temerity vs timidity

temerity timidity


  • 1) shyness
  • 2) The quality or state of being timid; timorousness; timidness.
  • 3) fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions
  • 4) fearfulness in venturing into new and unknown places or activities
  • 5) Synonyms See bashfulness.
  • 6) The character of being timid, or easily frightened or daunted; cowardice; fearfulness; timorousness; shyness.


  • 1) One of the German reporters had even had the temerity to suggest that Todd was undergoing plastic surgery.
  • 2) I admired his book and one day had the temerity to write and tell him so.
  • 3) Now that he had done it, he felt amazed at his own temerity in delivering such an ultimatum to the Coronal.
  • 4) ‘And this Minister has the audacity and temerity to try to say that that is listening to the people.’
  • 5) ‘The astonishment at Exeter's temerity to claim the lead had barely subsided when the Grecians doubled their advantage.’
  • 6) ‘Don't you think it'll have something to do with your act, I venture, receiving an affronted look for my temerity.’
  • 7) ‘It is his temerity in assuming that love is universally a good thing and a cause for celebration that has doomed him.’
  • 8) ‘The bold realist whose candor, even temerity, was legendary turned out to have been hiding a secret.’
  • 9) ‘Above all, she has a breathtaking fearlessness, and the talent to back up her temerity.’
  • 10) ‘It takes time and temerity to get beneath the surface of them all.’
  • 11) ‘Now nearly two decades older, I am not yet entirely depleted of breezy temerity.’
  • 12) ‘You do not need a great deal of temerity to suggest that in the circumstances.’
  • 13) ‘Many at the environmental assessment meetings at least had the temerity to question the spending priorities of our governments.’
  • 14) ‘But he didn't acknowledge me at all until I had the temerity to speak, and ask a question.’
  • 15) ‘And if you have the temerity to do so your reputation will be shattered and your dignity will be shredded.’
  • 16) ‘Officers could be just as bad as the men, knocking hats off cab drivers and horse-whipping officials who had the temerity to make any demands of them.’
  • 17) ‘We just want to make great music, put it out and have the temerity to think that there are enough people out there who are like-minded and have as high standards as we do.’
  • 18) ‘And then she had the temerity to sit there in a press conference and argue between herself and yourself.’
  • 19) ‘Would you believe that Maud has the temerity to lie about her birthday?’
  • 20) ‘You have the temerity to blame the free market for unemployment?’
  • 21) ‘They even had the temerity to ask how much I earn, which I always thought was a secret between me and the Receiver of Income.’
  • 22) ‘She was very touchy when one brave soul had the temerity to suggest that she had made more than the usual number of unforced errors in her opening match.’
  • 23) ‘When I had the temerity to refer to this survey in a newspaper column, the wrath of a very substantial and vocal lobby came down upon my head.’


  • 1) But progress has been timid and slow.
  • 2) Warm weather is thought to bring the otherwise shy and timid snakes out of the undergrowth.
  • 3) The magazine was for people who were a little bit timid and wanted to learn more things.
  • 4) How nervous and timid they seem.
  • 5) We must always avoid using the pulpit to say the pointedly personal things we are too timid to say to an individual.
  • 6) For most of its life the regulator has seemed slow, timid and out of touch.
  • 7) She was timid and shy, and a little awkward.
  • 8) He has admitted in the past that he was painfully shy, timid and geeky.
  • 9) He was timid and shy.
  • 10) ‘timidity is evident in the way most companies are spending the bulk of their money.’
  • 11) ‘Sheep have a thick woolly coat, usually live in groups as flocks, and are known for their timidity.’
  • 12) ‘My wife's a teacher and I have long berated her for her timidity in using IT in the classroom.’
  • 13) ‘Parents were much less likely than were professionals to assign responsibility for their boys' timidity to themselves.’
  • 14) ‘His old timidity has completely left, as he speaks without fear.’

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