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Linguix's Affiliate Program is a great, yet simple, way to generate new revenue while helping people all over the world master their English writing. Earn up to $20 in commission for each premium plan purchase!

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Are you a good fit?

Our affiliate program is the perfect match if you...

Want to monetize your audience

Create a new source of income by promoting Linguix's content, services, and products.

Have a blog or an active community

If you blog or manage a community about writing, English, or learning, it is a perfect chance to help people in optimizing their writing tasks.

Are passionate about English writing

Tell everyone you know about our products that help people, businesses, and schools.

Seek higher payouts

The Linguix Affiliate Program is very profitable for affiliates and offers valuable rewards for top performers.

No spam and brand-related contextual advertising allowed!

How does this work?

Our Affiliate Program is as simple as one, two, three:
  • 1. Sign up and get your affiliate link, which you can then place on your blog, website, or community.
  • 2. Users click on your link, go to Linguix's website, and sign up for an account.
  • 3. You receive up to $20 from each premium plan purchase.

That's it! Publish interesting content, engage your audience, and earn money!

Become a Linguix Affiliate
Become a Linguix Affiliate
How do I keep track of my performance?

How do I keep track of my performance?

Each affiliate link generated for placement on external resources has a unique tracking number. After the user has registered using this link he or she is forever mapped to the affiliate who posted the link. You will get paid for every premium plan purchase including prolongation periods.

Become a Linguix Affiliate

Where can I see my sales stats?

You can keep track of your affiliate earnings in your account online. Our statistics include information about:

  • The number of users that clicked on your link
  • The number of completed sign-ups
  • Premium plans purchased
Become a Linguix Affiliate
Where can I see my sales stats?

Become a Linguix Affiliate now!

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