ail vs ale

ail ale


  • 1) An ailment; trouble; illness.
  • 2) The awn of barley or other types of corn.
  • 3) Indisposition or morbid affection.
  • 4) Indisposition or morbid affection; ailment.
  • 5) The beard of wheat, barley, etc., especially of barley: chiefly in the plural.
  • 6) obsolete Painful; troublesome.
  • 7) intransitive To be ill; to suffer; to be troubled.
  • 8) transitive To cause to suffer; to trouble, afflict. (Now chiefly in interrogative or indefinite constructions.)
  • 9) be ill or unwell
  • 10) cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed
  • 11) Painful;troublesome.
  • 12) Painful; troublesome.
  • 13) To affect with pain or uneasiness, either of body or of mind; trouble: used in relation to some uneasiness or affection whose cause is unknown: as, what ails the man?
  • 14) To feel pain; be ill (usually in a slight degree); be unwell: now used chiefly in the present participle: as, he is ailing to-day.
  • 15) To cause physical or mental pain or uneasiness to; trouble. synonym: trouble.
  • 16) To feel ill or have pain.
  • 17) To be affected with pain or uneasiness of any sort; to be ill or indisposed or in trouble.
  • 18) To affect with pain or uneasiness, either physical or mental; to trouble; to be the matter with; -- used to express some uneasiness or affection, whose cause is unknown.


  • 1) An intoxicating liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation and the addition of a bitter, usually hops.
  • 2) A festival in English country places, so called from the liquor drunk.
  • 3) A fermented alcoholic beverage containing malt and hops, similar to but heavier than beer.
  • 4) a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast; in some of the United States an ale is (by law) a brew of more than 4% alcohol by volume
  • 5) A light-colored beer, made from malt which is dried at a low heat. See beer.
  • 6) An ale-drinking; a festival or merrymaking at which ale was the beverage drunk.
  • 7) An ale-house.
  • 8) A brew of ale; as much ale as is brewed at one time.


  • 1) In the triumph of progress over ailing and ageing, is it too much to ask that dandruff be retained?
  • 2) Undoubtedly, continuing to buy into ailing businesses during and after the 2008 financial meltdown.
  • 3) Money can't buy you love, but it is admittedly quite important if you are an ailing international record company.
  • 4) She's the woman with the desirable personal style, who took an ailing catalogue company and made it a global fashion player.
  • 5) ** charity in ipinifters to baptize ail they can y
  • 6) Mae 'na ambell lysenw yn fy nofelau sydd wedi eu benthyg o' ail 'a' thrydydd 'llysenw ambell berson go iawn - llysenwau sydd ddim mor eang-gyfarwydd â'u prif lysenwau.
  • 7) If, on the contrary, you fall back into evil courses, you feel immediately some physical ail, which is a certain proof of the powerful influence of faith, not only on the soul, but on the body also? '"
  • 8) 'ail' lysenw un ffrind sydd wedi cael ei adnabod dan lysenw gwahanol ers amser rhy hir i rai pobl gofio.
  • 9) Not only that, as you build these healthy actions into your life you are going to help all the other things that ail you.
  • 10) NEW DELHI -- Food prices in India rose in the week ended July 16 due to costlier vegetables and fruits, underscoring authorities' warning that high inflation will ail the economy for some more time.
  • 11) And if you're watching a movie and want to check your e-ail: easy. you just quit the movie, check the e-mail, then come back.
  • 12) ‘A doctor who specializes in sports medicine, however, would give you an answer more tailored to your fitness level and whatever ails you.’
  • 13) ‘Her back is strong, so you can go to her to shoulder the angst of whatever ails you.’
  • 14) ‘Coffee has been a comfort, an instigator, and a cure for whatever ails you for hundreds of years.’
  • 15) ‘Whatever has ailed him this season clearly seems to have healed.’
  • 16) ‘All patients can do is trust that the strangers on their health care team are competent and caring enough to do their best to help correct whatever ails the patient.’
  • 17) ‘‘The public is confused by stories that broccoli cures whatever ails you,’ says Key.’
  • 18) ‘Whatever it is that ails us, we carry this misinformation with us and it colours our actions, our relationships, our work - in fact every aspect of our lives.’
  • 19) ‘The only treatment they may offer is a spinal adjustment for whatever ails you.’
  • 20) ‘So if you want to tell me about your boyfriend or whatever it is that ails you, I'm all ears.’
  • 21) ‘None of the very skilled physicians in the royal palace had been able to cure him of whatever had ailed him, or even find out what it was.’
  • 22) ‘Serve this Mexican-style soup with tortilla chips and diced avocado as a sure cure for whatever may ail you!’
  • 23) ‘There were no technicians with the latest equipment waiting to help him decipher the coughs, bellyaches, chest pains, dizzy spells and fevers that ailed his patients.’
  • 24) ‘Fortunately, most experts on the subject agree that it's not too late fix what ails the system, and more important, what ails these girls.’
  • 25) ‘Fix what ails us and you fix everything, in a sense.’
  • 26) ‘And later, is the latest wonder drug curing what ails you or compromising your health?’
  • 27) ‘Even if you end up rejecting their feedback, get a second opinion on what ails you.’
  • 28) ‘From the days of bleeding with leeches, modern medicine has come full circle to once again see nature is the best place to look for cures to the things that ail us.’
  • 29) ‘That may very well be true, but how do you expect me to offer help unless you tell me what ails you?’
  • 30) ‘There is almost nothing a parent can do to ‘fix’ what ails teenagers.’
  • 31) ‘By gently manipulating your skull, these practitioners claim they can cure what ails you, yet scientific studies have not proven so.’


