purposefully vs purposely

purposefully purposely


  • 1) In a purposeful manner.
  • 2) in a purposeful manner


  • 1) on purpose; intentionally
  • 2) With specific purpose.
  • 3) With purpose or design; intentionally; with predetermination; designedly.
  • 4) with intention; in an intentional manner


  • 1) By treating organisational systems as involving purposeful action, pictures of the system interaction can be built up.
  • 2) Prisons should be places of purposeful activity.
  • 3) But the worst thing is the lack of purposeful activity.
  • 4) Sport gives you this incredibly purposeful life.
  • 5) With the chrome grille and twin exhausts it looks muscular and purposeful.
  • 6) It also is a systematic and purposeful application of the same basic work concepts to the application of knowledge.
  • 7) Some strong, purposeful carries in the first half.
  • 8) There must also be guarantees about prisoner rehabilitation, exercise and purposeful activity.
  • 9) Such purposeful activity by a few men was offset by a decline in both the health and discipline of the crews in general.
  • 10) In overcrowded prisons officers prioritise security, not purposeful activity.
  • 11) Keep your head high and your shoulders back and take measured, purposeful strides.
  • 12) They strode on stage, looking purposeful.
  • 13) They looked smooth, purposeful and full of running.
  • 14) It has the most power, highest spec and purposeful looks.
  • 15) It's what made them look purposeful.
  • 16) People marry because they hope that life together will be more effective, satisfying, and purposeful than life alone.
  • 17) In this world, innovation is the norm: it is all about converting new ideas into purposeful and profitable action.
  • 18) The blue hair is now greying, she has a protester's healthy tan and she looks purposeful in walking boots.
  • 19) You will have a practical, positive approach to life that helps you swap wishful thinking for purposeful action - and it gets results.
  • 20) The lack of purposeful activity, let alone learning literacy or other skills, is a further punishment on top of the loss of liberty.
  • 21) All I can say with certainty is that he is trying to live a purposeful life, for himself and his family.
  • 22) United have been the more robust team this season, the one who have marched with a purposeful stride, the side you would least expect to wobble.
  • 23) And yet the owner is compelled to display the dustbin's contents, failing to realise that a richer and more purposeful life exists away from the bin.
  • 24) ‘Then she heads purposefully for the door.’
  • 25) ‘Olivia marches purposefully around the shop.’
  • 26) ‘I much prefer it when he strides purposefully through the office with a menacing glare.’
  • 27) ‘The boss strode purposefully past the janitors, but then suddenly stopped.’
  • 28) ‘There were well-groomed sales negotiators talking purposefully on the phones trying hard to pitch a sale here and close another deal there.’
  • 29) ‘I leave the boss and stride purposefully to the colour printer to retrieve my latest set of glossy prints.’
  • 30) ‘I swear as I march purposefully toward the direction of the morgue.’
  • 31) ‘Michelle completely ignored him and strode purposefully to the racks full of sniper rifles.’
  • 32) ‘He walked purposefully to the small nightstand by the motel bed and pulled a tissue from the box on top of the table.’
  • 33) ‘Niklas headed purposefully for the gramophone in the living room and let the sounds of cheerful Bavarian folk music fill the apartment.’
  • 34) ‘They slog purposefully, awaiting the report of the distant guns to herald the attack.’
  • 35) ‘purposefully, I squared my shoulders and pushed myself off the couch.’
  • 36) ‘I want the paintings clearly and purposefully hung, without trying to conceal or minimize the visual interruption.’
  • 37) ‘We can guide students more purposefully through their work as writers and use our responses to teach, not just to critique or grade.’
  • 38) ‘The latter means that management can purposefully change the mix, introducing more market, for example, or less command.’
  • 39) ‘Less purposefully, the president also attained the type of monetary policy that he had earlier sought.’
  • 40) ‘There was some stuff going on there that wasn't entirely explained purposefully.’
  • 41) ‘She organized them into an orderly set of people each working purposefully and productively.’
  • 42) ‘Many political ecologists are purposefully engaged in such action.’
  • 43) ‘Using this gift purposefully, we tap into a higher dimension of intelligence.’
  • 44) ‘We have to devise ways in which serious matters are seriously and purposefully discussed.’
  • 45) ‘There is an inability to communicate or interact purposefully with the environment.’
  • 46) ‘Live more purposefully: reassert your values and become more aware of your actions and motivations.’
  • 47) ‘He's purposefully avoiding the questions about his own prior admissions.’
  • 48) ‘They are thugs, delighting in purposefully tormenting him.’
  • 49) ‘The work wound down and the planned clean-up of the site was purposefully put aside.’
  • 50) ‘Charlie stumbles as they purposefully trip him and push him down.’
  • 51) ‘When I went to view the show, all I encountered was a purposefully composed, near derelict space.’
  • 52) ‘The acting is purposefully melodramatic and adds to the satirical atmosphere that runs through each scene.’
  • 53) ‘Employing language that is purposefully stylized and mannered, it reads something like a perverse Lewis Carroll.’
  • 54) ‘Their purposefully chaotic show unites song, video and propaganda as the boys bid to convert us from eco-worriers to eco-warriors.’
  • 55) ‘Some chains purposefully advertise in markets before entering them.’
  • 56) ‘The reader is purposefully kept off-balance, not wholly in control of what they read.’
  • 57) ‘We purposefully picked the specific airline because it was the largest and most wellknown national carrier.’


  • 1) They have purposely avoided making his disability a storyline.
  • 2) We purposely make them a bit of a mouthful - it just helps make them more satisfying.
  • 3) We purposely do not try to schedule people's lives around the church.
  • 4) ‘I rolled my eyes, purposely intent on winding her up just for the hell of it.’
  • 5) ‘Sanrio designers have purposely limited her story to the barest of details.’
  • 6) ‘I fear the event might be misunderstood and purposely hooked on by designers and enemies.’
  • 7) ‘This cat and mouse tactic was purposely designed to provoke, enrage and panic the unemployed.’
  • 8) ‘The half hour length of many TV programmes seems purposely designed to leave us craving for more.’
  • 9) ‘We purposely didn't make a big deal of the twenty-fifth because we think every year is important.’
  • 10) ‘We played the basics of the song live and purposely left a lot of space for other elements to come in later.’
  • 11) ‘Did you ever make the frog purposely get hit by a car just to see him splatter?’
  • 12) ‘It is a fine example of an old institution, purposely built which is now being used with a new future in education.’
  • 13) ‘She would not purposely try to hurt you but if you asked her opinion, you would get it, even if it was not what you wanted to hear.’
  • 14) ‘These are purposely put on in these totalitarian societies as of way of subverting the population.’
  • 15) ‘The big mistake Takeshi made, however, was to purposely have the computer blood look fake.’
  • 16) ‘Trip limits were purposely set so that everyone would have an equal chance.’
  • 17) ‘From the kick off Celtics passing was a class act, with the ball moving around swiftly and purposely.’
  • 18) ‘A runaway winner at Sandown in February, he has purposely been kept fresh for this Merseyside jackpot bid.’
  • 19) ‘Seth told us later that she purposely went over some big bumps, just cuz we were back there.’
  • 20) ‘I entered the living room, purposely sitting at a distance to avoid father's tirade.’
  • 21) ‘He said some local authorities are purposely turning a deaf ear to illegal weapons production.’
  • 22) ‘On the rifle range, Wesley purposely missed the target on his first few tries.’
  • 23) ‘Future generations can then enjoy the new amenities but will not rue the day we purposely destroyed the nature of the place.’

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