barbecue vs barbeque

barbecue barbeque


  • 1) A meal or event highlighted by food cooked on a barbecue.
  • 2) A fireplace or pit for grilling food, typically used outdoors and traditionally employing hot charcoal as the heating medium.
  • 3) A grill, pit, or outdoor fireplace for roasting meat.
  • 4) A social gathering, usually held outdoors, at which food is cooked over an open flame.
  • 5) A whole animal carcass or section thereof roasted or broiled over an open fire or on a spit.
  • 6) a framework of metal or brick, usually with a grill on top, in which a fire is lighted and on which food is cooked, usually outdoors; -- also called a barbecue grill.
  • 7) A floor, on which coffee beans are sun-dried.
  • 8) A hog, ox, or other large animal roasted or broiled whole for a feast.
  • 9) A social entertainment, where people assemble, usually in the open air, at which a meal is prepared on a barbecue grill.
  • 10) The carcass of an ox, hog, or other animal, roasted whole.
  • 11) An iron frame on which large joints are placed for broiling, or on which whole animals are roasted; a large gridiron.
  • 12) A wooden framework used for supporting over a fire meat or fish to be smoked or dried.
  • 13) A large social or political entertainment in the open air, at which animals are roasted whole, and feasting on a generous scale is indulged in.
  • 14) An open floor or terrace smoothly covered with plaster or asphalt, on which to dry coffee-beans, etc.
  • 15) To cook food on a barbecue; to grill.
  • 16) To dress and roast whole, as an ox or a hog, by splitting it to the backbone, and roasting it on a gridiron.
  • 17) To cure by smoking or drying on a barbecue (which see).
  • 18) To roast, broil, or grill (meat or seafood) over live coals or an open fire, often basting with a seasoned sauce.
  • 19) To dry or cure by exposure on a frame or gridiron.
  • 20) To roast or broil whole, as an ox or hog.


  • 1) Alternative spelling of barbecue.
  • 2) a rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors
  • 3) meat that has been barbecued or grilled in a highly seasoned sauce
  • 4) a cookout in which food is cooked over an open fire; especially a whole animal carcass roasted on a spit
  • 5) cook outdoors on a barbecue grill


