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Best Online Education Tools that Linguix Can Make More Efficient

Linguix is an award-winning AI-based writing assistant. Designed to fix thousands upon thousands of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation-based errors, it is a tool that can elevate your writing to previously unimagined levels. 

As well as the host of useful applications and functions that Linguix possesses, it also has the capacity to work seamlessly in conjunction with any number of established online tools. And in terms of educational apps and sites, Linguix can really maximize your performance.

Here are just some of the great online education tools Linguix can integrate with.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is essentially an interactive presentation tool that allows teachers and classes of students to learn together in a social environment reminiscent of the classroom. Teachers can prepare presentations using their existing tools and then students can access and integrate with those presentations, asking questions along the way (which teachers can answer) and also allows for close teacher-monitoring of student progress.

Pear Deck presentations can be created in Google Drive and saved as Google Documents, then shared freely with anyone who has a Google account. It runs on a freemium level, with some of the premium features including the ability to review previous lessons and takeaways and assess student participation and comprehension. 

Near Pod

Near Pod also works as an interactive education tool, allowing teachers and students to collaborate with the host of presentations and interactive assessment featured. What is more, Near Pod also offers a library of over eight thousand lessons and videos that are fully aligned with standards and cover all levels and grades. 

The Near Pod product is designed to maximize student participation and offers up a number of available features including interactive whiteboards, polls, quizzes, and virtual reality. From a teacher’s perspective, created lessons are fully adaptable to any environment and device.


Schoology is a learning management system. Designed for K-12 schools, meaning kindergarten up to 12th grade, Schoology allows students to fully engage with their learning through a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform that can bring together everyone invested in the school process, from students and teachers to parents, coaches, and school administrators. 

Schoology comes with more than 200 tools and integration possibilities, meaning you can continue working with many of the tools that you are already familiar with, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Near Pod, or whatever it may be. Prepare to transform the whole learning process with this highly popular tool that is already being accessed by more than 20 million users.

How Linguix can make things even better

As good as all these tools are, remember that you can use them in conjunction with Linguix to maximize performance. Simply download the Linguix extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge and you can now avail of the multitude of Linguix fixes for anything you write within the web apps for all the tools listed above, and a thousand more besides.

What this means is that you can get feedback on everything you write, with any potential mistakes and errors highlighted and expert-crafted fixes applied as selected. What is more, with a simple click of a button you can access a fully stacked list of synonyms and definitions for any word you highlight within the app or even something you have written yourself. Quite simply your writing becomes more concise, efficient, and better with Linguix. Used in collaboration with these online education tools, that’s a powerful combination.

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