Heyerdahl to prove that the Japanese discovered Lima.’
  • 57) ‘My list includes things like hamburgers, grilled chicken, chili, tacos and calzones.’
  • 58) ‘They'll dole out hearty fare including pancakes, burritos, chili and cornbread.’
  • 59) ‘Make sure to serve the chili, stew or anything that needs a utensil prior to the game.’
  • 60) ‘Made from soybeans, TVP comes in granules, chunks and flakes and is great in stews, casseroles, chili and veggie burgers.’
  • 61) ‘I am bracing myself to hear about his chili or chicken cutlets.’
  • 62) ‘Maria scurried to the booth where she would be selling chili, tortillas, enchiladas and the like.’
  • 63) ‘They prefer vegetarian versions of old favorites, such as pizza, chili, tacos, and stir-fries, that are relatively easy to adapt.’
  • 64) ‘I ate the traditional chili, pigs-in-a-blanket and nachos.’
  • 65) ‘Whenever hubby and I make curry, chilli, stew etc., we always make double the amount so we can always put it in the fridge for tomorrow, or freeze it for an emergency.’
  • 66) ‘Normally we go there on Saturday afternoons and sit in leisure and talk over our steak chili.’
  • 67) ‘And when you see beer, chili, and Buffalo Wings, you know you're probably at a sporting event in the States.’
  • 68) ‘In Cincinnati, due to some E. Europeans, chili served on spaghetti became the accepted form.’
  • 69) ‘The yummy chili, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, and onion rings in Johnny Rockets are free, but there is a charge for the shakes, malts, and other beverages.’
  • 70) ‘If you like Mexican food, including nachos, tacos and chili con Larry (created after an infamous trip to Santiago), this is certainly the venue to head to.’
  • 71) ‘To complement your chili, add a salad with low-fat dressing and a wheat tortilla, brown rice or cornbread.’
  • 72) ‘Some of the food vendors with barbecues decided to stick it out in the rain selling Indian tacos and macaroni chili.’
  • 73) ‘When making chilli with jalapenos (for that little bit of extra kick) DO NOT then rub your eyes afterwards.’

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