  • 1) Fill three quarters with crushed ice and pour over ginger ale.
  • 2) Think roaring log fires, real ales and an unfussy atmosphere.
  • 3) I mean a pale ale.
  • 4) This creativity with flavour is part of a broader aim to reposition real ale.
  • 5) Mix equal parts apple juice and sparkling ginger ale and add a dash of elderflower cordial.
  • 6) The presence of hops was what distinguished beer from ale.
  • 7) The beautifully maintained pub garden is the ideal spot to enjoy a pint of local cask ale.
  • 8) They might inspire me to brew a new ale.
  • 9) The rediscovery of india pale ale has defined the craft beer revival.
  • 10) It also serves a good selection of real ales and wines.
  • 11) The food is second to none and the real ale is to die for.
  • 12) The difference between craft beer and real ale is easy to spot.
  • 13) Many pubs do not sell cask ale because it is regarded as too difficult to handle.
  • 14) Another module will show how to brew ale.
  • 15) Some wonderful pale ales were born there.
  • 16) It has a real ale festival this weekend with free entry.
  • 17) Or try topping up a glass of cheap white with ginger ale and a few sprigs of mint.
  • 18) An extensive range of wines and real ales to go with classic pub food and more inventive fare.
  • 19) The revival of cask ale has also helped to drive a surge in the number of new breweries.
  • 20) Pale ales with a large amount of hops have a much higher silicon content than darker beers or those made from wheat.
  • 21) If they miss, they must drink ale from a chamber pot.
  • 22) When punks enter the shop, they ask for ginger ale.
  • 23) Pubs serve Belgian beer and local ale.
  • 24) Then slowly pour in the ale, wine and stock.
  • 25) The tenants of those that remained had to be allowed to sell a guest ale, brewed by another company.
  • 26) Its strong portfolio of ales should stand it in good stead, as demand for real ale and craft beers continues to soar.
  • 27) They tend to be strong and sweet, based on old ale, strong ale or barley wine.
  • 28) ‘The most common, or at least best known are lager, ale, stout and pilsner.’
  • 29) ‘The Skeff Bar, Eyre Square, raised the price of a pint of stout, ale, lager, cider and a measure of whiskey by 10 cents.’
  • 30) ‘Two publicans in the city centre were found to have added 10 cents to the prices of a measure of whiskey and pints of stout, ale, lager and cider.’
  • 31) ‘The Wellington charged an extra 50 cent on a pint of stout, ale and lager, with 40 cent extra on cider.’
  • 32) ‘At the bar there are a variety of lagers, draught ale and hand-pulls, a selection of bottled drinks and eight different types of wine.’
  • 33) ‘Moreover, they are not drinking the servant's traditional porter or ale, but ‘punch’.’
  • 34) ‘First, on 11 December 1979 AB applied to register the mark BUDWEISER for beer, ale and porter.’
  • 35) ‘It brews a range of 10 lagers, ales and stouts at a plant in Blanchardstown - the microbrewery in Temple Bar has been removed - and these are supplied exclusively to the five outlets.’
