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The Big Question: Does Poor Grammar and Spelling Affect Your Business Reputation?

You have a business that has an online presence, perhaps with a website. Furthermore, you communicate with prospective clients and customers through emails. In addition, you have written marketing literature in the form of online adverts or even physical leaflets.

One question you should absolutely be asking yourself is ‘how good is the spelling and grammar in all of my company’s written work?’ And if you have never asked yourself that question, then you really should. Why? Because it makes a difference. Perhaps even a big difference. Here is how:

Poor spelling and grammar affects the credibility of your company and brand

The research does not lie. Poor spelling and grammar really influence the opinion potential customers have about your brand. 

A poll from a UK-based marketing company asked people the factors that were most likely to damage their opinion of a brand. The suggested answers included poor spelling and grammar, the frequency, relevance, and voice in sales updates, being too salesy, or even trying to be too funny. From those categories, far and away the most damaging factor was poor spelling and grammar. 42.5% of over a thousand respondents pinpointed this very issue.

If those results are not comprehensive enough then another British survey, this time conducted by Global Lingo, discovered that more than half (59%) of respondents would not use a company that had obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes on its website, while a whopping 82% would choose not to use a company that had failed to translate its content properly.

Increased sales result from well-written reviews that are free from spelling and grammar mistakes

Further studies add weight to the argument that correct spelling and grammar is essential. An NYU study discovered that hotel reviews on Tripadvisor that were free from spelling and grammatical mistakes resulted in increased demand for that hotel, while well-written product reviews have also been shown to lead to increased sales.

The evidence is there for all to see: having content that is, first of all, free from errors will lead to increased credibility. And secondly, in terms of content that is well written, it can actually lead to increased sales, such as in the case of product reviews.

What research tells us about spelling and grammar in terms of your business

The results of various surveys and research, and no doubt anecdotal evidence, points to certain behaviors in terms of prospective customers, clients, buyers, users or whatever they may be.

  1. Poor spelling and grammar on a website will increase your bounce rate on your site.
  2. Poor translation on your site will also increase the bounce rate.
  3. Correctly written product reviews increase sales

How to ensure your content is free from spelling and grammar mistakes

As easy as it is to see from the evidence that incorrect spelling and grammar – as well as poorly written text – affects the bottom line in any business, the solution is painless and cost-effective.

An intuitive writing assistant, such as Linguix, can help solve issues of incorrect grammar and spelling. No matter the reason for those mistakes – because of inexperience in the author or because the content has been translated, for example – Linguix will fix those errors. 

The spelling and grammar checking software has been developed by language experts in order to offer suggestions and corrections relating to all manner of types of mistakes, from simple typos to more complex mistakes involving the choice of word, punctuation, grammar, or even the style of writing. Set parameters so your written content can be evaluated against the objectives you have set for that content, and then get insightful statistics including a readability score.

Linguix also offers synonyms and definitions to ensure that corrections are part of an all-round learning process designed to raise the quality of writing in your business team as time passes. That’s an intuitive tool that educates at the same time. And with Linguix Business subscriptions available for as little as $10 per month per employee, it’s a solution that is affordable for everyone.

Don’t let poor spelling and grammar affect the credibility of your business. 

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