  • 1) Wait until the first dry, sunny Saturday and deliver and set up in time for the barbecue.
  • 2) As Neil broke the surface of the lagoon and swam towards the beach the two women were waiting for him beside the barbecue.
  • 3) Once they got to the barbecue, however, Rachel lost her protection.
  • 4) There Brandon grabbed an armload of chopped firewood from his never-ending stack and threw several branches into the barbecue grill.
  • 5) I believe that one of the candidates for the Senate there has made it part of his platform. the word barbecue comes from the Spanish word barbacoa which in turns comes from the Arawak
  • 6) The term barbecue comes via the Spanish barbacoa from the West Indies, and a Taino word that meant a framework of green sticks suspended on corner posts, on which meat, fish, and other foods were laid and cooked in the open over fire and coals.
  • 7) Because for some, using the term barbecue to refer to grilled things is just so freaking incorrect.
  • 8) At each of these outdoor cookouts, the term barbecue is being stretched in culinary directions that I do not condone.
  • 9) But as the camera pulls back, the viewer sees that the barbecue is actually taking place on a freeway.
  • 10) Going to my family's house in nearby Mentone for a barbecue is always one of the highlights of my trip.
  • 11) The OED also says that the English word barbecue came from the Spanish word barbacoa which came from the Taino word for a raised platform.
  • 12) I've recently spent time in several of the nation's major barbecue regions, and I've come to the conclusion that the term "barbecue" is misleading, a misnomer that implies that these widely disparate food items are in some essential way the same thing.
  • 13) ‘On my last day in Australia, my parents cooked me a barbecue in their backyard barbecue area.’
  • 14) ‘At a barbecue food is cooked on a rusty grill which birds have probably used as a toilet on a daily basis since last summer.’
  • 15) ‘There are less formal meals, picnics and barbecues and the forthcoming brunch is one of these occasions.’
  • 16) ‘Fundraising meals, picnics and barbecues are great ways of inviting whole communities into Respect.’
  • 17) ‘Now that fish is the new meat at the best barbecues in town, the curly question is what to serve with it.’
  • 18) ‘For barbecues, only start cooking when the charcoals are glowing red with a layer of grey ash.’
  • 19) ‘Neighborhoods are putting on open, outdoor barbecues and pancake breakfasts, complete with music and face painting.’
  • 20) ‘This colorful dish takes about 15 minutes to cook and is great for dinner parties, summer barbecues or even a family meal.’
  • 21) ‘You may as well gorge out my eyes with burning sabers of methane gas and ceremoniously sacrifice my body over an open barbecue pit in the name of good taste.’
  • 22) ‘Mr Greendale's wife, Kathryn, said her husband had cooked for a family barbecue last Friday, and had later gone to sleep on a rug at the back of the house in Cavill Place.’
  • 23) ‘The crews cooked up a free barbecue after all the work was done.’
  • 24) ‘I think I forgot to mention that Saturday my family was supposed to have a little gathering around a barbecue pit.’
  • 25) ‘Everyone has the opportunity to invite neighbours over for coffee, a meal, or a barbecue.’
  • 26) ‘The barbecue area is actually a fully equipped kitchen with sink, refrigerators, and electrical outlets.’
  • 27) ‘It would be great for starting a charcoal fire for a barbecue, though.’
  • 28) ‘Here there is another picnic and camping area with toilets and a barbecue area.’
  • 29) ‘‘I'm my own event planner,’ Hargreaves says of his regular Sunday football gatherings, barbecues and pool parties.’
  • 30) ‘The main purpose of the garden would be for open air parties and barbecues.’
  • 31) ‘In addition, high-speed lifts service all floors of the development and the grounds will be landscaped to include a barbecue area as well as a putting green for golfers.’
  • 32) ‘Another helps tame a sloping site by dividing it into usable stairstepping levels, complete with built-in planters and a barbecue area.’
  • 33) ‘Consider cooking on an outside barbecue grill or use a microwave oven, which does not generate as much heat and uses less energy than a gas or electric range.’
  • 34) ‘Complement your healthy summer lifestyle with fresh food cooked on the barbecue.’
  • 35) ‘The women all cook together on dow tarns - wood fire barbecues out the back.’
  • 36) ‘Of course, all the meals are eaten outside, cooked on the barbecue.’
  • 37) ‘Brush the langoustine with a little extra olive oil and grill on the barbecue until cooked.’
  • 38) ‘They also cooked their own evening meals on barbecues.’
  • 39) ‘Your guide cooks up evening meals on the barbecue or gas-powered range, while you can contemplate the sun setting somewhere out east of Timor.’
  • 40) ‘It's good for steaming and roasting and can be grilled or cooked on the barbecue - but watch out, as it tends to stick.’
  • 41) ‘Members on one picket line set up a barbecue to cook breakfast.’
  • 42) ‘Mr Kelly asked that everyone coming on the day to bring their own food, which can be cooked on a giant barbecue.’
  • 43) ‘‘While we want people to enjoy themselves in the National Park, they should avoid lighting barbecues and fires on the open moorland,’ he said.’