  • 36) ‘I had a pint of Castle Eden traditional draught ale to wash it all down.’
  • 37) ‘While one brewing insider said that the chilled hybrid mix of lager and ale was way ahead of its time, most others though it was really pretty awful.’
  • 38) ‘In Wednesday's budget, he is expected to slash the duty that breweries have to pay on ale, beer and stout.’
  • 39) ‘But the star attraction - cask beer and bottled ale at sensible prices - had never changed.’
  • 40) ‘A copper coloured (golden brown) American style ale / lager hybrid with a lasting head.’
  • 41) ‘A dark beer such as Rickard's Red or Double Diamond will add smokier flavour while a lager or ale such as Brick's Red Cap will add a little bite.’
  • 42) ‘Also on display was his lager and strong ale, so we gave it a quality control test, to make sure that they still tasted good.’
  • 43) ‘The company brews its own selection of nine stouts, ales and lagers in Dublin using chemical-free, unpasteurised brewing methods.’
  • 44) ‘For this reason, real ale is also commonly referred to as cask-conditioned or bottle-conditioned ale.’
  • 45) ‘This new style of beer tasted different from traditional ale and was received with initial suspicion in England.’
  • 46) ‘More than 50 cask ales, lagers and ciders will be on available, including Abbot ale, Cumberland ale, Titanic Iceberg and Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter.’
  • 47) ‘For example, pilsner is one of the most popular lagers, while porter and stout are examples of ales.’
  • 48) ‘Acrid with the cigars and pipes held by half the room's population and sweet with wine and brewing ale.’
  • 49) ‘They found references indicating that about 445 years ago, a non-stout, non-porter black ale was brewed in Belgium.’
  • 50) ‘Evander smiled as he watched his little sister leave, taking another sip at the strong brew of ale that lay in front of him.’
  • 51) ‘Arthur Guinness first began to brew porter in 1778, and would eventually stop brewing ale in 1799.’
  • 52) ‘The closer he came the heavier the scent of barley-based ale became.’
  • 53) ‘Now I'm kicked back in the warm abode with a home-brewed Winter ale counting down the last hours of the weekend.’
  • 54) ‘With a character somewhat akin to that of a high-gravity, herbal pale ale, the White is also the sole Trappist ale available on draft in the U.S.’
  • 55) ‘Sierra Nevada Celebration ale is a winter-time favorite, a zestily hopped ale that briskly wakes your tastebuds.’
  • 56) ‘Before I could say anything he grabbed the mug of ale from my hands and gulped it down, spilling ale all over his clothes.’
  • 57) ‘Twenty years ago, seven out of every 10 pints drunk were ale.’
  • 58) ‘He could see quite a few sailors, laughing, smoking and drinking foaming pints of ale.’
  • 59) ‘I sat on bar stools, drinking pints of warm ale with my mates.’
  • 60) ‘Men grappled with heavy implements all day long, then hit the local pub to drink ale from a 10-pound beer tankard, fight and arm-wrestle.’
  • 61) ‘At mid-winter the Norsemen lit bonfires, told stories and drank sweet ale.’

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