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Boost your customer support
Experts predict that customer experience in gmail

Experts predict that customer experience is on track to overtake price and product quality as the key difference between brands by 2021.

Achieve your customer service goals with Linguix for business:

Did you know that customers increasingly expect a response within two hours? Efficiency is key, but don’t sacrifice quality.

Be confident:

With Linguix’ real-time grammar checking capabilities, you can be sure that outgoing communications are clear, engaging, and accurate. Dealing with a customer complaint? Linguix will also help you convey sympathy for the situation.

Be consistent:

Few things in customer service are worse than inconsistencies between communications. Using Linguix, your agents will be able to remain professional and effective regardless of their writing skills.

Be effective:

Linguix works wherever your customer service team writes. This includes a browser extension that’s functional on social media sites. They also can use Linguix with email, Web chat, and all kinds of customer service applications.

Three aspects of sales success:


Linguix helps keep written communication professional, no matter what.


With Linguix, your sales professionals will have help communicating clearly and in the active voice.


Stand out from the crowd with sales material that’s engaging and easy to understand, thanks to Linguix’ expanded vocabulary.

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