  • 44) ‘Although the counter also contains a gas-burning barbecue, the Elledges cook on the grill, with wood or charcoal as fuel, most of the time.’
  • 45) ‘The ribs can be cooked on a medium-heat barbecue for about 20 minutes, but it is easier to control the temperature in an oven to avoid burning.’
  • 46) ‘This keeps them firm so they cook evenly on the barbecue.’
  • 47) ‘I've cooked on some very nice barbecues and I've cooked on grills that are basically old toilet bowls or tanks with some metal wire draped across the openings.’
  • 48) ‘Time to turn on the barbecue and get things cooking.’
  • 49) ‘There's nothing that can't be cooked on a barbecue and usually there's nothing that isn't.’
  • 50) ‘Leave to marinate for a couple of hours, then cook on a hot barbecue for about five minutes on each side.’
  • 51) ‘And since he had just saved her from Billy's annual torture of meat at the barbecue, he was obviously nice and a gentleman.’
  • 52) ‘Salmon is delicious when cooked on a barbecue; it forms a delicious, caramelised crust and if cooked properly it will stay moist and succulent inside.’
  • 53) ‘Throughout the weekend, club members and their families came by to eat barbecue and many side dishes.’
  • 54) ‘We would be eating pizza or barbecue food, not spaghetti by candlelight.’
  • 55) ‘Wade, is it true that you had eaten barbecue, were throwing up over people, had a broken arm, and it was gushing blood, all while you were playing?’
  • 56) ‘As a preventative measure, don't drink anything carbonated while you eat Korean barbecue.’
  • 57) ‘I ate burritos in New Mexico, barbecue in Memphis and a steak the size of a hubcap in Minneapolis.’
  • 58) ‘Roses or blush wines that border on the sweet side also pair well with informal food such as barbecue.’
  • 59) ‘It may be all-you-can eat, but this isn't your father's barbecue, fellow peers.’
  • 60) ‘The food is quite good - Mexican, barbecue, chili, shrimp and chicken-fried steak, an acquired taste.’
  • 61) ‘On the northwest corner is pulled lamb shoulder reminiscent of barbecue accompanied by thin rings of pickled red onion.’
  • 62) ‘What could be better than barbecue, beer and football?’
  • 63) ‘In New York, demand for great barbecue tends to outstrip supply.’
  • 64) ‘But, with beautiful weather, lots of sleep, strawberries, ice cream and barbecue - what more can you really ask for?’
  • 65) ‘Trust me, to a pig, the smell of barbecue isn't exactly romantic.’
  • 66) ‘The Carolinas can rightfully claim to be the cradle of American barbecue and Texas is by far the brisket capital of the world.’
  • 67) ‘The white bread was still pristine and soft, fresh but somehow infused with the heady scent of barbecue.’
  • 68) ‘There's a fun tour of a lollipop factory and tips on making good barbecue.’
  • 69) ‘Kentucky substitutes mutton for pork and in Texas, barbecue is all about beef.’
  • 70) ‘We fed everyone loads of barbecue and cake, no big deal.’
  • 71) ‘Further attractions are Latina, for Brazilian barbecue, and the Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant.’
  • 72) ‘In the evening festivities got under way with a barbecue, fish and chip supper and skittles match at the Rose and Crown pub on Lower High Street.’
  • 73) ‘While Stephen and Louis sat down on the sand drinking beer and talking, Jessica and Cecilia took turns in barbecuing the yummy food.’
  • 74) ‘Dad barbecued some steaks, and Mom made potato salad and corn on the cob.’
  • 75) ‘But when a group of golfers strode across the course at Skipton, the last thing they expected to see was a party of Iraqis barbecuing their burgers just beyond the second green.’
  • 76) ‘Then spend the afternoon barbecuing steaks and sausages while catching up with friends and family.’
  • 77) ‘Nobody knows more about barbecuing meat than the Argentinians.’
  • 78) ‘Once the coals are covered in a fur of white ash, start by barbecuing a few vegetables.’
  • 79) ‘In this dish, boneless chicken, after being barbecued, is cooked with spices giving the chicken a fragrant taste.’
  • 80) ‘This Georgian-influenced recipe can be barbecued or grilled, but the meat must be marinated overnight.’
  • 81) ‘The flesh is firm and sweet, lending itself to grilling and barbecuing, and to fish stews such as this.’
  • 82) ‘Thick, succulent tuna steaks are first marinated in a simple dressing, and then barbecued until just cooked.’
  • 83) ‘I once barbecued a whole fillet of beef marinaded in a bottle of Jack Daniel's and enclosed in tinfoil.’
  • 84) ‘On the veranda, a chef in gaucho clothing was barbecuing a variety of Argentine meats.’
  • 85) ‘For the first few steaks I barbecued this season, I used the prepackaged marinades.’
  • 86) ‘Winthrop drifted by, fatigued from barbecuing supper.’
  • 87) ‘I was looking forward to barbecuing this summer, but now I hear it's not a safe way to cook meat.’
  • 88) ‘I had a dream about barbecuing a yak as some sort of retribution.’
  • 89) ‘At rural banquets, entire cows are barbecued slowly with their hides.’
  • 90) ‘Peppers and tomatoes can be barbecued on the skewers between meat pieces.’
  • 91) ‘Freshly caught octopus hang out to dry on a washing line before being barbecued.’


  • 1) "I'd shake hands but I'm afraid they're covered in barbeque sauce, flour, and who knows what else.

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