among vs amongst

among amongst


  • 1) At intervals; here and there.
  • 2) Together (with something).
  • 3) Between whiles; at intervals; from time to time; now and then.
  • 4) To each of; by or for distribution to: as, he gave five dollars to be divided among them.
  • 5) In or into the midst of; in association or connection with: as, he fell among thieves; one among this people.
  • 6) In the number of; of or out of.
  • 7) By the joint action or consent of; with the common aid or knowledge of: as, settle it among yourselves; the mischief was done among you.
  • 8) During the time; meanwhile.
  • 9) In (the circumstances of; during the time or term of; in the course of.
  • 10) Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. (See Usage Note at amidst)
  • 11) Denotes a sharing of a common feature in a group.
  • 12) Denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group.
  • 13) By many or the entire number of; with many.
  • 14) By the joint action of.
  • 15) In the group, number, or class of.
  • 16) With portions to each of.
  • 17) With or against one another.
  • 18) In the midst of; surrounded by.
  • 19) In the company of; in association with.
  • 20) Conjoined, or associated with, or making part of the number of; in the number or class of.
  • 21) Mixed or mingled; surrounded by.
  • 22) Expressing a relation of dispersion, distribution, etc.; also, a relation of reciprocal action.


  • 1) Sameasamong.
  • 2) Same as among.
  • 3) Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. See usage note at amidst.


