balmy vs barmy

balmy barmy


  • 1) Soothing or fragrant.
  • 2) informal Foolish; slightly crazy or mad; eccentric.
  • 3) Producing balm.
  • 4) Mild and pleasant.
  • 5) Chiefly British Slang Eccentric in behavior.
  • 6) Having the quality or fragrance of balm; soothing.
  • 7) Having the qualities of balm; odoriferous; aromatic; assuaging; soothing; refreshing; mild.
  • 8) Informal Highly eccentric or crazy.
  • 9) Producing balm: as, “the balmy tree,”
  • 10) Of healing virtue; healing: as, balmy medicines.
  • 11) Soft; soothing; assuaging; refreshing.
  • 12) Having the qualities of balm; aromatic; fragrant.


  • 1) chiefly UK dotty, goofy, wacko.
  • 2) rare containing barm, i.e. froth from fermented yeast
  • 3) Full of barm; foamy.
  • 4) Eccentric; daft.
  • 5) Full of barm or froth; in a ferment.
  • 6) Containing or resembling barm or yeast; frothy.
  • 7) Hence Barmy-brained; empty-headed.


  • 1) There will be no balmy spring weather this week but nor should such fierce gales return.
  • 2) Those were golden days and balmy nights!
  • 3) The balmy weather may go some way to making up for the soggy summer.
  • 4) This time it came under floodlights on a balmy desert night.
  • 5) The balmy weather is to continue this week.
  • 6) It was a balmy night and a barmy night.
  • 7) Families flocked to beaches around the country over the weekend to make the most of the balmy weather.
  • 8) The bar is stocked with bottles that recall epic nights under balmy stars and toasts to famous futures.
  • 9) The latter looks along the river and is the perfect place to enjoy maximum sunlight and the balmy air.
  • 10) The double-height windows and balcony are great for entertaining on balmy summer nights or during the carnival.
  • 11) December 1981 began mild and balmy before the temperatures suddenly plunged.
  • 12) Talk of global warming will fill the balmy air of Hawaii this week.
  • 13) This week's balmy weather seemed somehow cheating.
  • 14) We wanted to make the most of the balmy night, starry sky and beaming moon.
  • 15) The balmy weather is down to hot air coming from the Mediterranean.
  • 16) The balmy dry weather of September seems a distant memory.
  • 17) And while some of us will be hoping for a balmy summer to follow, that could spell more misery for many.
  • 18) IT is a balmy night in a pretty seaside town a few miles from Barcelona.
  • 19) Add a little sparkle to your summer with this fabulous crystal and pearl watch - just perfect for warm sunny days and balmy summer nights.
  • 20) We might begin to conjure up something of the pleasure of those balmy nights that many of us have enjoyed on holiday in the Med.
  • 21) The Met Office said balmy westerly breezes will blow in tomorrow night from the tropics.
  • 22) Yet it was only last week that Britain was bathed in balmy, mild winds.
  • 23) For an Iowa winter that is positively balmy, and milder conditions may entice more people out to vote.
  • 24) Princess organised a huge celebration with a live band, fireworks and the countdown all taking place out at sea in the balmy Caribbean air.
  • 25) He had been sun-bathed in balmy weather, and brought in out of the wet when it rained.
  • 26) I'm so glad I moved here from Texas, where it's nice and balmy from the global warming.
  • 27) It's officially autumn today, but it still feels like summer here in balmy southern Ontario.
  • 28) The attendant of the room was sleeping like a near relative of the celebrated Seven, and nothing short of pins would rouse him; for he had been out that day, and whiskey asserted its supremacy in balmy whiffs.
  • 29) It was accompanied by a voice so enchantingly tender and melodious, that its sounds fell on the heart of Osbert in balmy comfort: it seemed sent by Heaven to arrest his fate: – the storm of passion was hushed within him, and he dissolved in kind tears of pity and contrition.
  • 30) The last week or so had seen a rise in temperatures to the 80s, described as balmy and August-like.
  • 31) DH said today felt "balmy" in comparison since we had a high of around 10 degrees F. Joy.
  • 32) Although Aillaud describes the weather as "balmy" on this November day, the temperature is 12 degrees, and the 22 mph wind makes it feel colder.
  • 33) But looking in advance of the front, we do have a lot of moisture coming into areas of New England making for cloudy kind of balmy weather.
  • 34) St James Park in Exeter has proven to be some kind of balmy Big Freeze-defying oasis this weekend.
  • 35) ‘The weather was balmy with a pleasant temperature.’
  • 36) ‘Nevertheless, it was a delightful town, and on this particular day the weather was warm and balmy.’
  • 37) ‘Everything was tossed into further bloom and the weather was warm and balmy every day.’
  • 38) ‘The Big Chill came just days after balmy weather which saw temperatures reaching double figures at the start of the week.’
  • 39) ‘It was particularly taxing, because with the clear skies, warm sun, and still, balmy weather we experienced for the entire journey, it became really quite hot in the car.’
  • 40) ‘Just got back from coffee break, where a few of us were sitting out in front of the Leabharlainn, enjoying some fine balmy early-autumn weather.’
  • 41) ‘We sat side by side on the lounge, the jazzy tune softly streaming through the speakers on a warm and balmy summer's night.’
  • 42) ‘York may have been basking in balmy weather this week - but the elderly and vulnerable in the city were today warned to brace themselves for what could be the coldest winter in nearly a decade.’
  • 43) ‘Friday was officially the last day of the wet season and, as if to commemorate its passing, the evening was warm, still and balmy.’
  • 44) ‘Where was the balmy weather for which California is known?’
  • 45) ‘Dinner served here under the stars on a warm balmy night is unforgettable - rather like the entire Curaçao experience.’
  • 46) ‘Two balmy and often sunny days passed right before our eyes.’
  • 47) ‘Sunny beaches and balmy winters are part of the good life in Florida.’
  • 48) ‘Interstate visitors commented that we who live here take it all for granted, alluding to clear days, balmy nights and the Ranges at our doorstep.’
  • 49) ‘I mean, it's not balmy or sunny, but it's not too bad either, considering I was still wearing two layers of clothes a week ago.’
  • 50) ‘I find myself on a balmy, sunny day, pounding the streets of an ancient city in search of contemporary art.’
  • 51) ‘It was a balmy, sunny, tropical day, and the waters looked clear and calm.’
  • 52) ‘It is easy to be blinded by the brilliance of that balmy Melbourne night.’
  • 53) ‘It was such a balmy evening we chose to sit outside, a decision we did not regret.’
  • 54) ‘One night the moon was full, the sky clear, and the air balmy, so my partner and I had dinner and waited for dark.’


