ahold vs a hold

ahold a hold


  • 1) A hold, grip, grasp.
  • 2) A hold or grip.
  • 3) obsolete, nautical To bring a ship to lie as near to the windward as it can to get out to sea.
  • 4) obsolete Near the wind.
  • 5) Near the wind, so as to hold or keep to it: as, to lay a ship a-hold.


  • 1) But then Kelly got ahold of him, reminded him of what he knew, and demanded money.
  • 2) `Don't let that Mickey Gillis get ahold of this story, huh?
  • 3) Escobar's trying to work backward to find how the guy got ahold of them in the first place, how he knew they'd be willing.
  • 4) Yes | No | Report from Crack Predator Calls wrote 14 weeks 6 days ago kvlaser22, how can i get ahold of you? i'd like to talk about your hunting.
  • 5) The show's executive producer Neil Goldman tweeted "Midseason schedule burn!" after the news broke, and series creator Dan Harmon responded "Streets ahold!"
  • 6) I think it is a good idea in the fact that it makes it easier for the farmers and hunters to get ahold of each other.
  • 7) The technical landscape involved contains a myriad set of problems for law enforcement officials trying to get ahold of information.
  • 8) A good midwestern girl, raised on corn and chicken and food you could grab ahold of, must have done something unforgivable to deserve this slippery thing.
  • 9) If imprisonment is the penalty there may be some issues of privilege (or getting ahold of him should he stay in Washington).
  • 10) But sometimes these things get dropped and picked up again, when the feds get ahold of some new information.
  • 11) When Infinite Crisis got ahold of them, these characters were each a few years removed from having their own books.

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