  • 1) It took her a long time to pick out the mantid from her hiding place among the foliage.
  • 2) The younger men among the leading city families furnished most of the captains for the city regiments, —among them being Henry S. Livingston, Abraham Van Wyck, John Berrian, John J. Roosevelt, and others.
  • 3) “_And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles_, _in the midst of many people as a_ LION _among the beasts of the forest_, _as a_ YOUNG LION _among the flocks of sheep_: _who_, _if he go through_,
  • 4) Peter de Jager, coauthor with Richard Burgeon of Managing 00, helped popularize the term among the netties, as did Dan Rather of the broadcast network netties.
  • 5) The music genre known as Americana, with roots in early folk and country music, has been popular in certain circles for years, but gained enough widespread attention recently to place the term among other new dictionary entries.
  • 6) Seeing your name among the top scorers is brilliant, especially when I think of what I used to do and where I have come from to get where I am.
  • 7) It also prefers large cities over rural or marshy areas—thus earning the nickname among entomologists as "the urban mosquito."
  • 8) On a recent Tuesday evening, the students of Emerson Social Media—or #ESM, as the students refer to it on Twitter and elsewhere online—settled on the concept of a Twitter-based scavenger hunt to help spread the word among Boston's college population about Sprint.
  • 9) ‘Waking up to find a hung-over friend of a relative amongst the presents will certainly help that year stand out.’
  • 10) ‘The central two-hander is set among a group of friends, all of whom are married or about to marry.’
  • 11) ‘Birds filled the air with their song while butterflies danced amongst the wild flowers.’
  • 12) ‘It is a beautiful world situated among endless sands and rocks under an orange sky.’
  • 13) ‘And all four are very unusual and uncommon topics for discussion amongst friends.’
  • 14) ‘Obviously I haven't been brave enough to broach this topic amongst our friends for fear of an outcry.’
  • 15) ‘It was that idea, in fact, that always made me a bit of an outcast amongst my more liberal friends.’
  • 16) ‘Most people when faced with the break-up of their marriage would surely take shelter amongst family and friends.’
  • 17) ‘I could hardly keep the smile off my face, I was so pleased to be amongst friends in a strange country.’
  • 18) ‘It was a brilliant night and I felt really lucky to be amongst friends who knew their way around.’
  • 19) ‘You get lonely on your own at 3am, and it's like being amongst old friends in here.’
  • 20) ‘Blessed is he who has found his place, for he shall be content among friends.’
  • 21) ‘On the other hand, among friends with whom you feel at ease, you are expressive, witty, and quite charming.’
  • 22) ‘At the Fabian Society's summer reception at Westminster he was among friends and looking relaxed and comfortable.’
  • 23) ‘The Friends will be among those celebrating Hob Moor's new status as a Local Nature Reserve at a free party there in a week's time.’
  • 24) ‘The document is now code and the code is now simply one window among others.’
  • 25) ‘I see the future of Turkey in Europe as a prosperous, tolerant, democratic country among others.’
  • 26) ‘According to the law, road users must give priority to, among others, the vehicles of state officials.’
  • 27) ‘These charges, among others, were laid at the mock-Tudor mansion doors of footballers in 2003.’
  • 28) ‘It makes for a dramatic backdrop to explore cuisine of Senegal, Cameroon and Mali, among others.’
  • 29) ‘The agreement was initially hailed as providing a boost for tomato and avocado growers, among others.’
  • 30) ‘A young lady and her lawyers came to me among others, and we represented what we believed.’
  • 31) ‘He pointed out that bad infrastructure in the region was among factors hampering trade relations.’
  • 32) ‘Town-gown relations in York are among the best in the country and many locals are glad it is October again.’
  • 33) ‘These are among the concerns shared by members in recent days.’
  • 34) ‘She is among the most popular members of staff at the infant school.’
  • 35) ‘There were few members of the general public among the students at that time.’
  • 36) ‘These companies were among those to indicate lower earnings.’
  • 37) ‘We'll count you among the participants in this next phase of the peace movement.’
  • 38) ‘Certainly children seem to be among the most enthusiastic participants when clean-up efforts are called for.’
  • 39) ‘He was the mushers' choice for best sportsman among the pack, and he professed to be unable to see why.’
  • 40) ‘For the inauguration, they picked a student among the participants to inaugurate the seminar.’
  • 41) ‘She will be among the participants in the swimming competitions.’
  • 42) ‘The State Minister for the Environment was also seen among the participants.’
  • 43) ‘She noted that lawyers have always been among the most avid participants in the survey.’
  • 44) ‘Another symbol popular among the gay community is the inverted triangle.’
  • 45) ‘During the late Nineties the general view among investors was that shares weren't things to be sold.’
  • 46) ‘She said that the general feeling among communities was that they were tired of these crimes and wanted action to be taken.’
  • 47) ‘Working in Sierra Leone, she found horrific decay among the children whose teeth she examined.’
  • 48) ‘These conditions often led to disillusionment and cynicism among community members.’
  • 49) ‘A quick scan of the room sees members nodding among themselves and grinning.’
  • 50) ‘They also aimed to promote a sense of community spirit and pride amongst the Carnarvon population.’
  • 51) ‘It also generated outrage and headaches among the academic community at the festival.’
  • 52) ‘Is the hypernova theory generally accepted as fact amongst the astronomy community?’
  • 53) ‘His views were generally shared among the veterans who said they had no resentment now toward the kamikaze pilots.’
  • 54) ‘I can hardly see the latest suggestions from the police having a beneficial effect on the levels of fear amongst the general public.’
  • 55) ‘We believe there is widespread support amongst the general public for such a move.’
  • 56) ‘A fatigue has set in among the general public, and the last thing they want to do is to take to streets in the sweltering heat.’
  • 57) ‘There is a great dissatisfaction among the general public regarding the redressal mechanism.’
  • 58) ‘There's a growing suspicion among the general public that corruption and fraud is rife.’
  • 59) ‘I think there's a general feeling among members that were he to be selected as a candidate he would do a good job.’
  • 60) ‘It is this gap in understanding amongst the wider community that [we] hope to address with this guide.’
  • 61) ‘All this has created unprecedented fear and alienation amongst our communities.’
  • 62) ‘Instead of rivalry, says Sebastien, there's a real sense of community amongst those who take part.’
  • 63) ‘The response amongst the busking community has been decidedly lukewarm.’
  • 64) ‘It was also indicated that the grant will be divided among the six participating institutions.’
  • 65) ‘The king was growing old, and thought to divide his kingdom among his daughters.’
  • 66) ‘Built for the use of one family, many are now divided among five to six families.’
  • 67) ‘Divide your protein among five smaller meals per day, which also helps keep cravings at bay.’
  • 68) ‘Intending to divide his kingdom among his daughters according to their affection for him, he bids them say which loves him most.’
  • 69) ‘The kinetic missiles flew to their targets as one salvo, divided among five targets.’
  • 70) ‘People make choices among magazines based on their tastes and their points of view.’
  • 71) ‘With a fully-fit squad, the coach is obliged to make choices among his forwards.’
  • 72) ‘It is from among the regular participants in this programme that the eight bikers-to-be were picked.’
  • 73) ‘Why not divide the four fates amongst four different people, and make it fair?’
  • 74) ‘The ecclesiastical fission has led to some tiny island villages being split religiously among as many as five different bodies.’
  • 75) ‘That becomes just another datum assumed when choosing amongst alternative choices.’
  • 76) ‘In fact, the only reason the Magic come up as the team of choice among free agents is because it has money to spend.’
  • 77) ‘In 1999, the cadres in Hongshan village divided the public funds among themselves.’
  • 78) ‘It certainly did not mean that this income is shared out equally amongst the population.’


  • 1) The more curious amongst them near the back turned to see where it came from.
  • 2) The world owes a very large part of its sufferings to tyrants; but what tyrant was there amongst the ancients, whom the poets did not place _amongst the gods_?
  • 3) I don't know about her, but for me it was an instant green light when they mentioned her name amongst others.
  • 4) And there seem to be high hopes for the title amongst gamers.
  • 5) The last of their thirteen toasts prayed that “the United States, cemented by the New Constitution,” would “rise beautiful as a Phoenix from the ashes of contempt,” and that “Commerce, in all its branches, flourish unrestricted under its auspices, as long as America has a name amongst the nations.”
  • 6) But then, I found that when the first few chords would strike, I wouldn't skip ahead... until I was actively searching for the title amongst thousands, and repeating it over and over again.

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