  • 1) It's time this Government made a stand and refused to implement such a barmy policy.
  • 2) This barmy policy seems to be a waste of energy.
  • 3) You will go completely barmy after a day or two.
  • 4) It was just political correctness gone completely barmy.
  • 5) And once again this barmy idea that they are a boring team plodding up the field was taken apart.
  • 6) He it was who conceived the slightly barmy idea of using the Monument as a telescope.
  • 7) These are the barmy ideas of overpaid senior officers with topsy-turvy priorities.
  • 8) I stayed for a year on my own and went absolutely barmy.
  • 9) So it's not completely barmy.
  • 10) I think it's an absolutely barmy idea.
  • 11) This barmy idea is policy of governments past and present but will put English gardeners at a disadvantage and export yet more horticulture jobs abroad.
  • 12) You have a huge following and some popular - if barmy - ideas.
  • 13) Their barmy idea will arouse fury in the North and South.
  • 14) Before asking whether it is a barmy idea, let's look at the context.
  • 15) It was completely barmy to get married at 23. Not the right thing to have done at all.
  • 16) I haven't gone completely barmy.
  • 17) Surely the cash spent on this barmy idea could be put to better causes, such as our troops' kit?
  • 18) He said: 'It is barmy.
  • 19) A spokeswoman said: 'It was barmy.
  • 20) barmy idea - and I was too expensive?
  • 21) Meanwhile, all over the country, councils are dreaming up new and increasingly barmy ideas to squeeze a few more lumps of money from motorists.
  • 22) It's also fun to find out, via these collected letters, the types of books and movies Farrell was consuming while writing and editing Troubles: Cold Comfort Farm, Thomas Hardy ( "barmy"), The Garden of Finzi-Continis, Easy Rider.
  • 23) Rules and regulations are never anything other than "barmy" and planning strategies are invariably "Soviet-style".
  • 24) In London, the Foreign Office says the idea of Britain in NAFTA is "barmy," as it would have to pull out of the EU entirely.
  • 25) In a further twist to this story, Baker must know that there is absolutely nothing he, as an MP, can do about changing what he condemns as a "barmy" directive.
  • 26) BIRMINGHAM MEP Mike Nattrass is determined to prove there are no flies on him by rallying against a "barmy" EU directive outlawing pepper from insect traps.
  • 27) Shadow Home Secretary David Davis called the idea "barmy".
  • 28) Mrs Hill described her sacking as "barmy" and said she would be opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate her victory.
  • 29) ‘Do we really pay people to come to such barmy decisions?’
  • 30) ‘But the over-protective hothouse mentality is barmy.’
  • 31) ‘Those are the blokes so barmy, so psycho, they got turned down by their own national armies.’
  • 32) ‘This fabulously barmy show is littered with Wilde's inimitable razor-sharp hysterical one-liners and a delicious vein of black humour.’
  • 33) ‘This year, we had the additional joys of a barmy dog that hates fireworks - and goes slightly mental when they go off.’
  • 34) ‘Actually, we thought he was a lunatic - quite literally: he went barmy when the moon was full.’
  • 35) ‘On his own return to the Tory frontbench, Mr Hague said: ‘I must be mad, actually, I am obviously barmy.’’
  • 36) ‘If you were barmy enough to believe that the Commies really would infiltrate the corridors of power through brain-washing, then you were barmy enough to believe anything.’
