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Linguix is the top-rated AI-powered digital writing assistant designed for sales and marketing professionals to save time, boost productivity and improve business communication for more effective content.

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TL;DR: high commissions, generous cookie window, performance bonuses.

High Payouts

Earn a starting base rate of 20% and as much as 30% per sale on every referred purchase of Linguix Premium or Linguix Extended Premium for teams.

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Linguix affiliates sending targeted traffic enjoy an average of 3-5% conversion from first visit to converted customer. Not too shabby if we do say so!

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The more you promote Linguix Premium, the more you’ll earn. Shout it from the hilltops and help spread the word! You’ll be earning cash bonuses in no time – on top of commission tied to sales.

Linguix Offers Broad Appeal

The opportunity to earn with Linguix is limitless and the audience pool is huge, so dive right in! Linguix works as a web editor and browser extensions on most modern browsers and operating systems. Most everyone can benefit from Linguix!

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Linguix is a revolutionary tool that helps people worldwide, to enhance written communications and more effectively convey their thoughts and ideas. More effective communication helps people better succeed in life and business. What’s not to love?

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From the moment you become join our Linguix affiliate program, get professional and friendly support to help you succeed as our partner. Get product knowledge, marketing ideas, help with strategic brainstorm and planning, content angles, high-quality, eye-catching banners to dress up your content and more. Enjoy regular insider updates and resources that will help you to get started and start earning almost immediately!

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Thousands of people from all over the world use our software. These include professionals who need to improve their emails, immigrants fixing their CVs to find their dream job, and students writing their first essays.

Linguix helps hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to instantly improve their emails, marketing messages, support content, and more.

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