affluent vs effluent

affluent effluent


  • 1) this sense) Somebody who is wealthy.
  • 2) A stream or river flowing into a larger river or into a lake; a tributary stream; a tributary.
  • 3) A stream or river that flows into a larger one; a tributary.
  • 4) A person who is well-off financially.
  • 5) A stream or river flowing into a larger river or into a lake; a tributary stream.
  • 6) an affluent person; a person who is financially well off
  • 7) A tributary stream; a stream or river flowing into another, or into a lake, bay, etc.
  • 8) Abundant; copious; plenteous.
  • 9) by extension Abounding in goods or riches; materially wealthy.
  • 10) dated tributary
  • 11) Archaic Flowing freely; copious.
  • 12) Generously supplied with money, property, or possessions; prosperous or rich. synonym: rich.
  • 13) Manifesting or requiring wealth.
  • 14) Flowing to; flowing abundantly.
  • 15) Abundant; copious; plenteous; hence, wealthy; abounding in goods or riches.
  • 16) Abundant; copious; abounding in anything, as attributes, attainments, or possessions; hence, specifically, abounding in means; rich: as, a man of affluent intellect; an affluent man or community; affluent circumstances.
  • 17) Flowing to: as, “affluent blood,” Harvey, Consumption.


  • 1) A stream that flows out, such as from a lake or reservoir; an outflow; effluence.
  • 2) Sewage water that has been (partially) treated, and is released into a natural body of water; a flow of any liquid waste.
  • 3) An outflow from a sewer or sewage system.
  • 4) A stream flowing out of a body of water.
  • 5) A discharge of liquid waste, as from a factory or nuclear plant.
  • 6) Something that flows out or forth, especially.
  • 7) (Geog.) A stream that flows out of another stream or lake.
  • 8) That which flows out or issues forth.
  • 9) Specifically, in geography, a stream that flows out of another stream or out of a lake: as, the Atchafalaya is an effluent of the Mississippi river.
  • 10) In mathematics, a covariant of a quantic of degree mn in i variables, the covariant being of degree m and in p variables, where p is the number of permutations that can be obtained by dividing n into i parts.
  • 11) Flowing out; outflowing.
  • 12) Flowing out or forth.
  • 13) Flowing out.
  • 14) Flowing out; emanating.


  • 1) In the small, affluent areas.
  • 2) The chic, affluent suburb has a decidedly Miami vibe.
  • 3) They are the picture of affluent family bliss, attending parties at their church, playing table tennis in the backyard or arguing over the dinner table.
  • 4) Those targeted were relatively affluent people who had some experience of investment.
  • 5) An affluent middle class is likely to be a more confident one.
  • 6) Labour needs to win the support of the affluent middle class quicker than it loses its base vote.
  • 7) The serious split is between cities and their affluent suburbs versus the outer towns and much of the countryside.
  • 8) The new job opportunities could allow thousands of people from poorer backgrounds to become more affluent and join the middle classes.
  • 9) This gap in healthy life expectancy between affluent older people and those on low incomes is a major cause for concern.
  • 10) In the last two decades we have seen the growth of a more affluent group of people moving their homes internationally.
  • 11) But his promotion of organic production has slowly found mainstream favour and now chimes very much with the affluent middle class.
  • 12) But the family are not affluent.
  • 13) Windermere is a pretty, affluent town.
  • 14) The disparity is most pronounced in the capital's less affluent boroughs.
  • 15) The town is affluent and close to sought-after schools.
  • 16) Restaurants and clubs have opened in many of the township's more affluent areas.
  • 17) This particular part of Salford has become more affluent in recent years.
  • 18) But in more affluent areas the figure was 54 per cent.
  • 19) As we become affluent, we buy them canned meat.
  • 20) Today it is the archetypal affluent commuter town with good transport links London and a strong local economy.
  • 21) Coming in from our affluent suburb, it was a rare mass exposure to people who lived in the city proper.
  • 22) In many instances this is because there is strong demand for cheaper properties from local buyers priced out of the more affluent suburbs and city centre.
  • 23) THE best way to pick up a used car bargain is to buy from a dealer in less affluent areas.
  • 24) The family enjoyed an affluent lifestyle, including summer holidays at a house on the Danube.
  • 25) The number of charity shops in one of Britain's most affluent towns is upsetting local businesses.
  • 26) We also interviewed management from the National Association of Realtors, a number of real estate brokers, banks managers and elected officials in affluent communities.
  • 27) The segregation of the young elite, according to Murray, might not be so bad, except that so many of them have been ensconced in affluent suburbs from birth and have never been outside the bubble of privilege.
  • 28) Do you think that landlords in affluent areas take vouchers?
  • 29) Nice, little specialty charter schools that focus on some philosophy or specialization can be found in affluent suburban school districts. wiley says:
  • 30) ‘The Government wants to redistribute wealth from more affluent areas in the south to deprived parts in the north of the country.’
  • 31) ‘Oddly enough, the advertisers deny they are specifically targeting gay consumers, one of society's most affluent groups.’
  • 32) ‘However, a more complicated picture emerges from the affluent areas of the cities that were compared.’
  • 33) ‘If their land had become part of the city, they'd have faced the high property taxes used to cover social services in less affluent areas.’
  • 34) ‘The company also ‘could not afford the rents in some of the more affluent areas.’’
  • 35) ‘These are very affluent areas with over twice as many people as average earning in excess of £40,000 per annum.’
  • 36) ‘The best health was enjoyed by those people who reported less stress in their lives, people under the age of 55 and those living in affluent areas.’
  • 37) ‘Schools in more affluent areas and fee paying schools are more likely to have students whose parents can and will pay a lot of money for grinds and revision courses.’
  • 38) ‘It is situated in one of the less affluent areas of the town, where local residents, including many older people, are not easily able to reach the town centre office.’
  • 39) ‘It's a very affluent area and I like pretending I live there!’
  • 40) ‘He said land in affluent areas was generally much more expensive.’
  • 41) ‘And the system will not just be analysing deprived areas but also anti-social behaviour in affluent areas as well.’
  • 42) ‘Statistics prove that people living in deprived areas are less likely to use medical services than those living in more affluent areas.’
  • 43) ‘They made jeans with holes in them when the more affluent groups got involved.’
  • 44) ‘In this case, surely money couldn't have been an issue, given that they are both in well paid jobs and live in an affluent area.’
  • 45) ‘Differences in life expectancy between socioeconomic groups have widened, mainly as a result of faster rates of improvement in affluent groups.’
  • 46) ‘It is clear that by continuing to recruit disproportionately from the more affluent groups in society, higher education is exacerbating social class divides.’
  • 47) ‘Yet slowly but surely, cancer, already the second highest cause of mortality in affluent nations, is becoming a priority health problem in developing countries.’
  • 48) ‘The most affluent people surveyed were around 20% more likely to recognise cancer symptoms than people from poorer backgrounds.’
  • 49) ‘While affluent regions and social classes struggle with surplus production and surplus consumption, close to one fifth of the global population lives in constant under-nourishment.’
  • 50) ‘The chief commerce is in silk, which is carried on along the River and its numerous affluents and canals.’
  • 51) ‘About 60 miles higher up in the course of the Nile, there is another large affluent from the west.’
  • 52) ‘On reaching the bottom, what was our surprise and disgust to find ourselves landed on the high muddy bank of a wide, rapidly flowing affluent of the Great River.’
  • 53) ‘It is a broad valley with a marked northern edge, cut, it is true, by wide affluents.’
  • 54) ‘All the large affluents of the Amazonas, which drain the great plains, are navigable to a considerable extent.’