  • 37) ‘As he was led away to the cells, Palmer swore and shouted: ‘What a waste of taxpayers' money - it's barmy.’’
  • 38) ‘That someone who is getting assaulted by their partner is prepared to put up with that because if they leave, the pet will receive the same treatment is slightly barmy, but understandable.’
  • 39) ‘In addition, the unceasing soundtrack of light, R & B-influenced pop and mild-mannered rock is sending me slightly barmy.’
  • 40) ‘Whatever else he may be, Leishman is certainly an extrovert, and the barmy bard would turn up on Saint and Greavsie delivering slices of his home-cooked poetry.’
  • 41) ‘He draws out great performances from his cast as well - Peter Kelly's barmy theatre owner and David Ireland as his bumbling nemesis being just two examples.’
  • 42) ‘Perhaps you should have little fiddly problems with a new property, but it should not be as barmy as this.’
  • 43) ‘Feeling hungry having not eaten since breakfast, we had a Chinese meal for tea and watched Second Hand Lions which is a fantastic film about a boy growing up with his two barmy uncles.’
  • 44) ‘Through all our letter boxes this week dropped yet another barmy proposal dreamt up by DEFRA in response to the 1991 Nitrates Directive.’
  • 45) ‘Their policies are laughable - what's happening with the lake in front of the City Hall, how much were the consultants' fees for that barmy idea?’
  • 46) ‘They'd think Daddy quite barmy, and they'd be right.’
  • 47) ‘This means their actions are likely to get more desperate, their logic more twisted, their conspiracy theories more barmy and their rhetoric more rabid.’
  • 48) ‘Doolittle in My Fair Lady, is back on more familiar ground in this barmy story, littered with Wilde's razor-sharp one-liners.’
  • 49) ‘Asking the locals something apparently obvious with a Scottish accent just makes them think I'm barmy.’
  • 50) ‘A new report reveals we are forking out fortunes to bankroll bureaucrats with barmy "non-job" titles.’
  • 51) ‘A welcoming friend, he would always look at a manuscript or sit up for hours to listen politely to a barmy argument.’
  • 52) ‘There are people who'd think you were barmy.’
  • 53) ‘In the beginning, even Scotland's leading folk musicians thought Celtic Connections was a barmy idea.’
  • 54) ‘The result was an utterly mad, mostly utterly barmy, rush of a half hour.’
  • 55) ‘I am struggling to remember a more barmy example of passing the buck.’
  • 56) ‘I whittled away in my bedroom - I used to drive the cleaners barmy, with shavings around the room.’
  • 57) ‘There is the absolutely barmy Professor Cuthbert Calculus, who designs the rocket to the moon.’
  • 58) ‘Anyone barmy enough to join Morris in jumping out of a plane can get in touch with him about next year's trip to France.’
  • 59) ‘A colleague called it "bureaucracy gone barmy."’
  • 60) ‘Everywhere we turn there is fresh evidence that the country has gone completely barmy on the price front.’
  • 61) ‘What's more, the speed limits in this country are barmy.’
  • 62) ‘We must be barmy to let this happen.’
  • 63) ‘Hardly a week goes by without another barmy example of political correctness being imposed by our town halls.’
  • 64) ‘It was quiet, no barmy celebrations, with stunned supporters still coming to terms with what they had seen.’
  • 65) ‘The clock would drive most of us barmy.’
  • 66) ‘My wife thinks I am a bit barmy.’
  • 67) ‘But the president-for-life is as sinister as he is barmy.’
  • 68) ‘He is often regarded in the West as a bumbling eccentric, renowned for issuing barmy decrees.’

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