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Enforce clear, polite, and friendly messages

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Style guide

To ensure all corporate communications are clear, polite, and inclusive, use Style Guides to help employees avoid any mistakes that might have a considerable cost.

Ensure correct product and feature names

Get correct and consistent image of all product-related materials from ad copy to support articles.

Products and services are the key touchpoints with your customers, make them work perfectly.

Ensure correct product and feature names
Always correct branded terms

Always correct branded terms

Use Style Guides to make sure event titles, executive names, or positions look professional and fuel trust.

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Why customers love Linguix
“I like the following: - great usability - price (it is much cheaper than Grammarly) - content templates library (useful when you do not know how to write a press release or smth) - secret mode (content is not stored) - they also have a nice blog with grammar and content creation tips.” Alex Peterson
Alex Peterson
Smile Bright Media Inc.
I've just started using it, and so far the tool looks interesting. I like its speed, and it highlights real errors (I've tried some checkers before, they also fired useless alerts). VJ Johnson
VJ Johnson
Freelance business consultant
Linguix is great product. I have been using for the last one year and have seen the evolution of the product. Good job guys. Sateesh Hegde
Sateesh Hegde
It's an awesome app for me as a business owner for constant communication with customers. Premium subscription fully pays for itself. Stanislau Sakharchuk
Stanislau Sakharchuk
Co-founder & CEO at AMS
It is a very easy tool to use. It works effectively against typographical errors, my biggest problem as I write fast. In addition, it corrects grammatical errors and works as a Chrome extension resulting in something super convenient. Cons: I use it regularly and it seems a very complete tool, I have nothing negative to say. Juan G
Juan G
head of graphic design
and photography agency
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