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Around 80% of businesses rely on email

Around 80% of businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel. What about you?

Linguix for business can help your salesforce

Capture their attention

their attention:

Language that’s more engaging encourages prospects to give you their full attention.
Get a foot in the door

Get a foot
in the door:

Increased professionalism makes sales messages more compelling and credible.
Be more convincing

Be more

When communications are more consistent, it’s easier for your team to make a deal.
Make an impression everywhere

Make an impression everywhere:

Whether that’s sending a sales email or making notes in a customer’s file, Linguix works everywhere your team does.

Three aspects of sales success:


Linguix helps keep written communication professional, no matter what.


With Linguix, your sales professionals will have help communicating clearly and in the active voice.


Stand out from the crowd with sales material that’s engaging and easy to understand, thanks to Linguix’ expanded vocabulary.

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