catty-corner vs kitty-corner

catty-corner kitty-corner


  • 1) US, Canada (with to:) located diagonally across from something, especially across an intersection


  • 1) His folks bought them a house catty-corner from my mom's.
  • 2) In the living room, an Eames lounge sits catty-corner to a bentwood rocker; on the dining table, jelly-jar tumblers are set next to Nicole's grandmother's sterling silverware.
  • 3) Marines typically test plates using what's called a torque test, in which you grab catty-corner edges of the plate and twist as hard as you can.
  • 4) It seemed to me as I sat there, eating, drinking wine and talking about Art with them that there are worse things than having a heart with some starch in it; one that's capable of anger and not just sympathy, and a foot that can draw a line that crosses another, catty-corner.
  • 5) Our rooms were catty-corner to each other at the end of the hall.
  • 6) There was a steady line of traffic, here, as the Manhattan Bridge carried lines of cars into Brooklyn, but just to the left of the bridge, catty-corner to the site of the old tavern, a different kind of line had begun to form, beneath a large sign with a bright red arrow pointing down to a ticket booth.
  • 7) His wife of twenty-two years is sitting catty-corner to him in a turquoise T-shirt with a tropical fish swimming across her chest; but her slim ankles are demurely crossed, the resting pose of one of those fifties starlets who swished around on-screen in full skirts, sheer hose, and kitten heels.

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