deep-seeded vs deep-seated

deep-seeded deep-seated


  • 1) implanted or firmly established.
  • 2) Deeply rooted; ingrained.
  • 3) Being so far below the surface as to be unsusceptible to superficial examination, study, or treatment.
  • 4) same as deep-rooted.
  • 5) Far removed from the surface; deeply rooted or lodged; firmly implanted: as, a deep-sealed disease; deep-seated prejudice.


  • 1) "It was clear from the fearful expression on Jocelyn's face that she wanted to go; but deep-seated loyalty was preventing her from doing so.
  • 2) They say that swimming with dolphins can relieve deep-seated mental and nervous tensions - for some it might be hard to believe.
  • 3) The lump was very deep-seated, and in what he called `an unfavourable position".
  • 4) "Has anyone ever told you that sarcasm is often a cover for deep-seated anger?
  • 5) ‘The problems that have arisen are profound and deep-seated.’
  • 6) ‘All of these cases are symptomatic of far more serious, deep-seated trends that are being promoted.’
  • 7) ‘The robot was built for three levels of crouching, from barely crouching to a deep-seated squat.’
  • 8) ‘Its agenda is as broad as it is deep, touching personal nerves and deep-seated prejudices.’
  • 9) ‘But it takes training to refrain from longstanding and deep-seated habits of which one is often unaware.’
  • 10) ‘This doesn't mean that all truants are up to no good: some are avoiding school to avoid confronting more deep-seated problems.’
  • 11) ‘If people are going to learn to engage in political action it is more likely to be deep-seated when they can relate it to their experiences.’
  • 12) ‘Among these people, a veneer of tolerance masks a deep-seated attitude of superiority and is very patronising.’
  • 13) ‘Many children have escaped or shown deep-seated reactions to their conscription by a group that had killed a loved one.’
  • 14) ‘The authors aren't likely to worry about the loss of a little income - they only do the job because of a deep-seated love of literature.’
  • 15) ‘Directors, like authors, are often driven by deep-seated motives.’
  • 16) ‘They were undernourished, diseased, many of them with terminal illnesses or deep-seated mental conditions.’
  • 17) ‘There are deep-seated social causes for the lack of respect.’
  • 18) ‘It was a tough review because I really had to face some deep-seated bad habits.’
  • 19) ‘It's no surprise that much of his music is informed by his deep-seated passion for soundtracking and scoring.’
  • 20) ‘It is clearly a job which involves people, often with deep-seated problems, emotional issues and where the stakes can be high.’
  • 21) ‘As the sociologist François Dubet explains, the uneasiness is more deep-seated that just job insecurity.’
  • 22) ‘If cosmetic surgery helps remove a deep-seated insecurity, then fantastic.’
  • 23) ‘The director admits that these deep-seated tensions affected his own family experience as well.’
  • 24) ‘There is a deep-seated and strong resistance to the idea of police reforms.’

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