addictive vs addicting

addictive addicting


  • 1) A drug that causes an addiction.
  • 2) Anything that is very habit-forming.
  • 3) Characterized by or susceptible to addiction.
  • 4) Causing or tending to cause addiction; habit-forming.
  • 5) Causing or tending to cause addiction.


  • 1) US Causing addiction.
  • 2) Present participle of addict.


  • 1) This can become quite addictive and is a great way to cut spending and increase saving.
  • 2) So should sugar be classified as an addictive drug?
  • 3) Monthly hormonal surges make them more susceptible to the drug 's addictive qualities.
  • 4) Similar to heroin in effect, Tramadol is highly addictive.
  • 5) WHY... is spicy food addictive?
  • 6) This drug is highly addictive and incredibly dangerous.
  • 7) The nicotine is highly addictive but it is not considered as harmful as lethal tobacco.
  • 8) Finally you must learn to cope with the tempting situations that trigger addictive behaviour.
  • 9) Get in touch with your inner ninja with this addictive game of reflexes and dexterity.
  • 10) There is something slightly addictive about competition.
  • 11) They run the risk of serious brain damage and it can become addictive.
  • 12) Is having an addictive personality an excuse for cheating?
  • 13) They can be just as harmful and addictive as illegal drugs.
  • 14) An endlessly inventive and incredibly addictive game.
  • 15) There is something addictive about waking up feeling hungry.
  • 16) Some of these medicines may become addictive or habit forming.
  • 17) He has an addictive personality and needs to get treatment.
  • 18) After a while it becomes kind of addictive.
  • 19) But uncontrollable temper and an addictive personality frequently had him in trouble with the law.
  • 20) Smoking is an addictive behaviour and to quit you need to overcome the addiction and learn new behaviour.
  • 21) Why did he end up moving on to one of the most damaging and addictive drugs you can take?
  • 22) She said these young people have had too much done for them and feel helpless and turn to addictive behaviour.
  • 23) They have told of the harrowing process of trying to wean themselves off a drug considered more addictive than heroin.
  • 24) Their gaming machines have been dubbed the crack cocaine of the gambling industry because playing them is said to be highly addictive.
  • 25) One was for the highly addictive crack cocaine, which is smoked.
  • 26) These foods are biologically addictive.
  • 27) Food manufacturers make their profits from converting a small range of cheap processed bulk crops plus lots of additives into addictive, palatable foods.
  • 28) I'm going to find something more addictive and compelling than hunger.
  • 29) It's that combination of availability, advertising and seductive taste that makes modern food so addictive.
  • 30) ‘His team are using fruit flies to study the genetics of cocaine and other addictive drugs.’
  • 31) ‘Tobacco is one of the most addictive drugs available and by far the deadliest overall.’
  • 32) ‘As with any addictive substance, there is a reason we get hooked on caffeine in the first place.’
  • 33) ‘She was told that both drugs are addictive and will no longer be prescribed for her.’
  • 34) ‘Caffeine is addictive and hooks you in the same way as amphetamines, cocaine and heroin.’
  • 35) ‘I can tell you, caramelised onions are addictive, especially with goat's cheese on olive and walnut bread.’
  • 36) ‘When drunk frequently or in large quantities, alcohol is addictive.’
  • 37) ‘This was a show that was original, unique, instantly addictive.’
  • 38) ‘Fonts are fun, but they can also be addictive.’
  • 39) ‘For many mildly (or not so mildly) addictive modern commodities, the attraction is itself dangerous.’
  • 40) ‘The sensory overload is powerful and like most powerful things it is attractive, intoxicating, addictive, and dangerous.’
  • 41) ‘We got immediate feedback from the crowd (always positive), and that got pretty addictive!’
  • 42) ‘Appetite suppressants should be totally avoided because they are addictive.’
  • 43) ‘Politics is addictive.’
  • 44) ‘Pushing the limits of your personal bests will be addicting!’
  • 45) ‘He had placed two candles on the table, which gave off a very addicting aroma.’
  • 46) ‘The addicting properties of sugar or fast food could easily be tested in humans.’
  • 47) ‘I cannot say enough good things about this short, addicting series.’
  • 48) ‘Once addicted at a vulnerable age, the argument goes, young users grow into adults who find the addicting substances difficult or impossible to resist.’
  • 49) ‘She was addicting, I have to admit.’
  • 50) ‘And for a man who confesses to having an addictive personality, his main vice is now mostly confined to words.’
  • 51) ‘Let us assume that you have decided, at least for the time being, to stop or cut back your addictive behavior.’
  • 52) ‘She was one of those people with an inner fire - an unquenchable energy which gave her a highly addictive personality.’
  • 53) ‘Many patients to whom it will be given will have addictive personalities.’
  • 54) ‘An addictive personality, he is now off the drugs, though he still drinks a bit.’
  • 55) ‘As anyone who has experienced addiction will tell you, changing addictive behavior is not an easy thing to do.’
  • 56) ‘Jack, on the other hand, is an addictive optimist.’
  • 57) ‘Lovers come and go, often as far as the altar, but there is little indication of an addictive womaniser.’
  • 58) ‘My main concern is the fact that some of these young ones are forced into illegal drug activity by addictive parents.’
  • 59) ‘Others ascribe continued support to widespread ignorance of the addictive mentality.’
  • 60) ‘They were all addictive people.’
  • 61) ‘It is an eating disorder characterized by obsessive and addictive traits relating to specific foods/food groups.’