  • 1) And the holding ponds they built to catch the effluent spill over and that nasty stuff pours down into Red River.
  • 2) Noise rose from below like effluent from a blocked toilet and the light was so dim the waitress had to check the reservation book with a torch.
  • 3) There have been a number of bottling plants in India where the level of the water supply has dramatically dropped and in some cases there have been studies showing that effluent from the plants has dumped cadmium, chromium and other carcinogens onto the land of those who live in the community.
  • 4) Also, if the grass courts were fertilized with fecal effluent from the Canada geese and Nutria overpopulating all of our public parks and golf courses, it would be a real "win-win" for nature and the economy.
  • 5) The effluent is pumped into drainage ditches. visualjohn
  • 6) ‘Ground water is polluted by industrial effluent and human waste.’
  • 7) ‘Treated effluent is still discharged into Maguires Creek, the Richmond River and the Pacific Ocean.’
  • 8) ‘However, there were occasions when because of the poor quality industrial effluents being discharged into the river the water could carry no oxygen and it was impossible for fish to survive.’
  • 9) ‘Typical point sources of water pollution are manufacturing effluent and municipal waste.’
  • 10) ‘Pollution of water bodies by industrial effluents and civic waste is a crime on humanity and can no longer be ignored by the enforcing authorities.’
  • 11) ‘If effluent enters the river, bacteria use this food to multiply.’
  • 12) ‘It emerged last night that chemically treated human effluent was discharged at the site yesterday afternoon.’
  • 13) ‘But we can't go on trying to deal with effluent and waste and toxins without putting in resources.’
  • 14) ‘He said that the company, which admitted one count of discharging effluent, took environmental issues seriously.’
  • 15) ‘Late this season several thousand juvenile salmon died on an upper stretch of the Moy as a result of a discharge of effluent.’
  • 16) ‘Something similar happened when pig-farm effluent got into a river in Carolina in the US.’
  • 17) ‘The agency said there were high levels of nutrients, particularly phosphate and nitrate, which entered the river through sewage effluents and agricultural activities.’
  • 18) ‘This dumping of industrial effluents into the rivers will affect the general health of livestock and human beings dependant on water from these rivers.’
  • 19) ‘The indiscriminate dumping of industrial effluents and civic waste, in combination with falling water levels have taken their toll.’
  • 20) ‘Most rivers - or what's left of them - are foul reservoirs of industrial effluents and sewage.’
  • 21) ‘If the farm allows effluent into the river, then the fishery suffers due to increased costs of water purification.’
  • 22) ‘We are well aware that to discharge untreated effluent into a water course is illegal and unacceptable.’
  • 23) ‘There were also 61 oil spills and 54 leaks of minerals and trade effluent.’
  • 24) ‘The effluent contains a variety of industrial wastes but no estimate of their pollutional load is available.’
  • 25) ‘Farmers are now aware that silage effluent is highly polluting.’

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