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How to Learn English in the Summer: 7 Useful Websites and Apps

Nowadays, the English language can serve as a tool for new career opportunities and fuel changes in your personal life. However, it is so hard to learn English in the Summer! 

We’ve collected seven websites and apps that will help you in learning English even if you do not have lots of time or would like to make learning more enjoyable. 


First, let’s talk about websites where you can find learning materials, tips, tests, and other useful resources. 

Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster is a directory full of resources for English learners. Here you will find all kind of data on grammar, including standard errors, punctuation lessons, language level tests, and other stuff.

British Council

The British Council has been helping English learners all over the world for years. At this website, you will find lessons, explanation of tricky grammar topics, glossaries, and even games helping to learn a fun way. The good this is the website’s library so big that you will find useful resources no matter what your language proficiency is right now.

Activities for ESL Students 

This is a website with quizzes, tests, exercises, and puzzles to help people learn English as a second language (ESL). Lot’s of materials here are bilingual so that you can find, say, Portuguese-English quizzes, and much more!


Now, that we’ve listed some useful web resources, it is a time to move forward and talk about apps that will be helpful in the English learning process.


Cram is a popular and free flashcards application. Users can use the web-based flashcards sets to memorize different words or create their own sets to tackle the specific tasks. These cards can be then shared with, say, classmates. This is why Cram is so popular among teachers. 

The app uses the Leitner’s system of memorization. Teachers can not only create flashcards with images but record  audio so that students could improve their pronunciation as well.


Babbel is an app for learning multiple languages, but its English part is good as well. It uses quiz-style learning. Here you will also find courses for students with different language proficiency levels. 

The good thing about Babbel is that its lessons are not big and take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, which is convenient. Here you can take lessons on writing, reading, listening, and speaking, or enhance your vocabulary.


This app is designed for people who want to to learn English, but do not have a lot of time for it. The team behind the project has developed own learning method that helps to memorize English words, phrases, and expressions you need to start communicating fast. 

Such a focus on fast learning should be a good fit for people who are travelling and need to lift their English rapidly.

Bonus app: Linguix

Yes, Linguix writing assistant is not only good for checking your writing but useful for language learners. First, Linguix web App has a built-in statistics module. Using it, you can understand whether your texts are readable by native speakers or not. 

Also, the Content library (one of our Premium features) of the app contains dozens of templates that are often used by students – like essays. With this tool, you can enhance your writing skills fast. 

Also, browser extensions will notify you about the mistakes you make on different websites, which will help you to memorize how things should be written eventually.

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