  • 1) Few in this generation are heroin addicts.
  • 2) The homeless drug addict tested positive for cocaine.
  • 3) Subsequently his mother lost her nursing job and became a drug addict.
  • 4) Drug addicts were at ease with her.
  • 5) We're not convinced a romance between these recovering drug addicts is the most sensible idea.
  • 6) He loves his son, but remains addicted to heroin and is tragic.
  • 7) The brothers come from a troubled background, raised by their nan as both parents were heroin addicts.
  • 8) In reality, she was a former drug addict who spent three years behind bars for smuggling drugs into jail.
  • 9) The contradictions are apparent in her first appearance, when we find her in a halfway house for recovering addicts.
  • 10) In the days that followed it was claimed the singer had died a heroin addict and had recently been admitted to hospital after an overdose.
  • 11) No one else can make an addict stop.
  • 12) Ten years ago he was a hapless drug addict.
  • 13) The former drug addict had previously served as least two sentences for robbery.
  • 14) The notion of addicts as passive victims of their addiction is a gross simplification.
  • 15) He spends much of his free time helping other addicts and alcoholics find freedom.
  • 16) Those who become addicted to toxic food will not find organic food enjoyable.
  • 17) Treat yourself like a recovering drug addict who needs to go cold turkey.
  • 18) This is a party ideologically addicted to spending and borrowing and taxing.
  • 19) But the takeaway addict could not stop himself begging for food.
  • 20) This new pleasure leads them to become addicted to the experience.
  • 21) This makes recovering addicts prone to relapse.
  • 22) Locals say many inhabitants are alcoholics and drug addicts who spend the day sleeping indoors.
  • 23) If a person is an addict it is an illness that no amount of bullying is going to help.
  • 24) We had such a brilliant time we became addicted and now we go twice a year if we can.
  • 25) The best treatment for heroin addicts?
  • 26) According to the former addict who knows them, such a move always comes with risk.
  • 27) It's about being addicted to a person you should not be addicted to.
  • 28) As a former crack addict, he says he speaks from experience.
  • 29) They almost have to withdraw from the adrenaline, much as drug addicts have to experience discomfort when "kicking "their habit.
  • 30) My husband and I are already addicted to it and look forward to seeing how the plot unfolds.
  • 31) Living as she did in an age much addicted to gossip and scandal, the legacy of her past was simply too spectacular to conceal.
  • 32) | Permalink is ritalin addicting physically or psychologically
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  • 34) Both processes result in addicting games, but it’s like involuntary manslaughter versus murder.
  • 35) I'm on the computer all the time; it's my work, but because that's seen as productive, it's not called addicting, even though there are such things as workaholics.
  • 36) In 2004 leading researchers in the field of prenatal exposure to drugs signed an open letter explaining that these women are not "addicting" their "unborn babies."
  • 37) Actually these lists are kind of addicting but don't you think you're getting a bit greedy Time?
  • 38) We say a good book is one you can't put down, and some books will take you just as long to read as a complete play through a game, but we don't say that a book is "addicting".
  • 39) JOSH WALKER, STUDENT: It's kind of addicting, you know?
  • 40) Since nobody really needs a new Miu Miu clutch bag, the idea is to entertain -- to be "addicting," as Ben Fischman, founder of RueLaLa. com, puts it.
  • 41) This is why Purdue won every single lawsuit filed against it for "addicting" particular patients.

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