The Tools You Need to Improve Your Customer Support Practices

The importance of a good customer service approach has never waned. In fact, it just might be more important than ever. Here are just a few incredibly persuasive reasons why:

  • Acquiring new customers can cost up to anywhere between five and 25 times as much as retaining existing ones. And a poor customer service approach can be incredibly costly in terms of retention. Last year 49% of Americans switched due to poor customer service.
  • Customers that you retain are much more likely to spend. Not only are they more likely to buy a new product, they spend 33% more on average. 
  • Happy customers talk. And that means more future customers. 

If you are not yet convinced, then you really should be. And the fact is there are plenty of tools out there to make your customer service process more seamless and efficient. So what are you waiting for – let’s see what’s out there:


Intercom calls itself a Conversational Relationship Platform. The basic principle of the software is that you can easily identify who is using your website or product and then target them specifically with relevant content, suitable marketing channels, and responsive support.

If you know the behavioral characteristics of the user, then you know how to talk to them. That’s what Intercom can do, and why it has proven so revolutionary for businesses in terms of their customer service approach and support services.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform. What does that mean? Well, in simplistic terms, it provides all of the software support for your company’s marketing activities, and that includes, importantly, customer support.

So how can HubSpot assist? Well, you may have existing software for each customer service channel that you use, but what the HubSpot platform allows is the automation and self-servicing of all your different channels and your all-important data in one convenient location. The result is efficient, scalable customer service support.


Trello is a user-friendly collaboration tool which allows the efficient and intuitive organization of all your projects, including customer service-related activities. With Trello your customer service team can chat, swap all-important notes and organize work like never before, helping to ensure team success.


The Asana web and mobile application facilitates the organization, management and tracking of all projects within your company teams. Essentially a project management tool, Asana allows an effective means to improve team collaboration practices, and in terms of your customer service support team, that is worth its weight in gold.


There are all manner of reasons why you want to avoid spelling mistakes, poor grammar and other connected errors in terms of your business content and customer service activities.

Firstly, spelling mistakes have been proven to eye-wateringly expensive in terms of lost customer sales. And then there’s credibility

“Nothing can make you lose credibility more quickly and seem uneducated than a spelling mistake.”

So says Roslyn Petelin, who work at the University of Queensland in Australia as an associate professor of writing. And you can be sure that a loss of credibility will have consequences for your business. 

Quite simply, in terms of your written customer service communications channels – be that on email or live chat – you just can’t afford text full of errors. At best it will make your company look bad, at worst you will lose the customer and all the financial benefits that brings.

And the solution is simple. Linguix for Business. With this affordable and intuitive tool, you can ensure that all of your customer service interactions are perfect in terms of spelling, grammar and tone (something hugely important to consider in your customer service approach). Linguix’s grammar checker has been comprehensively developed by experts.  

Not only does Linguix integrate seamlessly with all the tools we have already included here, you can avail of the full suite of Linguix tools, including a full templates library and even snippets, to ensure efficient and cost-saving writing practices. 

Snippets are a great way to ensure your customer service content is accurate and consistent. Team admins can pen the content you want to use and then assign a simple shortcode. Customer service agents simply need to use the shortcode to enter the relevant text at the relevant time.

Get error-free content every time with Linguix and ensure your business retains both credibility and customers.

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