wombat vs koala

wombat koala


  • 1) Any of several herbivorous, burrowing marsupials, of the family Vombatidae, mainly found in southern and eastern Australia.
  • 2) Any of several stocky burrowing Australian marsupials of the family Vombatidae, somewhat resembling a small bear and feeding mainly on grass, leaves, and roots.
  • 3) (Zoöl.) Any one of three species of Australian burrowing marsupials of the genus Phascolomys, especially the common species (Phascolomys ursinus). They are nocturnal in their habits, and feed mostly on roots.
  • 4) burrowing herbivorous Australian marsupials about the size of a badger
  • 5) An Australian marsupial mammal of the genus Phascolomys, as P. wombat or P. ursinus. See cut under Phascolomys.


  • 1) Yes, "I was hit by a wombat" is in the passive voice (and properly so according to Pullum, if the wombat is a "newer and less established" element).
  • 2) But "I was hitting the the wombat" is not only active voice, but an image of strength and muscularity.
  • 3) There is also a small, clumsy, inoffensive animal called the wombat, which is never found outside of these Australian regions.
  • 4) (For the satisfaction of his patients, I may observe, parenthetically, that the skull and the "wombat" -- that last is a creature between a miniature pig and a very small badger -- were not precisely packed up with the sarsaparilla!)
  • 5) MM: A wombat is an Australian marsupial that looks like a kind of rabbit, only slightly angrier and bigger.
  • 6) Anst, here we have a wonderful beastie called a wombat which eats , roots and leaves… applies to male human species as well
  • 7) ‘It is also my first chance to see the wonderfully unique wildlife here; kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, pademelons, possums, and various unique birds.’
  • 8) ‘There are a variety of possums, early kangaroos, koalas, wombats and quolls, as well as marsupial groups that are now completely extinct.’
  • 9) ‘Wroe's team recognized that for marsupials (like koalas, wombats, and kangaroos) brain size could be used to estimate overall body weight.’
  • 10) ‘As Gondwana broke up, the link was broken, and the Australasian marsupials evolved in isolation, giving rise to the modern groups of koalas, bandicoots, wombats, and kangaroos.’
  • 11) ‘Maybe you would see koalas, wombats, echidnas, brush tail and ring tail possums and emus if you're lucky.’
  • 12) ‘Well Kayne's waistcoat was made out of several native Australian animals, possibly possum, wombat, kangaroo and wallaby pelts, all sewn together.’
  • 13) ‘Amateur fossil hunters have helped to uncover the oldest known ancestor to kangaroos, koalas, possums, and wombats.’
  • 14) ‘So the extension of the term ‘marsupial’ is the set of all marsupials: kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and so on.’
  • 15) ‘In fact there is a great deal at Riversleigh that is more complex than just the fossils of koalas and wombats and kangaroos and other weird creatures.’
  • 16) ‘On Terra these include kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, opossums, and wombats.’
  • 17) ‘Scientists think an Ice Age marsupial similar to modern wombats was much larger than previously believed.’
  • 18) ‘Koalas and wombats are probably each other's closest relatives.’
  • 19) ‘To the kangaroos and emus of the outback, I was able to add sightings of wallabies, a wombat, and an echidna.’
  • 20) ‘Australia once boasted a spectacular megafauna including giant wombats as big as grizzly bears and giant kangaroos.’
  • 21) ‘The skeleton of a very large Diprotodon, an extinct fossil marsupial somewhat resembling a wombat the size of a rhinoceros, had been discovered south of Karratha in the Pilbara region.’
  • 22) ‘It is home to possums, pelicans, the duck-billed platypus, the kookaburra, kangaroos and wombats, to name just those he found for us during our adventure into paradise.’
  • 23) ‘There, fishermen sold the French more animals, including dwarf emus, a tame kangaroo and several more wombats, all of which arrived safely in France on March 24, 1804.’
  • 24) ‘So each species will probably carry a different profile but we have yet to look at various species such as kangaroos and wombats and others that come to mind immediately.’
  • 25) ‘The online survey is quick and easy to fill out, and if you don't know your wallabies from your wombats there's a picture gallery to help you.’
  • 26) ‘Like their koala cousins, wombats have a hardened layer over the muscles of their rump; a very hardened layer.’


  • 1) The zoo did not say where the koalas were released or whether they were still alive.
  • 2) The wombat does not elicit quite the same sympathy among Australians as the more obviously lovable koala.
  • 3) Officers will begin catching, sedating and assessing the health of the koalas this week.
  • 4) Kriston Capps, long-time koala afficionado, submits this video to support his contention that the koala is the cutest animal of them all:
  • 5) Indeed, the name koala is thought to come from a name in one Aboriginal language meaning "doesn't drink."
  • 6) The little marsupials who are NOT bears of any kind despite their being commonly referred to as koala bears are especially vulnerable to the horrendous fires blazing across southern Australia.
  • 7) The koala is the quaintest little creature imaginable.
  • 8) Usually quiet males can become quite vocal The classic image of a koala is a quiet little marsupial, sitting contentedly in a tree chomping eucalyptus leaves.
  • 9) "So in evolutionary terms the koala had to make a decision."
  • 10) In fact the koala is a she and after being christened Sam, is taken to a wildlife shelter.
  • 11) ‘I was surrounded by at least a dozen baby kangaroos, wallabies, or koalas all my life.’
  • 12) ‘This year's Olympic Games turned the world's eye to the country of koalas and kangaroos.’
  • 13) ‘Well the koala is an Australian icon when it comes to tourism.’
  • 14) ‘Further, koalas have an unusually low metabolic rate, which also reduces their need for food.’
  • 15) ‘Certainly sloths in South America and koalas in Austrailia wouldn't have survived the trip?’
  • 16) ‘Thousands of animals, including kangaroos, koalas, wombats and reptiles, are dead.’
  • 17) ‘One approach worthy of serious consideration would be to charge a fee for visitors to Kangaroo Island to hunt koalas.’
  • 18) ‘In 1997 I participated in a study of the contribution of koalas to the Australian tourism industry.’
  • 19) ‘Like their koala cousins, wombats have a hardened layer over the muscles of their rump; a very hardened layer.’
  • 20) ‘Becky fulfilled another ambition to cuddle a koala at Australia Zoo, home of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.’
  • 21) ‘Thousands of animals were killed, including tigers, lions, elephants, camels, and koalas.’
  • 22) ‘Female koalas give birth to a single offspring every two years.’
  • 23) ‘Wildlife officials estimate thousands of native animals, including koalas, have been killed or injured in the fires.’
  • 24) ‘Amateur fossil hunters have helped to uncover the oldest known ancestor to kangaroos, koalas, possums, and wombats.’
  • 25) ‘For weeks now Friends of the koalas has been responding to numerous calls regarding koalas in potentially dangerous locations.’
  • 26) ‘In Sydney, ice sculptures of kangaroos and koalas melted during a protest by green groups over Australia's refusal to ratify the pact.’
  • 27) ‘The leaflet includes hints on how to find koalas, directions to the koala Care and Research Centre, and how to contact Friends of the koala.’
  • 28) ‘More than 20 Eucalyptus species provide sustenance for koalas, but in any given region, the marsupials eat only a few species.’
  • 29) ‘Dale is from Australia and captivated his audience with stories of crocodiles and koalas.’
  • 30) ‘Bush fires are terrorising Australia's cuddly national icon, the koala.’

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